Pocket Hunting Dimension - Chapter 1107 - Slay This Insectoid Queen

Chapter 1107 - Slay This Insectoid Queen

Chapter 1107: Slay This Insectoid Queen


Dragon Boat Translation


Dragon Boat Translation

Elder Nangong’s mouth twitched. He said with some difficulty, “It’s the insectoids.”

He added, “A cosmic realm state insectoid.”

Anger rose in Lu Ze’s heart.

‘F*ck, it was the insectoids again!’

It had always been the insectoids during this time. It was too troublesome.

His eyes flashed with cold light. “Elders, I’ll go out and have a look. Just guard here.”

Xu Bingbai frowned. “No! It’s too dangerous outside. You’re the hope of humanity. What if something happens to you?”

“Ze, Ying Ying’s star barrier won’t be breached. Just stay here.”

Lu Ze smiled. “Don’t worry, Elders, I know what I’m doing. That cosmic realm state insectoid can’t hurt me.”

Lu Ze thought about this problem. If the star barrier can’t handle it, then the cosmic realm state power would be too dangerous for the galaxy. It could easily destroy the entire galaxy.

Lu Ze didn’t dare to gamble.

The elders were amazed seeing how confident Lu Ze was.

Lu Ze had already disappeared from the spot.

The four of them looked at each other. “What do we do?”

“Old Lin and I will stay, Nangong, go check it out with Old Xu,” Augustus immediately said.

At the Milky Way’s border, the s.p.a.ce rippled, and Lu Ze appeared.

He looked at that obscure figure outside and then at the barrier.

He pressed his hand on the starlight. The starlight that began covering Lu Ze was very gentle.

This was the same starlight on Ying Ying’s body.

Lu Ze crossed the barrier.

Outside, Anton and the others were staring at the queen in terror.

The queen was just about to attack the barrier when a figure suddenly walked out.

Everyone turned to look and when they saw who it was, Anton was startled. “Ze? Why did you come out?”

Everyone else was taken aback. This barrier devoured a large number of insectoids.

If they could enter it, they would have fled inside already.

They couldn’t cross it, but why could Lu Ze cross?

The queen’s row of eyes looked at Lu Ze. “An insect?”

How did this insect come out of the barrier?

Even she felt an extremely dangerous chi from the barrier.

Lu Ze glanced across. When he looked at the insectoid queen, his eyes flashed with killing intent.

He connected his mental force to that six-winged gray bird summoning crystal without hesitation.


A deep wave spread from Lu Ze and instantly covered the entire Elf Cosmic Realm.

A gray mist appeared before Lu Ze. It soon spread over hundreds of kilometers.


A stone-splitting sound penetrated the s.p.a.ce. The gray mist seethed and suddenly collapsed into the center.

A giant gray bird with three pairs of wings and a wingspan of nearly 100 meters appeared.

It slowly flew around Lu Ze.

An extremely terrifying chi surged from it.

Feeling this, everyone including the insectoid queen froze on the spot.

This chi was too strong.

This bird was clearly very small, but its aura far surpa.s.sed that cosmic realm state insectoid queen.

A few seconds later, the insectoid queen reacted. Its eyes flashed with terror, then it slowly moved back.

The cultivators of the East Region were dumbfounded.

Lu Ze summoned this terrifying bird?

Lu Ze looked at the insectoid queen coldly.

He was so angry!

He was going to save this for the Xavier Ancient Runes!

However, he had no choice but to use it now!

He could only use it once!

Without this, they couldn’t even go out to have fun.

It seemed he had to delay going there.

Lu Ze said, “Go, slay this insectoid queen.”

Lu Ze’s voice was soft, but everyone could hear it.

That insectoid queen howled like crazy, and it wanted to run.

However, the gray bird shrieked.

Gray mist surged, and the insectoid queen was frozen on the spot.

The gray mist appeared on its body and enveloped the insectoid queen. The sh.e.l.l on its body slowly lost its l.u.s.ter. They dried and cracked up.

That giant body seemed to have been sucked of life and died on the spot.

East Region: “…”

Insectoids: “…”

They looked at that dried body in the air and were dazed.


‘The queen died just like that?’

This was a cosmic realm state insectoid queen!

Everyone was in disbelief.

Moments later, the insectoids roared. “They killed the master!!”

“Kill! Get revenge for the master!!”

All the insectoids charged at Lu Ze and the gray bird.

The death of the queen made them forget the difference in power.

Lu Ze’s eyes were cold, his expression unchanged. “Kill them!”


All the insectoids were enveloped in gray mist and were drained of life force.

The s.p.a.ce fell silent.

Lu Ze looked at Anton and the others and smiled.

“Uncle Anton, you guys are here too?”


They didn’t know how to answer this. They looked at the gray bird and trembled.

This beast was way too strong.

Anton was certain that even the queen was definitely no match for this beast!

Who was Lu Ze?!

Why was there such a powerful beast guarding him?

Even the beast was so powerful. Just how strong was the person behind him?

He realized that the power behind Lu Ze was probably much stronger than the Elf Race.

This made his proud heart feel defeated.

But soon, he felt good again.

After all, his relations.h.i.+p with Lu Ze was quite nice.

This meant that the Elf Race got another powerful ally?


Fred and Yi Lei were lost.

Last time, this guy’s guarding beast clearly wasn’t like this!

That last beast was very strong, but it was just a cosmic cloud state.

What was this now?

Cosmic realm state?

Or a cosmic monarch state?

Did he have more than one?

Was this one really his strongest one?

Or was there a cosmic lord beast?

Just what was this guy’s family background?!