Pocket Hunting Dimension - Chapter 1106 - Cosmic Realm State Insectoid Queen

Chapter 1106 - Cosmic Realm State Insectoid Queen

Chapter 1106: Cosmic Realm State Insectoid Queen

Ten or so hours later, the East Region’s beings and the cosmic cloud state insectoids were at a stalemate.

The surrounding hundreds of thousands of light-years have turned into a s.p.a.ce. No planets existed. There was only cosmic dust floating around.

During this time, that vast insectoid tide had charged into the barrier, but the barrier still remained the same.

The insectoids were shocked while the cultivators from the East Region smiled.

Anton smiled. “Insectoids, you dare to use such a stupid way in breaking cosmic realm state barrier.”

The leading insectoid sneered. “Stupid low races, who said we’re using the tide to break the barrier?”

Hearing this, Anton frowned.

What did this mean?

Suddenly, s.p.a.ce fluctuated, and an extremely large wormhole appeared. Terrifying power seeped out. Even the star barrier rippled a little.

The people from the East Region were stunned.

They gasped, and an extremely huge insectoid head came out.

Just the head was the size of a planet.

It had a huge s.h.i.+ning black sh.e.l.l and a soft gray abdomen. There was a red dot glowing at its abdomen.

A violent storm appeared and blew the solar systems out of their original positions.


Everyone gasped at this huge insectoid.

Insectoid queen!

Cosmic realm state insectoid queen!

Everyone began to shake uncontrollably. Their eyes were filled with terror and disbelief.

They didn’t believe that their small distant corner would attract a terrifying cosmic realm state being.

It was the insectoids as well!

They were at a loss for words.


“Why would a cosmic realm state insectoid queen come here?!”

“Why would the queen leave its hive?!”

“Where’s the cosmic realm state lord at the border? Where’s the queen?”

Everyone was trembling with despair.

Even Anton and Louisa felt terrified and lost.

The border couldn’t have collapsed so quickly.

Why would a queen seep in like this?

The queen had been guarding the Divine Realm. There was no way she didn’t sense this chi.

Why wasn’t she here?

The insectoid queen stopped screaming. All that was left in this world was its power.

It had a huge row of blood eyes that glanced across the s.p.a.ce.

Everyone who was at the receiving end felt that their soul was sucked away.

However, the queen’s gaze stopped on the Milky Way Galaxy.

After seeing the huge phenomena inside, it was dazed, and then, its eyes flashed with intense greed. “Such powerful phenomena!”

Her voice was filled with intense shock, joy, and desperation.

However, she was stunned when she saw the barrier.

She seemed to have seen this energy somewhere before.

But her confusion only lasted an instant and was replaced by greed.

The most important thing now was to devour the prodigy producing such powerful phenomena!

If she devoured this prodigy, she could definitely evolve!

Maybe more than once!

The queen’s dominant pressure penetrated the barrier and breached it.

The beings within were woken up from cultivation.

They trembled. “What is going on?”

“Why do I suddenly have a spooked feeling?”

“My body is trembling??”

At Planet Jinyao, Elder Nangong suddenly opened his eyes and stared outside the barrier.

Lue Xi was woken up too. She trembled. “Grandpa Nangong, what’s happening? Why do I suddenly feel so scared.”

Elder Nangong took a deep breath to suppress his fear and smiled warmly at Lue Xi. He patted her head. “It’s fine, stay here and don’t move. I’ll go find your other grandpas and have a look.”

Elder Nangong looked at the still sleeping Ying Ying. His eyes flashed with worry, and he tore open s.p.a.ce and left.

In the s.p.a.ce outside the planet, Elder Lin, Augustus, and Xu Bingbai were looking at the huge figure outside the galaxy with terror.

Elder Nangong suddenly appeared.

Xu Bingbai slowly asked, “That star barrier can stop it, right?”

No one answered.

They weren’t certain.


Nangong Jing and Qiuyue Hesha suddenly trembled. The waves around them became chaotic.

Lu Ze and the girls also woke up.

Alice, with a slight wonder on her face asked, “That’s cosmic realm state chi? Why is there a cosmic realm state here?”

Lin Ling suddenly called. “Oh no, Sister Jing’s and Sister Hesha’s states aren’t too stable.”

Lu Ze and the girls looked towards the two. Their faces were pale.

“This pressure is too strong. It’s affecting them.”

Lu Ze frowned. He was shaking too.

Lu Li, a bit nervous, asked, “What do we do?”

Lu Ze’s eyes flashed with coldness. “Wait here for me.”

He disappeared from the spot.

The next moment, Lu Ze appeared outside the planet.

The elders looked over. Elder Lin asked, “Ze, why did you come out…”

He suddenly stopped asking, thinking about the situation now.

Elder Nangong was a bit worried. “Ze, Jing Jing is breaking through. Is she alright?”

Lu Ze smiled, “She’s fine, don’t worry.”

He looked outside the galaxy and asked, “What is going on?”