Pocket Hunting Dimension - Chapter 1105 - Teaming Up With The Insectoids

Chapter 1105 - Teaming Up With The Insectoids

Chapter 1105: Teaming Up With The Insectoids

Elf Divine Land, The Palace at the Top of the Tree of Life.

The Elf Queen suddenly opened her eyes.

She suddenly took a step forward and disappeared.

In the Demon Realm Palace, the Demon King also suddenly opened his eyes. He disappeared from the spot too.

The Elf Queen and Demon King slowly appeared in the numerous layers of warp dimension.

The two had serious expressions, then they looked at a hideous blood figure.

It was five meters tall and twenty meters long. This hideous insectoid had a sleek figure, six sharp claws, and a row of spikes on its back.

Its figure was changing and crossing into different s.p.a.ces incessantly.

The queen frowned. “Insectoids, this is not where you should come!”

The Demon King said slowly, “If you don’t want to die, take your insectoid colony and p.i.s.s off!”

The blood insectoid fell silent for a second and said coldly, “If you want me to leave, sure!”

The Elf Queen raised her eyebrows slightly and slowly said, “What’s your condition!”

They didn’t believe the insectoid would leave so easily.

The blood insectoid smiled. “My men have been attacked at the Elf Cosmic Realm’s East Region. I want to get revenge for them!”

The queen was surprised.

East Region?


Why would they go to the East Region?

She soon thought of the Milky Way Galaxy.

She just sent Anton there to see the situation. If it was getting attacked, it could only be Anton and the others.

Clearly, the insectoids were interested in the special wave there.

However, that chi belongs to a super powerful being. Even she couldn’t tell what that being’s exact power was.

Just what did the insectoids discover at the Milky Way Galaxy that could arouse the interest of a cosmic realm state insectoid commander?

The queen soon combined all the clues.

That revenge was just an excuse. It was probably that he found something in the Milky Way Galaxy.

The Demon King also contemplated.

East Region?

He immediately thought of that chi he felt.

Was it because of that being?

Or was it another reason?

Regardless, it wasn’t in his realm. The Elf Cosmic Realm was an enemy. He had no reason to help the Elf Race.

The Demon King glanced at the Elf Queen and grinned. “I have no problem with that.”

There was no fluctuation in the Elf Queen’s emerald green eyes, and she raised her chin slightly. “I refuse! My Elf Cosmic Realm will not be invaded!”

Even if it was an ordinary region, she wouldn’t allow it, much less the Milky Way.

Was she to hand Anton and the East Region’s powerful beings over?


This concerned the honor of the Elf Race!

The blood insectoid instantly became furious. He glared at her. “Elf! As long as I get my revenge, I will leave with my colony! Don’t stop me, or the colony will crush the Elf Cosmic Realm!”

The queen replied expressionlessly, “Insectoid, I’ll say it again. This is the Elf Race’s honor. No one shall trample it!”

The atmosphere became dead silent.

The Demon King looked on with interest.

This situation was very beneficial to him.

The blood insectoid slowly said, “I can let go of the elf prodigies and other races in the eastern region, but beings from that race that killed a large number of my race must receive my revenge! Otherwise, I will attack the Elf Race with full force!”

The Demon King’s eyes flashed.

The situation didn’t seem so simple?

An insectoid would give in so easily?

He just wanted one race?

This wasn’t like the insectoids at all.

Was there something special about that race?

The Elf Queen immediately realized that it was the Human Race. She fell silent.

The blood insectoid roared impatiently. “Elf! This is the final chance that the great insectoid has given you!”

The queen’s pretty face went cold. “I refuse!”


The insectoid roared in fury. Its chi surged out, and the warp dimension became chaotic.

At this moment, the Demon King laughed. “Insectoid, I can help you take on the Elf Queen.”

The Elf Queen looked at the Demon King coldly.

“Aorus, you are going to side with the insectoids?

Aorus smiled and bowed like a gentleman. “Alicia, our races have been enemies since time immemorial. We have fought quite a lot of times too. This is just another battle, but the insectoids happen to be on the side.”

Alicia gritted her teeth. She said nothing more.

Seeing this, Aorus’ eyes flashed with confusion.

It was already very strange that a cosmic realm state insectoid was so insistent on a race.

However, even Alicia didn’t give in at all.

He and the insectoid had the same power as her. Fighting one on two wasn’t easy at all.

Alicia wasn’t dumb. It was just giving up a race, and the insectoids would leave.

However, she rejected this and wanted to fight one against two?

What was so attractive about that race?

The insectoid didn’t expect the Demon King to say this. He laughed. “Hahaha! Demon! You are very smart. As long as I destroy that race, I will leave the Demon Realm’s border as per our agreement!”

He glared at the Elf Queen with killing intent.

He said calmly, “Then, let’s attack.”

He charged at the Elf Queen. The insectoid did the same.

The Elf Queen’s face tensed up.

There was another reason why she rejected the insectoids. That was the powerful being behind the Human Race, although she didn’t know what he was doing.

If she let the insectoids destroy the Milky Way like that, that powerful being would also be furious.

If she stopped them for now, perhaps that being would appear.

Thinking about this, the queen roared and an endless life force appeared. A green long sword appeared on her hand, then she charged at the other two.


The three cosmic realm states fought together.

The entire warp dimension became extremely chaotic.