Pocket Hunting Dimension - Chapter 1104 - Crazy Insectoids

Chapter 1104 - Crazy Insectoids

Chapter 1104: Crazy Insectoids

The soldier from the Golden Spear Race said, “I wonder what that starlight barrier is. And the light inside…”

He hesitated for a moment. “Is that a phenomenon?”

He was in disbelief.

A phenomenon that covered an entire galaxy. How terrifying was that?

The other prodigies and bosses were shocked too.

“This phenomenon is nearly 200,000 light-years?”


The corners of their mouths twitched.

The golden spear soldier gasped. “Such a terrifying phenomenon is unprecedented.”

Even Anton’s and Louisa’s ruby green eyes were full of shock.

They had never expected to see something like this.

Someone hesitated. “Would we be able to… go inside?”

Everyone’s eyes lit up.

This was a rare thing. If they could go inside, it would be a huge benefit to their cultivation.

Everyone looked at Anton.

Anton nodded. “Go over and see, but don’t attack. If we can’t go in, don’t force it.”

A few of them were dissatisfied, but they still nodded.

That barrier was clearly set up by the powerhouse behind the Human Race.

If they attacked it, who knew if they would anger that being?

They flew towards the star barrier.

The closer they got, the more they felt this terrifying power contained inside.

Someone said, “Beclise, do you want to try?”

“p.i.s.s off!”


At this moment, someone took out a black metal staff and intended to poke it. Immediately, a huge wormhole appeared. Destructive chi came out.

Everyone frowned.

The soldier from the Golden Spear Race frowned. “Even the insectoids are drawn over.”

The soldiers of the Crystal Race nodded. “Even though we felt this chi, there is no reason that the insectoids don’t feel it.”

“They don’t seem friendly.”

They all felt extremely strong power. There was a peak cosmic cloud state.

Anton’s eyes flashed a bit coldly. “Hmph! You really think we are non-existent?”

Beams of light charged out of the wormhole. The leading five insectoids had extremely powerful chi.

Blood light surged.

Behind them were tens of weaker insectoids. Further behind was a cl.u.s.ter of even weaker insectoids.

Everyone frowned.

The number of insectoids attracted was beyond their expectation.

The five peak cosmic cloud states stared at the barrier. When they saw that light, their eyes flashed with greed.

They looked at the cultivators from the East Region.

“Elf Race… and that many strong beings…”

“Insectoids, this is not a place you should come to!” Anton said coldly.

The insectoids shrieked. One of them said, “Attack!”

“Capture that tasty prodigy for our master!”


The cosmic cloud state insectoids charged towards Anton and the others.

The mouths of the beings from the East Region twitched.

They hadn’t even discussed collaboration with the Human Race yet, and now, they had to stop this tide of insectoids for them.

But the insectoids were a disaster for the entire cosmic realm. They wouldn’t let them be.

All the East Region’s soldiers charged towards the cosmic cloud state insectoids.


All sorts of spirit force blossomed outside the galaxy. This spread over ten thousand light-years. Countless planets along the way were crushed.

The cosmos shook under this power.

The shockwave was completely blocked by the star barrier. It didn’t even shake.

The civilizations near the Milky Way Galaxy gasped.

What happened today shook their world.

First, that giant hand wrapped around the Milky Way Galaxy. Then, that terrifying light filled the galaxy. Now, they suddenly started fighting for some reason.

Looking at the over ten thousand light-years’ long waves, they trembled.

‘What sort of G.o.ds were fighting?’

Their domain can’t even handle a few battles.

They just hoped the battlefield wouldn’t be s.h.i.+fted to their domain.

While the powerful beings were fighting, the remaining insectoids charged towards the barrier.

The first one was a nearly cosmic cloud state, but when he charged onto the barrier, he turned into dust and suddenly disappeared.

Seeing this, everyone looked at the barrier in shock.

They felt a shocking chi before.

One peak cosmic cloud state called in disbelief. “Cosmic realm state?”

The defensive power of the barrier reached the cosmic realm state?

The insectoids’ eyes flashed with dissatisfaction.

They couldn’t capture that prodigy, and give it to their master.

The being who took out the black staff gasped.

That was so close. Luckily, he didn’t poke his staff there. Otherwise, he would be in grave danger.

These insectoids were like hungry dogs, but their bones were inside a metal cage. They were happy seeing the dogs being so angry.

They remembered that there was a powerful being inside.

If the insectoids annoyed this boss, haha…

Anton sneered. “Dirty insectoids, you don’t belong here. If you don’t leave when our Elf Race Lords come, you will be dead for sure!”

The insectoid suddenly paused. A few seconds later, he screamed, and the insectoid tide charged towards the star barrier.

They instantly turned to dust, but they still kept charging.

Someone gasped. “The insectoids are going mad?!”

‘How many insectoids are needed to exhaust a cosmic realm state barrier?’

The numbers here were far from enough.

What were the insectoids doing?

However, the cosmic cloud state insectoids started fighting again.