Pocket Hunting Dimension - Chapter 1098 - The Human Race Is Over?!

Chapter 1098 - The Human Race Is Over?!

Chapter 1098: The Human Race Is Over?!


Dragon Boat Translation


Dragon Boat Translation

The group had great fun for the entire day. As soon as they got back to the hotel, they didn’t cultivate but continued the game from last night.

The next morning, Lu Ze walked out of the room feeling relaxed.

They had always been cultivating or fighting. An occasional relaxation was a rather good experience.

Lu Ze even felt his cultivation become more active after a day of relaxation.

He walked over to sit on the couch. He glanced at Ying Ying on the side. She was watching Tom and Jerry.

Lu Ze went over, but Ying Ying suddenly squirmed away.

Lu Ze: “???”

He went closer again.

Ying Ying squirmed away again.

Lu Ze was dazed. “Ying Ying, what’s wrong?”

Ying Ying paused the cartoon show and looked at Lu Ze, with some anger.

“Lu Ze, what did you do to the sisters these two days? Why are they screaming so loud at night?”


How was he going to explain this?

Seeing Ying Ying’s innocent eyes, he coughed. “I actually didn’t do anything to them, don’t worry.”

Ying Ying blinked. “Then, what is it?”

Lu Ze: “…”

He looked away.

“Um, you can ask your sisters this later.”

At this moment, Nangong Jing walked out of the room lazily.

She rubbed her eyes and dragged her body over and leaned on Lu Ze.

Lu Ze smiled and rubbed her head.

At this moment, Ying Ying’s crisp voice sounded. “Sister Jing, did Lu Ze do something over the top to you guys last night? If he is bullying you, tell me. I’ll beat him up for you!”

Ying Ying clenched her fists.

Nangong Jing: “???”

Lu Ze could instantly feel her body tense.

Her sleepiness was gone. She looked strangely at Lu Ze and then at Ying Ying.

Her mouth twitched.

She didn’t know what to say.

After some silence, she looked at Lu Ze. Lu Ze looked away.

This had nothing to do with him.

He coughed. “Um, I need to go to the toilet.”

Nangong Jing grabbed him and smiled coldly. “Are you sure you need to use the toilet at your cultivation level?”

Lu Ze: “…”

Seeing Nangong Jing’s murderous gaze, Lu Ze sat down.

Nangong Jing smiled gently at Ying Ying.

“Ying Ying, look. Lu Ze is so scared of me. How could he bully me? What happened last night is an adult thing, it’s fine.”

Ying Ying looked at the scared Lu Ze and then at Nangong Jing before nodding.

She thought too much. Therefore, she sat down and kept watching the cartoon show.

Lu Ze and Nangong Jing breathed easy.

Lu Ze peeped over and kept watching the cartoon.

Soon, Qiuyue Hesha, Lu Li, Alice, and Lin Ling came over.

After breakfast, they left the hotel.

They came to an area outside Planet Shenwu.

Lin Ling blinked and said, “Auntie Xunshuang is still in the Cultivation Building. The one in the head office is Liu Zhiyun, the predecessor.”

Lu Li raised her eyebrows. “The elders are all on the ancestral planet. Predecessor Liu Zhiyun is the strongest. No wonder he is here.”

Lu Ze smiled. “Let’s go find him first. We can ask him about the Xavier Battle Ruin.”

s.p.a.ce became distorted, and the group appeared in the head office.

They saw Liu Zhiyun handling matters. His brow frowned from time to time. He scratched his head constantly.

Lu Ze and the girls rejoiced that they didn’t have to do this.

Who could handle this?

Lu Ze coughed. Liu Zhiyun’s hair popped up.

He jumped up from the chair. “Who is it?!”

After seeing it was Lu Ze and the girls, he breathed easy and said helplessly, “So, it’s you, kids. You scared me.”

“I guess only you guys and the elders can appear in front of me without me knowing.”

He stretched. “This is too hard to handle. A lot of the older generation is in solitary cultivation. I was dragged over to be the laborer…”

He looked at Lu Ze and the girls and seemed to have some idea.

Lu Ze quickly said. “Predecessor Liu Zhiyun, don’t even think about us helping you!”

Lin Ling on the side smiled and said, “Even if we want to, the elders would make us go cultivate.”

Liu Zhiyun smiled bitterly. “That’s true.”

It was largely Lu Ze’s work that the Human Race could reach today.

Their power was the most important.

Making them deal with such matters was too much of a waste.

He came to the couch and made some tea. “Have a seat, weren’t you guys at the Crisp Green Blade? Why did you come back and come to me?”

Lu Ze raised his fist triumphantly and said, “We earned a huge amount this time, so we came back early.”

Liu Zhiyun raised a brow. “Ordinary resources won’t be taken seriously by you. What did you get this time?”

Lu Ze smiled and stopped Liu Zhiyun from making the tea. “Predecessor, don’t use this tea. I have some.”

Liu Zhiyun was unhappy. “Lu Ze, you kid, you’re looking down on me. This tea is Red Cloud from the Xavier Ancient Rune. It’s an extreme rarity in the East Region. If it’s not you guys, I wouldn’t even take it out.”

Lu Ze smiled and took out a Tree of Life’s leaf and some Spring of Life’s water.

The aroma shook everyone’s spirits.

Liu Zhiyun gasped. “Lu Ze, you kid, what is this? Just smelling it seems to have improved my cultivation a little.”

Lu Ze smiled victoriously. “One of the things we got this time.”

He copied Anton’s actions in preparing the tea. This gentle aroma spread throughout the office.

Lu Ze smiled triumphantly. “This leaf is a leaf from the Tree of Life’s branch. The water is the Spring of Life. This is better than your tea, right? Have a taste.”

“Cough, cough, cough.” Liu Zhiyun took a long time to calm down.

He glared at Lu Ze shakily. “You didn’t rob an Elf Race’s prodigy, did you?!”

He could already imagine the Elf Race’s army coming to the Milky Way.

The Human Race is over?!