Pocket Hunting Dimension - Chapter 1097 - Worth Keeping For The Entire Life

Chapter 1097 - Worth Keeping For The Entire Life

Chapter 1097: Worth Keeping For The Entire Life


Dragon Boat Translation


Dragon Boat Translation

Heilin rejoiced. “Lord Lu Ze? Why are you here?”

Lu Ze smiled. “Lin Ling saw your chi before, so I guessed that you’re here to discuss collaborations with the Human Race?”

Heilin smiled bitterly. “It seems we thought too much. The Elf Race even gave their s.h.i.+p to you. With your talent and power, there would be high-level or even peak cosmic cloud state races coming to connect with you. We’re too weak.”

Lu Ze smiled. “Don’t think like that. Let’s go, I’ll take you to the base planet to register, and the others will take you to our ancestral planet. As for collaborations, you can discuss with the elders.”

Heilin and A Bin were dazed.

A Bin was in disbelief. “Lord Lu Ze, you’re really going to take us in?”

Lu Ze rolled his eyes. “Why else would I be here then?”

A Bin scratched his head and laughed.

Since Lu Ze was taking them in personally, the collaboration was set.

By then, no race in the East Region would dare to look down on their race.

Lu Ze smiled. “Okay, I’ll take you over to register. As for your s.h.i.+p, just let them drive it over.”

Heilin nodded.

Lu Ze wrapped them in silver light and disappeared.

Three people appeared in the office.

Lin Yan was a little surprised to see these two. Their chi was much stronger than the amba.s.sadors here.

The others also were dazed.

Hielin and A Bin were level-4 cosmic cloud states. They had some reputation in the East Region.

They didn’t expect Lu Ze to bring them over personally.

Lu Ze smiled and said, “Uncle Lin Yan, it’s them.”

Lin Yan nodded and asked Heilin a few questions about the registration.

After it was done, Lu Ze said, “Uncle Lin Yan, we’ll be off first.”

Lin Yan nodded. He looked at Lin Ling. “Be careful on the way.”

Lin Ling nodded.

Lu Ze took the group away in silver light.

His cultivation level was at the peak of cosmic system state. He could teleport even further.

In just a few seconds, Lu Ze crossed tens of thousands of light-years and came into the solar system.

He looked at the nervous A Bin and Heilin. “Don’t be nervous, this is our ancestral planet. If there’s anything to do, just discuss it with our elders.”

Heilin nodded. “Okay, Lord Lu Ze.”

This concerned his entire race’s future. He couldn’t be nervous.

At this moment, an opening appeared in s.p.a.ce, and a figure flew out. There was frost chi around him.

It was Saint Lin Dong, Augusta.

Augusta immediately saw Lu Ze and the others and smiled faintly. “You little kids still remembered to come back?”

Lu Ze and the others. felt embarra.s.sed “Elder Augusta, we’re back. Where are the other elders?”

Augusta shook his head. “They’re discussing collaborations with other cosmic cloud state races.”

He looked at Heilin and A Bin. “These two are?”

He could feel that they were extremely strong. Even though he was rather strong now, he was probably no match for the two.

Heilin bowed. “Respected Human Race Elder, I’m the leader of the Black Obsidian Race, Heilin. This is my brother A Bin. We also wish to collaborate with the Human Race.”

Augusta was stunned hearing Heilin’s words. “In that case, come with me.”

He looked at Lu Ze and was just about to speak.

Lu Ze immediately giggled. “Um, Elder Augusta, you guys can discuss this. We’ll go somewhere else first.”

Then, he took the girls away in silver light.

Augusta: “…”

He shook his head and said, “Come with me.”

Lu Ze and the girls appeared elsewhere.

Nangong Jing patted her chest. “We were almost caught in those boring meetings.”

Lu Ze on the side brushed his head and nodded. “Too close.”

Afterwards, Lin Ling smiled and said, “Where do we go next?”

Lu Ze thought for a while. “Let’s go home first.”

The group disappeared again.

Planet Lan Jiang.

The group appeared in Lu Ze’s home.

It was night time, and they entered the door. They found that Lu Wen, Fu Shuya, Merlin, and Zhu Hong Lian were having dinner.

The parents were taken aback. Then, Fu Shuya said with surprise, “Good boy, you guys are back? Come, let’s eat together.”

She went to get bowls in the kitchen.

Merlin frowned. “Didn’t you guys leave the Milky Way? Why are you back?”

Lu Ze was surprised. “Uncle Merlin, how did you know we left?”

Zhu Hong Lian smiled and said, “The elders came by a few days ago and mentioned you. By the way, the insectoids that appeared in the void s.p.a.ce were annihilated by you guys, right?”

Alice giggled. “Ying Ying did it.”

Lu Wen smiled and picked a drumstick for Ying Ying. Then, he glared at Lu Ze. “The elders were complaining a few days ago that they didn’t see you when they went over.”

Lu Ze and the girls laughed it off.

Fu Shuya came back with the bowls. “Come, eat some more. If I knew you guys were coming back I should’ve let Merlin cook a few extra dishes.”

Merlin: “…”

For some reason, he became the house chef.

He was a cosmic system state!

Qiuyue Hesha smiled. “Auntie, this is great already.”

Fu Shuya rolled her eyes immediately. “Why are you girls still calling me Auntie?”

Lu Ze almost spat his food.

The girls blushed and then called Fu Shuya ‘Mom’ under her glare.

Fu Shuya felt very satisfied.

After dinner, Fu Shuya and the rest were going to cultivate.

Lu Ze gave some orbs and liquid to them.

Then, they left during the night. They had to go as they were told all sorts of things later on at dinner.

They found a random planet and lived in a hotel for the night.

The next day, they played on this planet for a day.

This was a date day.

Lu Ze made a ring for each girl and the girls made a ring for Lu Ze together.

It was an ordinary alloy, but it was made by hand.

It was something worth keeping for the entire life.