Pocket Hunting Dimension - Chapter 1099 - One Extra Look And The Person Is Gone

Chapter 1099 - One Extra Look And The Person Is Gone

Chapter 1099: One Extra Look And The Person Is Gone

Lu Ze rolled his eyes and said, “Don’t scare yourself, Predecessor. Am I that sort of person? This is given to me by an elf prodigy.”

Liu Zhiyun was stunned. “… Really?”

Then, he frowned and asked, “… But why would the elf prodigy give you something this precious?!”

Lu Ze smiled and said, “Aren’t we going to the Crisp Green Blade this time? This is the gift of the person in charge of the Crisp Green Blade to us.”


“Person in charge?”

This must be an extremely valued prodigy in the Elf Race.

Such a prodigy would give Lu Ze and the girls something this precious?

Lu Ze smiled and nodded. “Yes, he gave us quite some good stuff. This is just one of them. There’s much more.”


Liu Zhiyun fell silent. Lu Ze smiled. “Predecessor, come taste it. it’s not bad.”

Liu Zhiyun sighed and took a little sip.

Immediately, his eyes lit up. “This is good!”

Nangong Jing said quietly. “Predecessor Liu Zhiyun, this tea contains Life G.o.d Art knowledge. You can use some purple liquid while drinking. You might learn something.

“This contains Life G.o.d Art knowledge?” Liu Zhiyun was even more shocked.

Lu Ze smiled, took out a small jar of leaves, and handed them to Liu Zhiyun.

“Predecessor Liu Zhiyun, you can have this. That prodigy gave us quite some of this stuff.”

Anton not only gave them small jars but also large jars. It was completely enough for Lu Ze and the rest.

The most important use of the tea was to learn Life G.o.d Art. Now that they had learned it, it wasn’t that useful to them.

It was purely to satisfy the tongue.

Liu Zhiyun was taken aback, with a tangled expression. “This is really for me?”

There was no way he didn’t want something this good.

However, he was an elder, and he took their gifts without being able to pay anything back in return. This felt bad.

Lu Ze smiled and nodded. “Of course. By the way, there are also some things we want to ask you.”

Liu Zhiyun asked, “What is it?”

“About the Xavier Ancient Battle Ruin.”

Liu Zhiyun raised his eyebrows slightly. “You guys are planning to go?”

Lu Ze nodded. “After we break through the cosmic cloud state. We want to go and see.”

Liu Zhiyun frowned. “It’s very chaotic there. With your resources and talent, there’s no need to go.”

Lu Ze smiled and waved his hand. “Don’t worry, we’re not impulsive. We will make all the necessary preparations. I heard that there are some rare treasures there. We want to see if we can get any.”

Lu Ze really wanted to find a medium-grade spirit gathering stone and dao enlightenment stone. It would allow them to learn G.o.d art and divine art much easier.

Liu Zhiyun nodded. “You can only go to the first level with your power. The range is extremely big. It crosses over tens of billions of light-years. There are quite some prodigies of powerful races, empires, and organizations there. Even an Elf Race’s prodigy isn’t very extraordinary there. They’re all prodigies from cosmic realm states or above civilizations.”

Lu Ze asked, “I heard there’s a medium-grade dao enlightenment stone in the ruin? Where can I find it?”

Liu Zhiyun looked strangely at Lu Ze. “You want to get it?”

Lu Ze nodded. “Is there a problem?”

Liu Zhiyun’s mouth twitched. “There’s a big problem. What sort of treasure is that? If it appears in the first level, countless powerful prodigies would be fighting after it! The battlefield would be a meat grinder! There might even be cosmic realm states coming back from the second level!”

Lu Ze and the girls were excited.

Liu Zhiyun looked at them worriedly. “Ze, I know you guys are talented and strong, but you must not go! Okay?!”

Lu Ze nodded. “Don’t worry, we know what we’re doing.”

Liu Zhiyun nodded.

“Don’t think about medium-grade dao enlightenment stones, but you can try low-grade.”

“There are also some spirit herbs and beasts that are quite nice. With your power, you should be able to get something…”

He told them about the ruin, but the summarizing statement was, if there’s anything super precious, stay away from it.

For powerful beings, that would be a fortune, but for the weak, it would be h.e.l.l.

He also warned them not to start trouble since they would never know if someone was strong, or there was some powerful force behind them.

Lu Ze and the girls listened carefully.

Lu Ze’s biggest trump card was the six-winged gray bird. That was a peak cosmic realm state or even above cosmic realm state. It should be able to settle everything.

However, they only had one of these.

After speaking, Liu Zhiyun took a sip of his tea, smiled, and said, “If you guys want to go, you should be fine as long as you don’t go to the core region.”

Lu Ze nodded. “We will be careful. Do you want to go play with us, Predecessor Liu Zhiyun?”

Liu Zhiyun rolled his eyes. “Never mind. I will be dragging you guys behind. I probably won’t be leaving the galaxy any time soon. We are lacking in people.”

Lu Ze nodded.

At this moment, a wormhole appeared, and two figures came out.

One was Saint Shenwu and the other was Elder Lin.

Xu Bingbai smiled. “You guys are here indeed.”

Elder Lin smiled. “Augustus wanted to take you to the meeting, but you ran faster than rabbits.”

Lu Ze and the girls laughed in embarra.s.sment.

Lin Ling ran to hold Elder Lin’s arm and smiled. “Grandpa, why did you come? You’re not taking us to some meeting, are you? We don’t want to go!”

Elder Lin rubbed Lin Ling’s hair. “Ze said there would be more powerful races coming? I believe that we don’t need to go over the cosmic system state collaborations personally. We will let Nangong and Augustus handle the cosmic cloud state collaborations. A few days later, the two of us will take over.”

Xu Bingbai sighed. “These bulls.h.i.+t meetings are too troublesome. They’re more tiring than fighting.”

Xu Bingbai sniffed. “What is this aroma?”

He looked at the tea. “What tea is this?”