Pocket Hunting Dimension - Chapter 1092 - Report The Bill

Chapter 1092 - Report The Bill

Chapter 1092: Report The Bill


Dragon Boat Translation


Dragon Boat Translation

Anton, Louisa, Fred, and the group opened their eyes.

Their eyes flashed with joy, especially Anton and Louisa. Intense life force emanated from their bodies. Clearly, their Life G.o.d Art has progressed.

Soon, Lu Ze’s group also opened their eyes. Immediately, Lu Ze saw the searing look of those around him.

He was taken aback.

What were these beings doing? He was getting gooseb.u.mps.

It was fine if it was just Louisa and Mirium, but those guys…

He was very worried.

Lu Ze laughed it off. “What’s wrong?”

Anton spoke genuinely. “Lu Ze, thank you so much this time. Due to the phenomena of your group, Louisa’s and my Life G.o.d Art have experienced quite some improvement. My fellow race outside would have benefited quite a bit too…”

At this moment, Anton’s face changed.

He took a deep breath and said excitedly. “Crux has learned Life G.o.d Art.”


Louisa exclaimed with joy.

Lu Ze and the girls were stunned.

Who was Crux?

Anton took a deep look at Lu Ze’s group and slowly said, “Lu Ze, Life G.o.d Art is extremely rare, even amongst the Elf Race’s prodigies. Due to you, our mastery has quite improved and Crux learned it. You’ve helped us out big this time.”

Lu Ze smiled with embarra.s.sment. “You overpraise me, Lord Anton. If you didn’t give us tea, I wouldn’t be able to learn Life G.o.d Art. Then, you guys wouldn’t be able to benefit from it too. So, no need to worry too much.”

Anton and the group: “…”

Their hearts ached. Anton took it out just to treat them.

Who would’ve thought that this guy could learn Life G.o.d Art from just drinking a cup of tea?!

He felt that he wasted all the tea which he had drunk these years.

Anton laughed dryly and changed the subject. “By the way Lu Ze, regarding the insectoid queen yesterday… your master was involved, right?”

Lu Ze nodded.

It was fine to admit it. The Elf Race would only think that the Human Race had strong backup power and take them more seriously.

Anton was prepared, but he was still shocked.

The insectoid queen was probably considered weak amongst the cosmic realm state, but to be able to take care of it so easily without even appearing, this power was scary.

His eyes flashed since he smiled. “This mission was to annihilate the insectoid hive. After the queen evolved, we might’ve even died, much less complete the mission. If it wasn’t for your master, this mission would’ve been impossible to complete. Plus, you helped us learn G.o.d art. I have decided to give you the middle-grade spirit gathering stone and also give you guys another 10,000 points. What do you think?”

Hearing this, Lu Ze and the girls gasped.

They didn’t even have 5000 points originally but the stone required 100,000 points.

Yet, Anton just gave it to them.

Seeing how shocked Lu Ze and the girls were, Anton smiled. “Don’t laugh at us, but the middle-grade spirit gathering stone is rather precious even in our Elf Race. In reality, we just took it out this time for the show. We didn’t intend to let it be exchanged. If it wasn’t for you guys, I wouldn’t be giving it no matter what this time.”

Lu Ze smiled. “Thank you, Lord Anton. This stone is quite useful to us, indeed.”

Anton waved his hand and laughed. “Lu Ze, if you call me Lord Anton, it would be hard on me. Look, I’m a bit older, so if you guys don’t mind, just call me Brother Anton or Uncle Anton.”

With Lu Ze’s talent, they would surpa.s.s him in a few thousand years, right?

Plus, there was that terrifying cosmic realm state behind them.

How could he be lord to them?

Lu Ze and the girls: “…”

They were only 30.

Anton had at least five digits in his age.

Lu Ze smiled. “Then, thank you, Uncle Anton.”

Anton smiled.

He was truly happy. Connecting well with Lu Ze and the girls would only be beneficial to him.

His Life G.o.d Art’s mastery had improved by so much in such a short period, saving him a thousand years of cultivation.

How beautiful was this?

Perhaps there would only be more.

He said, “Since you call me Uncle Anton, then I can’t be stingy.”

He took out a green storage ring with glamorous runes inscribed on it to Lu Ze.

“There are some special products of the Elf Race inside. Your Human Race is lacking on foundation right now. Take this back, it should be helpful to your race’s development.”

Lu Ze looked at Anton and then at the ring before nodding seriously. “Thank you then, Uncle Anton.”

Fred and the group were very envious.

Just making Lu Ze and the girls call him Uncle Anton was enough to be envious of.

They were the pinnacle prodigies of the Golden Spear Race and Crystal Race, but they had no right to call Anton that.

Lu Ze smiled. “Although I’m complimenting myself, I’m at least a prodigy of the Elf Race. I have some savings. You don’t need to be polite to me. If you need anything in the future, come find me!”

Lu Ze was quite touched.

Although Anton was doing this due to his talent and his master, he was still quite genuine.

Lu Ze grinned. “Sure, we’ll come to trouble Uncle Anton if we need help with anything.”

Anton nodded. “The stone is inside. As for that 10,000 points, it’ll be sent to your Crisp Green Blade’s badge later.”

Lu Ze nodded.

Anton waved his hand. “Okay, there’s nothing else. You can leave.”

He said, “Louisa, send them out. Young people like you can spend more time together.”

Louisa nodded.

After they all left, Anton’s face showed some pain.

The treasures in that storage ring hurt his fortune quite a bit.

No, he had to get it shouldered by the race.

That way, Anton took out his communication device and prepared to contact his race.

Mhm, he would try to get more covered…