Pocket Hunting Dimension - Chapter 1093 - Big Gift

Chapter 1093 - Big Gift

Chapter 1093: Big Gift

Lu Ze and the girls went downstairs with Louisa and found that there was no one in the foyer.

Lu Ze guessed that they might have learned something from the phenomena. After all, they were the most talented bunch in the East Region.

Louisa smiled and said, “I’ll send you off here.”

She took out something. “Here, Lu Ze, take this.”

She gave out a few small devices to Lu Ze’s group.

Lu Ze took the instrument and asked with some doubts, “What is this?”

Louisa explained. “Communicator. It can be used in the Elf Cosmic Realm and nearby cosmic realms. My contact details are inside, if there’s anything, contact me.”

Lu Ze and the girls rejoiced.

The Human Race’s communicators can only be used near the Milky Way. The Elf Cosmic Realm was over hundreds of millions of light-years.

If they went out, it would be very hard for the elders to contact them.

This was rather convenient.

Lu Ze looked at the communicator and smiled. “Louisa, can you give me one more?”

Louisa was a bit confused but still nodded. “Of course.”

Lu Ze smiled and nodded “Thank you.”

He would leave this one in the Milky Way. That way, if something happened back at home, they could be reached.

Louisa smiled and shook her head. “You’re too polite, this is nothing precious.”

Lu Ze nodded. “Then, we’ll be off first. Keep in touch.”

Louisa nodded.

On the way back to the Central Region, Mirium smiled. “Thank you so much this time, Lu Ze. My G.o.d art has improved quite a bit from that phenomena.”

Yi Lei smiled and nodded. “Yes, my G.o.d art progressed too. After going back this time, those elders would probably be scared.”

Cagel and Fred nodded.

Fred took out a storage ring and smiled. “We’re not the Elf Race. We don’t have anything good, but I believe this would be useful to the Human Race…”

Lu Ze interrupted him. “No need, thank you for taking us to the Crisp Green Blade. Otherwise, we don’t even know what would happen if we came by ourselves. Your G.o.d art has progressed due to your own talent. I didn’t help much.”

Fred already helped them so much. Lu Ze was embarra.s.sed to take any more from them. Plus, with what the Elf Race had given them, it was unnecessary.

Fred and Mirium also risked their safety to stop two level-3 cosmic cloud state insectoids for them.

He was quite touched.

Nangong Jing smiled. “Listen to Ze. We’re friends. This is nothing.”

Lu Ze nodded, smiled, and said, “Jing Jing is right.”

Fred and the group looked at each other and rejoiced.

Lu Ze could consider them friends. This was definitely something good.

Mirium smiled. “Don’t worry. We’ll contact our race as soon as we get back. From now on, the Golden Spear Race and Crystal Race will definitely support the Human Race to the full extent.”

Fred also nodded.

Although Lu Ze didn’t take their things, the Human Race was still in the developmental stage. The Golden Spear and Crystal Race can establish relations with them and give them the greatest discounts. They could even send scientists to help and teach the Human Race.

Lu Ze nodded. “In that case, I’ll thank you in the name of the Human Race.”

They soon returned to the hotel and went back to their rooms.

They dropped to the couch. Lin Ling buried her head on Qiuyue Hesha’s chest and said with excitement, “I didn’t expect to get this much. Uncle Anton just gave us the middle-grade spirit gathering stone.”

Qiuyue Hesha smiled. “Little Brother Lu Ze, let’s see what Uncle Anton gave us.”

Lu Ze leaned back. “Sigh, I’m too tired. My back and legs are aching. If only someone could ma.s.sage it for me.”

The girls: “…”

The atmosphere fell silent for a while.

Nangong Jing sneered. “I think your bones are a bit too itchy. Let me loosen it for you. How about that?”

Lu Li smiled slightly and stretched out her hand to tuck her long hair. “Count me in.”

Lu Ze: “…”

“Um, I suddenly realized that my back doesn’t hurt. I can run up five floors in one go. Let’s see what Uncle Anton gave us.”

The girls rolled their eyes and looked over curiously.

Even Ying Ying came over.

Lu Ze took out the storage ring, and everyone sent their mental force inside.

When they saw what it was, they panted.

Alice exclaimed in a low voice, “That much stuff?”

Lu Li nodded. “They all seem very precious.”

Lu Ze took a deep breath. “Uncle Anton gave quite a lot this time.”

Nangong Jing said, “Let’s count it.”


The spirit gathering stone was the most precious one.

There were also low-grade-spirit gathering stones and dao enlightenment stones.

Fifty low-grade dao enlightenment stones.

Eighty low-grade spirit gathering stones.

This was all too important for the human prodigies.

Lu Ze had large amounts of red and purple orbs. Their cultivation speed would be greatly enhanced by the rooms.

Perhaps soon, they would be able to break through to the planetary state and higher.

There were also a few jugs of the Tree of Life’s branches and Fountain of Life’s water. This could increase one’s life, cultivation level, and talent…

Although it wasn’t as good as his...o...b.., it was still great.

Most importantly, the tea was very tasty!

Lu Ze planned to keep some for themselves and give some to the elders.

There were also spirit herbs that were suitable to be grown in regions with low-spirit forces. This ranged from mortal evolution state to cosmic cloud state.

If these plants were grown, it would be another huge a.s.set to the Human Race.

At least ordinary prodigies and elites won’t be lacking resources.

There was also mature produce. Lu Ze let Alice take away some food ingredients. He would leave the rest to the elders to distribute.

Other than that, there were also elven technology wars.h.i.+ps and armors.

This storage ring had a s.p.a.ce of nearly a hundred square kilometers. It was filled.

As long as they digested the resources inside, the Human Race would skyrocket!

Lu Ze smiled. “We owe Uncle Anton, big time.”

The girls smiled and nodded.

They would remember this and pay him back.