Pocket Hunting Dimension - Chapter 1091 - Essence Of It

Chapter 1091 - Essence Of It

Chapter 1091: Essence Of It


Dragon Boat Translation


Dragon Boat Translation


With the use of the blue dew, Lu Ze’s mind shook. His consciousness exploded and became extremely clear. All sorts of enlightenment appeared in his mind.

That subtle life chi became extremely clear and almost within reach.

This was great!

Lu Ze rejoiced. He began to learn the secrets contained in this life chi.

As Lu Ze learned, the phenomena above his head seemed to have been inserted with life force. On that barren land, trees, and flowers grew.

Seeing this, Anton was stunned.

“Life G.o.d Art?!”

His skin crawled.

He also had this Life G.o.d Art, but he was born with that.

Most elite elves were naturally born with Wood G.o.d Art. Only an extremely small portion of them was born with Life G.o.d Art.

This was a gift from the Tree of Life.

Anton was such a prodigy.

Despite this, it was extremely hard to increase his mastery of it.

What did he see now?!

A human who didn’t have Life G.o.d Art just drank a cup of tea made from the Tree of Life’s branches and leaves, and he learned Life G.o.d Art?!

And from the phenomena, he could see Lu Ze’s mastery of the Life G.o.d Art increase at an unimaginable rate.

Louisa and the group were dumbfounded.

In her two thousand years of existence, her Life G.o.d Art only improved a little. Now, she sadly found that her mastery of Life G.o.d Art wasn’t as good as Lu Ze’s.


Fred and the group stared at the phenomena with a blank mind.

They didn’t even know what to say anymore.

When the East Region’s prodigies in the foyer saw the phenomena, they gasped.

“What is this?!”

“A broken world?! Who’s phenomena is it?!”

“Phenomena? This is a bit too terrifying? It’s almost forming a complete world!”


Further away, more and more powerful beings sensed this and looked up.

They had never seen such phenomena before.

The top office of the Crisp Green Blade Branch Department was dead silent.

The girls saw this, and all of them drank their cups.

A portion of the water even mysteriously disappeared from the kettle.

In the void, Ying Ying wiped her mouth, and a green spark shone in her eyes.

The girls closed their eyes, and used the items, and also started learning Life G.o.d Art.

Lu Ze’s body shook. He felt that a different life chi appeared.

Their learnings entwined in the air.

Life filled the air, animals were born, flowers blossomed…

This invisible wave surged in the phenomena.

Anton looked at Lu Ze and the girls. His heart ached.

The humans had such prodigies?

He took a deep breath and spoke in the minds of all elves in the branch department. “Everyone, stop what you’re doing. Come to the top floor to learn Life G.o.d Art!”

With such a good opportunity, perhaps other members of his race could also learn the Life G.o.d Art?!

Thinking about this, he became very excited.

The elf members came to the top floor and found a random place to sit before learning the secrets contained in the wave.

Anton said to Louisa, Fred, and the others, “Drink the tea, learn Life G.o.d Art. This fortune might come only once in a lifetime. You must grasp it!”

Louisa knew what to do and drank it.

So did Fred and the group.

Anton also drank the tea.

He wasn’t satisfied with the amount in his cup. He wanted to pour some more from the kettle, but after picking it up, he found there was none left.

Anton: “???”

Did he pour it all?

Was he too excited that he forgot about it?

Whatever, learning the G.o.d art was more important!

He closed his eyes and did the same as the others.

Time flew by.

A few hours later, the phenomena disappeared.

Only those few most talented prodigies in the East Region and close enough to the phenomena could learn something.

They opened their eyes gradually. They didn’t just learn a new G.o.d art. They were also able to get some progress for their own G.o.d art.

This was something they would need to spend decades or even a hundred years to achieve!

How could they not be happy?

“Ju Tianci, how did you go? Benefit from it a lot?”

“What benefit? The phenomena were too weak, I could only feel a little bit.”

“Same, I didn’t learn much. It seems I’m not talented enough?”


Only an idiot would say they benefited a lot from this!

Even if they were to, it would be after they had gone back and completely digested what they had learned and turned it into their combat power.

This is the essence of acting cool!

Meanwhile, the elves on the top floor slowly opened their eyes.

They smiled excitedly.

Although they didn’t learn Life G.o.d Art, the types of G.o.d arts contained in the phenomena were ample. There was Wood G.o.d Art, of course.

The ones closest to the office were those five elf prodigies. One female elf said, “My Wood G.o.d Art has improved by a huge margin!”

“Same! Who made these phenomena? Lord Anton? His Wood G.o.d Art’s mastery is so great!”

“… It shouldn’t be Lord Anton? I have Lightning G.o.d Art, I also learned this from the phenomena. It’s on par with the Wood G.o.d Art. I remember Lord Anton doesn’t know Lightning G.o.d Art.”

The female elf looked at the male elf. “Crux, what happened to you? Why is your expression so strange?”

Crux’s voice was shaky. “I… I learned it!”

“Learned it?”

Crux waved out his hand, and a green light flashed. It was similar to Wood G.o.d Art but different.

“Life G.o.d Art!? You learned Life G.o.d Art?!”

Crux smiled. “Mhm, it’s still very weak, but combined with the Wood G.o.d Art, it can still improve my combat power a lot!”