Pocket Hunting Dimension - Chapter 1090 - Tree Of Life

Chapter 1090 - Tree Of Life

Chapter 1090: Tree Of Life


Dragon Boat Translation


Dragon Boat Translation

Lu Ze smiled. “That’s an exaggeration.”

Fred and the others looked slightly envious of Lu Ze. He was so talented and had a very powerful background.

Just thinking about them, they paused.

They thought about the sudden disappearance of the queen and gasped.

Did the person behind Lu Ze intervene?

If that was so, it was too insane.

That cosmic realm state queen just died like that.

On the way back to the trade planet, the East Region’s prodigies all greeted Lu Ze.

They had their own guesses too.

They knew that they had to invest in this relations.h.i.+p while Lu Ze was still weak. When Lu Ze matured, their gain would be far greater than what they invested.

Lu Ze wouldn’t reject such goodwill either.

It was better to have an extra friend than an enemy.

That way, those races who offended the Human Race wouldn’t even need to be punished by themselves. The other races would help them.

Soon, they entered the city.

When the citizens in the city saw the prodigies subtly surrounding Lu Ze and them, they were taken aback. Only after everyone had left did they come back to their senses.

“Weren’t those guys the Human Race’s prodigies? Why are the cosmic cloud state race’s prodigies of the East Region surrounding them?”

“Yea, even the Elf Race’s prodigies were on the side?”

Everyone was confused.

Some smarter people began to think. Soon, there would be another powerful race in the East Region.

Soon, they entered the Central Region.

Louisa smiled at Lu Ze and the girls. “Lu Ze, we’ll be off first. See you tomorrow.”

Lu Ze and the girls smiled. “See you tomorrow.”

Mirium smiled and said, “Let’s go back first.”

The group went to the Central Hotel.

On the way, Yi Lei looked around and saw they were the only ones left. He couldn’t resist asking, “Um, Lu Ze, that queen before. Your master was involved, right?”

Fred and the others looked over curiously.

Lu Ze glanced at Yi Lei in surprise. This guy guessed it.

He smiled and nodded. “Mhm, my master intervened indeed.”

Fred and the others took a cold breath.

Guessing was one thing, but getting it proved was another.

Fred opened his mouth in slight horror. “Then your master is really strong. He could easily kill the cosmic realm state queen.”

Lu Ze’s mouth twitched, feeling a little bit heartbroken.

No s.h.i.+t.

Ying Ying was extremely strong for sure.

There was still a long way to go to surpa.s.s her.

He laughed it off. “It’s alright.”

Fred and the others: “…”

Soon, they were back to their suites.

Lu Ze and the girls sat on the couch, leaning against each other.

Ying Ying appeared. She sat on the side and took out her computer to watch cartoons.

Seeing this, Lu Ze’s heart ached even more.

This little guy didn’t even need to cultivate every day and was this strong?

Then, Qiuyue Hesha carried Ying Ying over, and everyone watched Tom and Jerry.

The next morning, right after Lu Ze and the girls had breakfast, Fred’s group came knocking.

Yi Lei spoke excitedly. “Brother Lu Ze, rewards are coming out today. Let’s hurry.”

“Let’s go!”

Everyone left and came to the Crisp Green Blade Branch Department.

There were already quite a few prodigies waiting there.

Everyone came to greet Lu Ze and the girls.

“Morning, Mr. Lu Ze.”

“Brother Lu Ze, come to our Red Feather Race next time. We have quite some nice food.”

“Brother Lu Ze…”

Lu Ze smiled and responded to everyone’s greetings.

At this moment, Louisa walked over.

She said, “Lu Ze, come with me first. Lord Anton wants to see you.”

Lu Ze nodded.

Fred and Mirium asked, “What about us, Lord Louisa?”

Louisa looked at Lu Ze and the girls and smiled. “You guys can come along too.”

Fred and Mirium smiled excitedly. “Thank you, Lord Louisa.”

The group left.

Meanwhile, the other prodigies in the foyer were envious.

“Oh s.h.i.+t, Fred and Mirium are really lucky.”

“Yea, Lord Louisa must’ve let them in due to Lu Ze.”


Louisa knocked on the door.

Anton’s warm voice sounded. “Come in.”

The group walked in.

Anton was sitting behind his desk. He got up and smiled. “Lu Ze, welcome.”

Lu Ze smiled. “Thank you, Lord Anton.”

Anton signaled to them. “Have a seat.”

Fred and the group also sat down with great honor.

Anton took out a beautiful set of green crystal tea equipment. Then, he took out a few pieces of crisp green leaves.

Immediately, this dense life force appeared that shook everyone’s mind. This invisible wave activated everyone’s minds.

Anton smiled. “This is a leaf from the Tree of Life’s branch. It’s a rare thing even in our race. The water is the spring water from the Fountain of Life. It’s rather good for making tea.”

Lu Ze and the girls were taken aback.

Tree of Life!

Even if it was just a branch, it was still the Tree of Life!

And this water, Fountain of Life!

This was an extravagance!

Fred and the group gulped and tried to make themselves seem not too eager.

Soon Anton made a cup for everyone.

Lush green light glowed above the tea. One could see a tree larger than a solar system grow.

“Try it.”

Anton smiled.

Lu Ze nodded. He took the cup and finished it in one go.

Immediately, that dense aroma blossomed in his mouth. Then, abstruse chi appeared in his mind allowing him a deeper understanding of his G.o.d art.

Then, strange phenomena appeared above Lu Ze’s head. There was a volcano erupting, violent winds, ocean waves, a huge tree growing, twisted s.p.a.ce, and so forth.

Countless phenomena spun on top of Lu Ze’s head and grew bigger and bigger until it formed a barren world above the Crisp Green Blade Branch Department.

Seeing this, Anton’s smile froze.

“That… that many phenomena?!”

Tree of Life!

This tea was rather good, but he didn’t expect drinking it would cause such phenomena.

There were too many phenomena, right?!

Louisa, Anton, and the others were also dazed.

Lu Ze was learning from this chi. He sensed this subtle chi of life, but it was too obscure.

Lu Ze gritted his teeth and used a super purple liquid.

Immediately, he could feel it clearly.

Not enough.

Lu Ze used a blue crystal.

Immediately, the chi of life cleared up.

But this was still not enough.

Eventually, Lu Ze used a blue dew.