Pocket Hunting Dimension - Chapter 1089 - Where Did Master Go?!

Chapter 1089 - Where Did Master Go?!

Chapter 1089: Where Did Master Go?!


Dragon Boat Translation


Dragon Boat Translation

The entire scene was silent.

Everyone didn’t even dare to move.

The pressure of a cosmic realm state was too strong.

At this moment, the queen’s eyes fell upon Lu Ze and the girls. Her eyes flashed with a trace of greed and hope.

She didn’t know what race these beings were, but they were extremely talented. Perhaps, she might be able to progress if she devoured them?

Lu Ze and the girls felt a mountain had been crus.h.i.+ng on them just from her gaze.

Lu Ze’s mouth twitched.

This queen wanted to eat them.

“Ying Ying, is she strong?”

Ying Ying answered, “No, so weak.”

Lu Ze: “…”

Nangong Jing: “…”

They were speechless.

Lu Ze transmitted the sound. “Take care of her!”


The distant s.p.a.ce suddenly wavered.

The queen suddenly looked around with shock.

“Who is it?!”

No one answered her. However, the s.p.a.ce around her slowly collapsed and pressed against her.

Immediately, the queen felt she was bound by s.p.a.ce.

The queen was extremely astonished.

She unleashed all her power, but she couldn’t break free at all. s.p.a.ce was collapsing at an increasing rate. In a short instant, the queen’s body distorted, and s.p.a.ce collapsed into a single point before disappearing.

With this, the warp dimension recovered.

The atmosphere became extremely silent. All the prodigies were confused.

They thought they were dead for sure when the queen appeared. However, it disappeared in just a moment.

Anton and Guris Claw were dazed in disbelief.

The two black insectoids called. “Master?”

“Impossible?! Where did the master go?!”

They were extremely worried because they felt the mental connection between them and their queen break.

This meant the queen was dead?!

How was this possible?!

The roars of the two black insectoids aroused Lu Ze’s attention. “Ying Ying, take care of those two as well.”


Then, one of the two black insectoids suddenly disappeared like it never existed.

Seeing this, the other one was scared and looked silly.

Before he could react, he also disappeared.

Anton and Guris Claw watched these two peak cosmic cloud state insectoids disappear just like that, and their heads exploded.

They were similar in power and fought for so long. But, they just disappeared out of nowhere.

Their eyes were full of terror, fearing they would disappear next.

At this moment, Anton thought of something, and he looked at Lu Ze and the girls.

When he saw how calm their faces were, he immediately realized.

It was him!

Lu Ze’s master?

Only that level of being could make the insectoids’ queen disappear without resistance.

He quickly bowed. “Thank you, Elder, for saving us!”

Guris Claw: “???”

He was still in terror and confused by Anton’s actions.

Was it someone Anton knew?

‘No way?’

If so, why not come out earlier?

Or, was it that Anton didn’t know this person and felt it was a pa.s.ser-by?

Guris felt this was highly possible.

He quickly bowed. “Thank you, Elder, for saving us!”

The prodigies of both realms immediately did the same.

At this moment, Mirium pulled Lu Ze’s clothes and signaled to Lu Ze.

Lu Ze and the girls could only do the same. “Thank you, Elder, for saving us.”

Lu Ze felt very bad.

He was the one who told Ying Ying to intervene.

Ying Ying’s confused voice sounded. “Lu Ze, what are you guys doing?”

Lu Ze’s mouth twitched. “Nothing, just complimenting Ying Ying for being cute.”

The girls laughed and rolled their eyes.

Ying Ying blinked and nodded. “Oh.”

Moments later, Anton and Guris didn’t see a response, so they got up and flew back to their prodigies.

Guris felt that if they discussed that being who had left here, it would raise that being’s attention.

Anton looked at Lu Ze and the girls and then smiled. “The insectoid hive is destroyed. Everyone did great this time. The rewards will be announced according to contribution.”

Everyone rejoiced.

Anton and Guris looked at each other.

Usually, the Elf and Advanced Demon Race would definitely clash upon encounter.

However, the insectoid tide wasn’t over yet, and the two sides have just fought alongside each other.

They both avoided this.

Anton opened his mouth and said, “Let’s go!”

He tore the warp dimension and went back.

The Demon Realm side did the same.

In s.p.a.ce, a crack appeared, and Anton led the East Region’s prodigies out.

All of them sighed in relief seeing the vibrant sky and prosperous trade planet.

They almost died there.

Anton turned his head and smiled slightly. “Everyone go back and get your rest. Come get your reward tomorrow at the branch department.”

Everyone rejoiced. “Yes, Lord Anton.”

Anton nodded and disappeared from the spot.

Only then did the prodigies relax and discuss the battle.

Louisa came to Lu Ze and the girls and smiled. “I’ve seen your previous battles. I didn’t expect your combat powers to be this strong, far greater than my imagination.”

A male elf smiled and nodded. “Indeed, your talent is probably on par with our princess.”

This was a rather conservative estimation since Lu Ze’s and the girls’ power was more absurd than the princess when she was a cosmic system state.