Pocket Hunting Dimension - Chapter 107 - The Usual Actions of the Two

Chapter 107 - The Usual Actions of the Two

Chapter 107: The Usual Actions of the Two


Dragon Boat Translation


Dragon Boat Translation

Looking at Merlin’s amicable smile, Lu Ze’s mouth twitched.

Sure enough, he guessed it!

It seemed that embarra.s.sment made Uncle hate him. Just look at his amicable smile, he harbored no good intentions at all!

Lu Ze smiled awkwardly. “Uncle, um, I’ll go digest your teachings today. I’ll come to practice tomorrow?”

Although running away was shameful, it was still useful.

At least, he could dodge the current wave?

He would go cultivate in the pocket hunting dimension tonight. Tomorrow, he would be able to take more of a beating?

Merlin grinned, his handsome face had a teasing look. “That’s fine.”

Lu Ze got dazed and looked at Merlin in disbelief.

Did Uncle really just want to teach him about an actual battle?

Indeed, Uncle was a good person. He misunderstood!

Just when Lu Ze felt touched and regretful, Merlin said, “We’ll practice the entire morning tomorrow. You don’t need to go to cla.s.s anyway.”

Lu Ze: “…”

Good person?

Haha, what was he dreaming?

Alice saw Lu Ze act like that and giggled. It was the first time she saw Senior schoolmate being scared.

A different Senior schoolmate always felt interesting.

She wanted to see more sides of Senior schoolmate in the future.

Joyful, sadness, and everything. She all wanted to share it.


Even Lu Li couldn’t resist smiling. She thought of the day when Lu Ze’s talent showed. It was exactly the same expression as when he wanted to run away from sparring her.

Thinking about how she saw his body that day, Lu Li couldn’t resist blus.h.i.+ng while raising her lips.

At least, Alice definitely didn’t get to see it.

She had the upper hand!

Lu Ze sighed and gave up struggling. It was just getting beaten up.

He had plenty of experience in that. He rarely missed a beating in the pocket hunting dimension.

He had good grasps of all sorts of positions. He was even confident in getting beaten.

“Let’s do it, Uncle,” he said.

Seeing Lu Ze agree, Merlin smiled.

His right hand waved up a pale flame. It was hovering in the air, and the white flame spread across s.p.a.ce like a thin layer slowly enveloping the four of them.

Immediately, s.p.a.ce distorted, and the small s.p.a.ce encompa.s.sed by the flames started to expand into a one-kilometer radius s.p.a.ce.

Lu Ze and Lu Li opened their eyes wide in shock.

One could do this?!

Only Alice seemed very calm, clearly having experienced this already.

Merlin explained, “Planetary state martial artists are different from martial artists before mortal evolution state. Planetary states only need spirit force to survive. s.p.a.ce is no different from air to planetary states. As for star level martial artists, they could do some simple control of s.p.a.ce.”

As he spoke, he waved his palm, and the s.p.a.ce shrunk and expanded as he willed.

He continued, “Star state martial artists can use their bodies alone to jump s.p.a.ce. Of course, with the power of star states, the jump distance is very short. They can only move within a planet.”

Lu Ze: “…”

Oh my, to him, within the planet was already huge.

How was that short?!

The horizons of a powerful being was indeed different from that of a noob.

Merlin continued, “With the power of a star state, one could establish an extendable s.p.a.ce like this. However, the stability of this won’t last beyond 10 km.”

Seeing Lu Ze shocked, Merlin actually felt a sense of joy.

Today, he kept getting scared by this kid. This time, he finally got back at him?!

But to him, this was just ordinary actions.

After explaining, Merlin smiled at Lu Ze. “Come start. I almost can’t wait… cough, I can’t wait to teach you Ze.”

Lu Ze: “…”

You definitely wanted to say you couldn’t wait to beat me up right?!

Lu Ze saw that he couldn’t escape, so he focused and went into battle state.

Since he was going to get beaten up, it needed to be worth it!

Lu Ze’s whole body turned into a crystal color. Green wind circulated, and then, the two colors dulled down becoming heavier.

A terrifying power wave emitted from Lu Ze. It rattled the air and blew winds across this s.p.a.ce.

Lu Li and Alice opened their pretty eyes wide. They looked at Lu Ze in disbelief.

Although they knew through the broadcast that Lu Ze was very strong, they couldn’t feel it as deeply as in real life.

Especially Lu Li who trained with Lu Ze every morning. She had never expected that when Lu Ze used full power, it would be at this state.

Clearly, they were protected well by Merlin, but this power still made their magical instinct to resist.

Strands of black chi seeped off from Lu Li’s body. It was her darkness G.o.d art.

Meanwhile, Alice had a blue flame rise up from her forehead that encompa.s.sed her inside. When the backlash receded and the awakening began again, Alice could use an extremely small portion of the source flame.

The two glanced at each other and saw their respective G.o.d arts. Their eyes flashed, and then, they smiled.

Meanwhile, Merlin, who stood opposite Lu Ze, opened his eyes wide.

Oh s.h.i.+t! Oh s.h.i.+t!!

This kid’s wind element G.o.d art improved this much?!

This spirit force wave, his cultivation level improved rapidly too!!

He thought that Lu Ze only had abstruse martial state level three to level four power but now, this kid was abstruse martial state level five peak and almost abstruse martial state level six.

Oh my, how many days has it been??

He was improving one level every day??

Did this kid attach a rocket on his a.s.s??


Little did Merlin know that Lu Ze used 10,000 federal contribution points to buy the teachings on spirit force usage. After learning it, his power was already abstruse martial state level four peak. After learning the wind G.o.d art of the huge green wolf and improving his own, it was normal that his power reached abstruse martial state level five peak.

To Lu Ze, this was an ordinary action.

However, to Merlin, it was absurd. He thought this kid was at most abstruse martial state level three.

This was over the top.

He was getting face slapped again.

Once wasn’t enough, he was slapped again??

Merlin suddenly felt pain…