Pocket Hunting Dimension - Chapter 108 - Understanding Oneself

Chapter 108 - Understanding Oneself

Chapter 108: Understanding Oneself


Dragon Boat Translation


Dragon Boat Translation

Taking a deep breath, Merlin finally recovered from the pain. He showed a kind smile to Lu Ze. “Come, the power I will use won’t surpa.s.s yours.”

Lu Ze heard this and breathed easy.

If Merlin didn’t use more power than him, then even if he was a star state, he shouldn’t be able to beat him up right??

Although it was a bit shameless, he felt he was quite strong.

Thinking about this, Lu Ze felt a.s.sured and showed a happy smile. “Uncle, I’m going to attack!”

A green light flashed in his eyes as he kicked the ground with his right leg. Not a single crack appeared on the ground that was enforced by the pale flame. Lu Ze turned into a green flowing light. Air parted in Lu Ze’s wake as he instantly appeared on Merlin’s right.

Forming a right fist with his hand, a terrifying green wind circulated around the fist. Consequently, a crystal glow flashed, and the terrifying power shook the s.p.a.ce.

Wind G.o.d art, crystal body, strength G.o.d art, spirit force. This was Lu Ze’s full power!

Merlin’s eyes lit up a little. Although it was a bit premature, the kid’s combat method was deviating from the martial artists before the mortal evolution state.

This battle instinct was quite good too!

Little did he know how many life and death battles Lu Ze experienced in the pocket hunting dimension.

In order to survive till last, there were all sorts of tragedies.


The terrifying fist shook away the air. The fist force pressed towards Merlin, blowing his golden hair a little.

Merlin smiled. White flames burned on his right palm. He reached out his palm and easily blocked the incoming fist force. The fist was gently gripped, and a heavy thud was heard. The remaining energy shot in all directions, but the fist force was completely dispersed.

Lu Ze’s eyes widened in shock.

Oh s.h.i.+t!

This wasn’t logical!

Merlin, indeed, didn’t use more power than him. How could he so easily stop his full-powered attack?

Seeing Lu Ze shocked, Merlin grinned as he disappeared.

Lu Ze’s eyes focused. Before he could react, he felt pain on his b.u.t.t as he flew out.


Lu Ze finally dispersed Merlin’s force and flipped, landing on the ground.


He touched his b.u.t.t and immediately cried in pain.

Oh my! This is over the line?

He wasn’t a little kid.

He was a grown man!

Alice seeing this couldn’t resist covering her mouth and laughing.

Meanwhile, Lu Li calmly recorded this scene.

Precious moments of my brother, recorded!


Lu Ze’s eyes looked at Merlin with a hint of resentment. However, Merlin stood with his left hand behind him and said, “Ze, I told you. Since you have a spirit body, then the physical body, spirit force, mental force, technique, and G.o.d art must all be strong. Only that is true power.”

“Your attack looks menacing, but it’s not focused. The method of attack is coa.r.s.e. It’s like a little kid waving a huge sword around. It’s weak.”

Lu Ze frowned. “Then, what should I do, Uncle?”

Merlin smiled. “Body, spirit force, and mental force complement each other. They’re the foundation. Meanwhile, technique and G.o.d art are your weapons. If your foundation isn’t good enough, you can’t unleash the power of your weapon. If your weapon isn’t strong, then you can’t reach full power no matter how strong your foundation is.”

“After spirit transformation, you just need to spend time to use spirit force in order to strengthen your cells and your body. As for mental force, there is a specific mental cultivation method.”

“The human race isn’t one with exceptional mental talent. Some races have a naturally strong mental force. There exist even beings such as void spirit race that are purely mental force. To humans, a stronger body would bring a stronger mental force. Some prodigies have a natural advantage in this. For example Qiuyue Hesha, her seduction G.o.d art is an extremely strong mental force G.o.d art.”

“At your current level, your body, spirit force, and mental force can be considered good. So, you need to spend more time on your technique and G.o.d art. Your use of physical force is quite good, but you’re lacking on the use of spirit force and mental force. You need to focus on these two.”

“When you use all three to a good extent, your use and understanding of G.o.d art need to follow. That way, your attacks would be much more effective. One ounce of power and achieve the effect of ten.”

Lu Ze listened to this silently. After reaching perfect mastery of foundational martial technique, his technique of using physical power was quite good, but for spirit force, he just began cultivation. Although he bought the book online, it seemed that it didn’t reach Uncle’s requirements.

As for mental force, Lu Ze spent some time cultivating it. After all, the strength G.o.d art he learned was a combination of physical force, mental force, and technique that allowed the power to multiply.

But now, he only just learned the foundations of strength G.o.d art. He could only increase his power by one fold.

It seemed he needed to work on that as well.

Lu Ze set goals for himself.

Right now, his body and cultivation level were pa.s.sable He could put the focus of cultivation on the usage of spirit force, strength G.o.d art cultivation, and fusion of wind and fire G.o.d art.

Oh my!

When Lu Ze realized this, he was startled.

He was that busy??

His brain was shaking!

Even two thousand years later, the saying of “getting into uni would make life easy” was fake.

But as a new generation transmigrator, Lu Ze was an ambitious youth.

Whether or not he could reach the pinnacle of human life and marry a white beautiful rich girl depended on this.

After setting his targets, Lu Ze rubbed his head and smiled at Merlin. “Thank you, Uncle.”

Luckily, Uncle taught him. Otherwise, if he cultivated alone, he would waste quite some time.

Seeing that Lu Ze understood, Merlin nodded in satisfaction. “You don’t need to worry actually. With your current age, it’s rather… cough, it’s okay reaching this step.”

Oh my! He almost complimented this kid in front of Alice again!

That would be adding points to this kid in her heart?

He must not do that!

Hold it in!

Lu Ze: “…”

Uncle just wanted to compliment him, right?

Just be straight forward, why change halfway?

This uncle was prideful?

Lu Ze glanced at Merlin and was speechless.

Merlin got stunned from the strange look he got from Lu Ze.

Did this kid have a misunderstanding?