Pocket Hunting Dimension - Chapter 106 - The Authors of History

Chapter 106 - The Authors of History

Chapter 106: The Authors of History


Dragon Boat Translation


Dragon Boat Translation

“Opened all the apertures?”

Lu Ze said as he got slightly stunned. His eyes widened as he looked at Merlin in disbelief.

Lu Li and Alice, on the other side, opened their eyes wide too. Surprise and joy were flas.h.i.+ng in their eyes. They turned their heads to look at Merlin as well.

Merlin: “…”

Being stared at like this, Merlin felt his chest got heavier…

But since Alice was curious, he explained formally, “All the prodigies, who have spirit body before aperture opening state, have opened all their apertures.”

He glanced at Lu Ze and continued, “In the history of the human race, there are no more than five.”

Looking at how shocked they were, Merlin continued, “Nangong Jing is the same as you. She had a spirit body before reaching aperture opening state.”

Merlin’s mouth spasmed. “But Nangong Jing had a special G.o.d art called golden battle blood. When she broke through to abstruse martial state, her battle blood boiled and forcefully broke open all the apertures turning her body into a spirit body.”

Merlin praised, “The girl of Nangong family is indeed quite amazing. You either succeed or die from such methods. Such courage.”

At this moment, Alice looked at Lu Ze with admiration and said, “If that’s the case, Sister Jing became spirit body at abstruse martial state, but Senior schoolmate became spirit body at just spirit martial state! Senior schoolmate is so amazing!”

Lu Li’s eyes flashed with pride too.

This fish-lipped Lu Ze was really strong…

But she couldn’t fall behind.

She hoped she would stand by his side in the future, not behind him!

Merlin: “…”

His mouth spasmed after seeing Alice’s look of admiration.

He clearly told himself not to praise this kid in front of Alice!

But he was too shocked that he couldn’t hold his praise back.

After all, from what the kid showed, he could be considered the most powerful prodigy in human history!

As long as this kid didn’t die, he would definitely become one of the strongest pillars of the human race!

After all, the four divines had less than a thousand years left…

If a cosmic system state couldn’t appear within a thousand years in the human race, then…

Thinking about this, Merlin felt immense pressure.

He was currently one of the hopes of the human race, but due to the backlash of Alice’s G.o.d art, he hadn’t been able to go out to venture. In addition, due to devouring Alice’s source flame, his cultivation level was even regressing.

But there was nothing he could do about this.

Alice’s G.o.d art was too powerful. Everyone had a sliver of hope.

But now, this sliver of hope finally germinated.

If it could bear fruit in the future, then the eminence of the human race was possible!

Merlin looked silently at Lu Ze.

This kid…

Was a hope!

But, his character was too unreliable.

This kid was laughing like a dumb kid!!

Lu Ze felt great right now.

Was he that strong?

Oh my! It would only be some time before reaching the peak of human life.

He could even marry a white pretty rich girl.

Alice and Lu Li’s glance made him smile even more joyfully.

At this moment, Merlin spoke seriously, “Ze, since you have reached spirit body, then ordinary martial techniques are useless to you. You must remember, true power is power in every aspect. Body, spirit force, mental force, technique, and G.o.d art.”

“Having a flawed power would lead you to be targetted. As a young duke of the human race, you must be strong in all directions, stronger than anyone you meet from another race!”

“Even for races friendly to us, you must not expose that G.o.d art that can produce energy. Otherwise, our entire human race would be in danger.”

He looked at Alice and Lu Li. “You two remember this too. You must not speak of Lu Ze’s G.o.d art!”

Alice and Lu Li nodded seriously. They knew the severity of things. How could they spill it?

Lu Ze nodded.

The human race was united, and they treated prodigies the best they could. With how Alice’s parents and the entire hierarchy of the human race was sacrificing themselves to help Alice awaken her source flame, he revealed the pocket hunting dimension in the form of G.o.d art.

He trusted these people who would do anything for the prosperity of the human race.

They were the authors of history.

Of course, he wasn’t going to tell other races.

He was a smart guy!

Merlin nodded and smiled. “Within the race, you can give some to people you feel you can trust.”

Merlin felt it was a pity. Too bad Lu Ze’s power was too weak. When he becomes stronger, perhaps the energy b.a.l.l.s would be stronger?

By then, perhaps the ancestors would have a chance of improving?

The divines of the human race had sacrificed too much for the entire human race…

All this could only wait until Lu Ze was stronger.

Lu Ze smiled. “If I have spares, I will.”

But of course, he would satisfy those close to him first.

Alice and Lu Li glanced at each other with some vigilance and complexity.

The winner hadn’t been decided between them. They really didn’t want Lu Ze to be affiliated with other girls due to this, but this was for the greater good. They couldn’t say anything about this.

This was annoying!!

Lu Li was especially annoyed. She was clearly first!

Thinking about this, Lu Li’s eyes flashed as she smiled gently to Lu Ze.

Lu Ze suddenly felt chilly in his heart.

Oh my! Who was cursing him!

How could someone curse a man as handsome as him? Was there still reason in this world?!

Receiving Lu Ze’s promise, Merlin smiled. “You decide this yourself. Okay, since you’re a spirit body, then, I’ll spar with you. After spirit body, you have to learn the most suitable combat method for you.”

Merlin’s smile grew amicable.

He was embarra.s.sed, and Alice admired this guy. He had to beat this kid up.

Otherwise, he wouldn’t feel satisfied!