Pocket Hunting Dimension - Chapter 1076 - Intention To Recruit

Chapter 1076 - Intention To Recruit

Chapter 1076: Intention To Recruit


Dragon Boat Translation


Dragon Boat Translation

Someone dared to infiltrate the mental force connection. This was the greatest provocation to the insectoids. All the powerful insectoids in the cave surged with killing intent.

“Master, can we find who this person is?”

“I must annihilate him and his race!”

The enormous insectoid queen didn’t say anything.

Through the mental force connection, she could sense the sudden disappearance of a group of insectoids. It involved two cosmic cloud state insectoids.

That unknown figure meddled with the mental force connection of two cosmic cloud state insectoids. To prevent exposing the location of the hive, she eliminated the invading mental force and even made the two cosmic cloud state insectoids self-destruct.

Through the information pa.s.sed back by her two subordinates, she discovered that the culprits were a few cosmic system state beings.

To her, this shouldn’t be possible.

There must be someone behind those cosmic system states.

They were just baits!

The hive was concealed within the vast warp dimension. The Elf Race wouldn’t be able to find their location. That was why they came up with this idea.

She wasn’t going to let the Elf Race have it!

As long as the location of the insectoid hive wasn’t revealed, she could produce cosmic cloud state insectoids non-stop and sink the entire eastern region into chaos and terror!

She would destroy the Elf Race from the inside, which is enough to affect the battle at the border.

Thinking about this, the queen sneered, “Don’t mind this. Keep gathering resources and wrecking the eastern region. Don’t let anyone find our location.”

The furious insectoids suppressed their anger and nodded.

The next morning, Ying Ying was sitting on the couch. At this moment, her eye blinked, and the starlight in her eyes dispersed. She said gently, “Found it.”

She seemed to have thought of something, and her drool trickled down. Following such, she jumped off the couch and ran to the room.

She knocked on Lu Ze’s door.

Inside, Lu Ze and the girls were sitting on the bed while cultivating.

The group slowly opened their eyes. A few seconds later, they withdrew from the cultivation state.

Lu Ze was taken aback. “It’s Ying Ying?”

Nangong Jing asked, “Did she find the source of the insectoids?”

Thinking about this, everyone felt excited.

“Let’s go out and see.”

The group got off the bed and opened the door. Ying Ying was standing there, looking up at them.

Qiuyue Hesha raised the corners of her lips and carried her up, pinching her little face. “Ying Ying, what’s wrong? Did you find the source of the insectoids?”

Ying Ying confirmed it with a nod.

The group rejoiced.

With this discovery, they could attempt to make a breakthrough at full power as long as they annihilate the creatures.

Lu Ze raised the corners of his lips. “Ying Ying, where is the source?”

Ying Ying blinked.”It’s within the warp dimension.”

The group looked as though something dawned on them.

The territory was hidden in the warp dimension. No wonder Ying Ying couldn’t’ find it in s.p.a.ce.

Lin Ling said, “Then, we can hand over the mission, right?”

Lu Ze nodded.

At this moment, Ying Ying tugged Alice’s clothes. Her blue eyes were full of hope.

Alice immediately understood her.

She smiled. “Let’s go after breakfast. Ying Ying is a huge contributor. Let’s cook something nice for her.”

Lu Ze grinned.

Lu Ze and the girls waited for breakfast to be cooked.

He then took out some level-3 and level-4 cosmic cloud state red liquid for Ying Ying as a reward too.

After a few clashes with some overlords, they collected quite a lot of these liquids. They couldn’t use it right now. When they needed it, they could hunt for them.

Ying Ying seemed even happier after eating them.

Breakfast was very abundant. Although Ying Ying ate most of the food, Lu Ze still got some. He was rather satisfied.

He stood up. “Okay, let’s go.”

At this juncture, someone knocked on the door.

They opened the door, only to see Fred and his group standing there.

Mirium smiled. “Brother Lu Ze, we accepted another mission. Should we head off now? We can do missions while we search for the insectoid’s source.”

Lu Ze grinned. “Let’s go to the Crisp Green Blade Branch Department first.”

Yi Lei asked in confusion, “For what?”

Lu Ze smiled. “We already found the source of the insectoids.”


Fred and the rest were stunned.

Found the insectoid’s source?!

How is that possible?!

The mission was just published yesterday.

The eastern region was vast. How could they find it so quickly?!

Fred said awkwardly, “… Brother Lu Ze, this joke isn’t funny. If it’s a hoax, the Elf Race wouldn’t probably let it go.”

Lu Ze was speechless.

Did these guys think he was joking?

He rolled his eyes. “If you don’t believe it, then we’ll go over by ourselves. Just wait for us here.”

Seeing how confident Lu Ze was, they were beginning to have some doubts.

Did they actually find it?

But how?

Mirium said, “We’ll come with you.”

Lu Ze smiled and nodded.

They soon arrived at the branch department.

There were still a lot of powerful prodigies around.

There were some unfamiliar faces too. They probably returned yesterday.

They were injured as well.

There were discussions among them.

“This mission is equivalent to 3000 points! If we can find it, it would be a huge profit!”

Then, they saw Lu Ze and the girls enter. Their expressions changed.

Their races had sent prodigies to the Milky Way and discovered the mysterious being behind the Human Race.

Their race told them to connect with Lu Ze, but as prodigies, they were prideful.

At this point, six figures went out into the foyer.

It was the Elf Race.

The six cultivators from the Elf Race were dazed. They didn’t expect to see Lu Ze here.

Louisa’s green eyes flashed, and she walked over.

The other five elves followed.

The atmosphere in the foyer changed.

Even the Elf Race had the Human Race in their eyes?

Even those beings were establis.h.i.+ng a connection with the human prodigies?

The figure behind the Human Race was this strong?!

Thinking about this, they regretted not going over earlier.