Pocket Hunting Dimension - Chapter 1075 - Ruby Scorpion Summoning Crystal

Chapter 1075 - Ruby Scorpion Summoning Crystal

Chapter 1075: Ruby Scorpion Summoning Crystal


Dragon Boat Translation


Dragon Boat Translation

In the room, Lu Ze opened his eyes. His body was drenched in sweat.

At this moment, Nangong Jing and the rest of his girls let out a gentle moan. All of them leaned against him.

He could even feel the slight tremble from their bodies.

After the pain subsided, Nangong Jing breathed out. “I didn’t expect the silver overlord to appear.”

Lu Ze said, “Perhaps we caused a great commotion.”

After all, the clash with the overlord didn’t end long, and their battle was sensational. It would be impossible to go unnoticed.

The girls nodded.

Lu Li said, “Pity. Otherwise, we could have found a few more cosmic cloud state super beasts.”

Qiuyue Hesha said, “We’re already lucky enough to encounter one.”

Alice chimed in, “Yes, we also got some golden and blue dews. It’s a bountiful harvest this time.”

Lin Ling blinked and smiled. “Yes, Ze. Didn’t we gather a lot of resources this time?”

Nangong Jing and the girls looked curiously at Lu Ze.

Lu Ze cracked a smile. “Let’s count them.”

He brought out the resources they managed to gather.

There were a total of 12 super long worms. Meaning, they would have 60 drops of super red and purple liquid each.

There were also one-time super rapid regeneration divine art runes. He gave two to each person.

There were nearly 200 level-1 cosmic cloud state beasts and around 100-or-so level-2 cosmic cloud state beasts.

There were only dozens of level-3 cosmic cloud state beasts and just over 10 level-4 cosmic cloud state beasts, as well as one level-5 cosmic cloud state golden lightning eagle.

They were all ordinary beasts. Lu Ze and the girls wouldn’t need their spirit liquid anytime soon. However, the G.o.d art orbs would be highly useful to them.

At cosmic system state, they could learn cosmic cloud state G.o.d art. This would translate to a huge improvement in their combat power.

After distributing the large pile of G.o.d art orbs, Lu Ze let out a smile. “Next is the drop of the ruby scorpion.”

The girls’ eyes lit up.

Lu Ze took out the super red and purple liquid.

“We don’t need these for now,” Alice remarked.

Even Lu Ze couldn’t use level-3 cosmic cloud state.

Lu Ze said, “It can be used during the breakthrough to the cosmic cloud state.”

If it were just ordinary level-3 cosmic cloud state red liquid, Lu Ze didn’t think he could handle it even when he broke through to the cosmic cloud state.

However, the super red liquid was tamer and gentler. Moreover, he had the help of the golden dew as well.

If he could use this level of red liquid as soon as he broke through to the cosmic cloud state, how fast would his cultivation rate become?

Then, they moved on to the divine art rune shards.

Nangong Jing rolled her eyes. “We haven’t even brought that Poison Ball Divine Art and Super Rapid Regeneration Divine Art to perfect mastery yet.”

“Yes. We can’t complete it now either.” Qiuyue Hesha smiled.

Lu Ze put it away. Thereafter, they dealt with the fire G.o.d art orbs. The G.o.d art contained in the orbs of the super beasts was stronger. It was not bad for a cosmic cloud state Fire G.o.d Art.

But they were just learning their cosmic cloud state G.o.d art, so they didn’t need something of this level.

Lu Ze then took out the red crystal.

Everyone looked at it curiously.

“There was no one-time divine art rune. I wonder what this is?” Nangong Jing asked.

Lu Ze said, “Let me see.”

He inserted his spirit force into the red crystal, and a red light flashed.

The red crystal became transparent, revealing the inside. There was a mini ruby scorpion lying within.

Alice gasped. “It’s actually a summoning crystal!”

Lu Ze scanned it. It was truly a summoning crystal.

He grinned. “This crystal can summon a level-3 cosmic cloud state ruby scorpion. It can physically manifest itself for half an hour while fighting at full force.”

The group rejoiced even more.

Nangong Jing said excitedly, “Ze, in that case, the cosmic cloud state super beasts wouldn’t be dropping one-time divine art runes but summoning crystals?!”

If that was the case, the increase in level was major.

Lu Ze’s mouth twitched. “I don’t know. Let’s see after we kill a few more cosmic cloud state super beasts.”

Qiuyue Hesha said, “But this summoning crystal is very useful to us.”

Lu Ze nodded. “Indeed.”

A level-3 cosmic cloud state super beast had to have a level-7 cosmic cloud state combat power at the very least, right?

That would be quite a trump card for them, other than the six-winged gray bird.

Lu Ze then took out the golden and blue dew.

Twenty-two drops of golden dew, and twenty-six drops of blue dew. This was one of the best resources on the fifth map. It was extremely beneficial to Lu Ze and the whole team.

Lu Ze shared this among themselves.

Nangong Jing smiled. “It seems that in half a month at most, we can break through to cosmic cloud state.”

With the golden dew and higher-level red liquid, their cultivation speed would multiply.

Lu Ze said, “Before we break through, we need to find the source of the insectoids in the eastern region.”

They had to clear such unstable factors.

“We can only wait until Ying Ying finds them.”

In the vast distorted warp dimension, a ma.s.sive black planet was floating.

There were strands of black strings that wrapped around the planet, allowing it to stably travel through the warp dimension.

There were cosmic cloud state insectoids leading tides of insectoids away from time to time. There were also insectoids returning.

In an empty cave of the central region, there were large insectoids that were tens of kilometers long lying there.

The insectoid’s eyes flashed, and its chi suddenly surged. The entire black planet quaked.

Immediately, the insectoids on the planet stopped what they were doing and looked towards the cave.

A black round insectoid filled with long whiskers roared, “Master, what happened?”

The enormous insectoid responded, “Someone tried to invade into my mental force connection before.”