Pocket Hunting Dimension - Chapter 1077 - Test

Chapter 1077 - Test

Chapter 1077: Test


Dragon Boat Translation


Dragon Boat Translation

The few elven soldiers came up to Lu Ze and the girls. Louisa smiled and said, “I heard a few human prodigies came a few days ago. Their talents are extremely strong. I believe it’s you guys, right? I’m Louisa.”

Louisa reached out her hand.

Lu Ze shook it and smiled. “I didn’t expect to receive attention from a prodigy of the Elf Race. It’s really an honor. I’m Lu Ze.”

Louisa looked at Lu Ze and the girls and smiled. “We’re planning to find the source of the insectoids. If you’re interested, would you like to go together?”

There was a pause in the atmosphere of the foyer. The prodigies on the side looked at Lu Ze and the girls with envy.

Even the elf prodigy was inviting them.

The elf prodigies were definitely the strongest here. They had the highest chances of finding the insectoids, and there was a low risk.

Fred and the others looked at each other strangely.

Lu Ze said he found it.

Lu Ze was dazed, and then, he shook his head. “No need, I’ve already found the source of the insectoids.”

Everyone was taken aback and looked at Lu Ze strangely.

What joke is this?

The mission just came out yesterday.

Lu Ze was still at the branch department. He didn’t even leave the Trade Planet. How could he find it?

Louisa smiled. “Lu Ze, you’re truly humorous.”

Clearly, she thought Lu Ze was joking.

He rolled his eyes. “I’m being serious, I’m here to hand in the mission.”

Everyone: “…”

Looking at how serious Lu Ze was, they felt he didn’t seem like he was jesting.

Louisa looked at Lu Ze seriously and asked again, “Are you serious?”

Lu Ze nodded. “Of course. I’m going to hand in the mission now. Louisa, if you don’t believe me, you can come with us.”

Thereafter, he began walking towards the tunnel.

Fred and the girls also followed in.

Louisa raised a brow and said, “Let’s go have a look.”

The elf prodigies nodded.

The prodigies in the foyer also began walking to the mission hall.

Lu Ze came up to the personnel and smiled. “h.e.l.lo, I came to hand in a mission.”

The personnel looked at all the prodigies who came in as well, but she said nothing.

She smiled. “Okay, which mission?”

Lu Ze said with a smile, “Finding the source of the insectoids mission.”


She gasped at Lu Ze and the girls.

“… Sir, are you for real?”

Lu Ze nodded. “Of course.”

The worker took a deep breath and said, “Please wait a moment, I’ll contact Lord Anton.”

This mission was too important. Anton said he would be personally responsible.

Lu Ze nodded. He didn’t mind.

Soon, Anton appeared in the foyer.

He saw Lu Ze and the girls and smiled elegantly as he walked over. “You guys found the source of the insectoids?”

Lu Ze smiled and nodded. “Yes, Lord Anton.”

Anton took a deep look at them and said, “Come with me.”

Then, he led Lu Ze and the girls away from the mission hall.

The prodigies of the Elf Race followed suit while the other prodigies could only watch them leave.

Thereafter, they began discussing.

“Those humans really found the source of the insectoids?!”

“I don’t know, but since they’re so certain, it’s probably true.”

“How is that possible? They didn’t even leave the trade planet!”


Only a small portion of the prodigies realized that the being behind the Human Race probably helped.

At Anton’s office, he asked, “Lu Ze, where is the source of the insectoids?”

Lu Ze told him the location that Ying Ying found.

Hearing that it was in warp dimension, Anton frowned.

Then, he said, “In that case, I’ll have a look first.”

Anton tore open the s.p.a.ce and entered the warp dimension.

Lu Ze and the girls just waited there.

After a while, Anton flew back from a wormhole.

His face was tense. “Indeed, there are quite some powerful insectoids there.”

He even sensed two peak cosmic cloud state insectoids within. He had to come back first. Otherwise, he would be in danger himself.

Lu Ze smiled, “Since you’ve finished verifying it, Lord Anton, is this mission considered finished?”

Anton nodded. “Of course, consider it complete.”

Then, he notified the worker to take Lu Ze to the mission reward.

Soon, Lu Ze received 3000 points.

Lu Ze felt great. He had 4900 points now. Just 100 more points and he could buy that communication technology.

Anton looked at Lu Ze deeply and smiled. “I heard that Lu Ze has a powerful master. The mission was just published yesterday, and then, you found them today. Did your master help you?”

Anton wanted to use this opportunity to chat with Lu Ze about this hidden being.

Lu Ze was taken aback and smiled. “Indeed, my master helped me.”

Everyone at the scene flashed their eyes.

Anton smiled. “It seems he’s rather powerful to be able to find the hidden insectoids hive so easily in the warp dimension.

Lu Ze scratched his head. “I don’t know how strong my master is, but he probably isn’t weak.”

Seeing Lu Ze being obscure with his probing, Anton smiled. “The insectoids are attacking the Elf Cosmic Realm. The Milky Way is in the Elf Cosmic Realm. If the Elf Cosmic Realm is breached, the Milky Way would also be facing the threat of the insectoid tide. What does your master think?”

Lu Ze understood that Anton wanted his master to go help with the insectoids.

He smiled. “I’ll ask my master after I get back, but it’s still up to him.”

Lu Ze’s answer wasn’t what Anton wanted, but there was nothing he could do. Even the queen said not to anger Lu Ze’s master.

He smiled and nodded. “In that case, thank you.”

Lu Ze shook his head. “You’re too polite, Lord Anton.”

Anton smiled and said, “Since the mission is done, you can go. We have to prepare to attack that insectoid lair.”

Lu Ze and the girls nodded.