Pocket Hunting Dimension - Chapter 1074 - Why Is This Boss Here?!

Chapter 1074 - Why Is This Boss Here?!

Chapter 1074: Why Is This Boss Here?!


Dragon Boat Translation


Dragon Boat Translation

Cosmic cloud state super beast!

Lu Ze’s and the girl’s breathing grew desperate.

Qiuyue Hesha took a deep breath. “Little Brother Lu Ze, what should we do?”

Lu Ze tried to calm himself.

The fire scorpion revealed a level-3 cosmic cloud state cultivation level. Even if its chi felt weak right now, it was still troublesome to deal with a level-3 cosmic cloud state.

If they were to shatter the ice, they weren’t certain if the scorpion would die along the process.

If it didn’t, then they might not even be able to beat the creature.

Even so, they couldn’t let such an opportunity pa.s.s.

Thinking about this, Lu Ze took a deep breath. “Let’s break the ice!”

The girls weren’t surprised.

Their faces sported serious expressions as they nodded.

Lu Ze clenched his fist and used Earth Shocking Blow on the ice.


In the end, he only left a negligible crack on the surface.

Lu Ze raised a brow.

‘So tough…’

Currently, a few hours had pa.s.sed after the battle erupted. If it just ended recently, he wouldn’t be able to break this ice no matter how hard he tried, right?

He punched again.


The girls also lent their strength with their own attacks.


The barrage of a.s.sault rattled the sky. The scorpion’s eyes were tightly shut. There seemed to be no chi at all.

A few minutes later, the ice was riddled with fractures.

The cracks expanded and grew deeper.


A small piece was chipped off, revealing the claw of the scorpion. Simultaneously, signs of slight fracture appeared on the claw, but the body part didn’t shatter.

Suddenly, the scorpion’s chi exhibited some fluctuations.

Violent flames flared, which then led to the cracking and rattling of the ice sculpture.

Lu Ze and the girls retreated rapidly.


As soon as they withdrew, flames shot out of the ice, and the ice surrounding the beast exploded.


A feeble voice could be heard.

Lu Ze yelled, “Attack!”

He used all his G.o.d arts and divine arts.

He charged towards the scorpion.

This should be its most vulnerable state.

The scorpion clearly sensed Lu Ze’s chi as it roared furiously.

Its flames circulated and headed towards Lu Ze.

The girls also prepared all their G.o.d arts and divine arts.

At this moment, the scorpion’s body stiffened, and the flames were instantly disarmed.

If it were in its prime condition, the girls’ attacks wouldn’t be able to affect it at all.

But now, it has received a life-threatening blow.

Green runes spun in Lu Ze’s eyes as his speed shot up. In the next instant, he appeared before the scorpion’s head.


The scorpion grabbed at Lu Ze with its two pincers.

Lu Ze grinned.

Earth runes flowed.

Sand appeared thereafter and wrapped around the two pincers.

Then, Lu Ze used both hands to pummel the head of his foe.


However, his efforts only caused an extremely tiny crack on the head, but fortunately, the surge of power got the scorpion flung away.


The scorpion howled in pain.

The moment it tried to stabilize itself, a golden figure appeared before it.

Nangong Jing was wearing her pale fist gloves. Golden light flashed as she used a full-powered Earth Shocking Blow.


Nangong Jing landed a heavy strike on its back.


The ruby scorpion fell towards Lu Ze again.


Lu Ze appeared before its head.


Lu Ze attacked the same spot he previously targeted.

All at once, the tiny crack widened. Blood gushed out from the opening. As soon as it made contact with the air, the blood burst into flames.

At this moment, Nangong Jing appeared next to Lu Ze and delivered another blow on the same spot.



The crack expanded again.

Seeing this, Lu Ze broke into a grin.

He pushed forward. His right fist clenched with staggering power while a dark green light formed on his left hand.

Poison Ball Divine Art!

His skill could only be considered inferior, but he was at the peak of the level of mastery he had.

Lu Ze believed it would be effective for level-3 cosmic cloud state super beasts.


The crack worsened once more, and a great amount of blood poured out, creating raging flames in the air.

Lu Ze chased after the ruby scorpion. He pressed his left hand on its injured head, and the poison ball exploded.


Most of the poison mist entered the wound on its head.

Almost instantly, the ruby scorpion was weakened even more.


This time, it roared frantically.

Flames flowed around its body as it tried to force back Lu Ze and Nangong Jing.

The mist brought about by the Poison Ball Divine Art went straight into the insides of its head.

Lu Ze didn’t believe it could hold up.

As expected, a short while later, the ruby scorpion’s chi weakened again as the flames around it dispersed.

Seeing the development, Lu Ze and Nangong Jing charged up and gave it another round of beating.

A few minutes later, Lu Ze’s final punch sent the scorpion cras.h.i.+ng into the ground.

Its life force disappeared as well.

Lu Ze breathed out. He had exhausted himself greatly.

Even though the scorpion was heavily injured, it could really take a beating.

Nangong Jing’s face was pale.

The two looked at each other and smiled.

At this point, the other girls came over.

Lu Ze quickly said, “Let’s go and see what is there.”

Super red liquid, super purple liquid, divine art rune shard, and fire G.o.d art orb…

However, there wasn’t any one-time divine art rune. Instead, there was a red crystal that they hadn’t seen before.

“What is this red crystal?”

Lu Ze shook his head. “I don’t know, Let’s check it after we get out.”

He added, “Let’s rest while we find more beasts.”

Lin Ling said, “Let’s see if we can find another one.”

Right then, a silver light flashed, and a ma.s.sive silver wolf appeared before them.

Seeing this, Lu Ze and his girls were taken aback.

‘Oh s.h.i.+t?’

‘Why is this boss here?!’

‘Didn’t it leave already?’

As soon as the thought rose up, a silver light flashed, and their consciousness plunged into the darkness.