Pocket Hunting Dimension - Chapter 105 - Thus, Merlin Felt Heart Ache

Chapter 105 - Thus, Merlin Felt Heart Ache

Chapter 105: Thus, Merlin Felt Heart Ache



Dragon Boat Translation


Dragon Boat Translation

In the training grounds, the lighting was sufficient to illuminate the surroundings.

Lu Ze and Merlin stood facing each other. Lu Li and Alice were watching the two from the side.

The most powerful force of the human race was the four divines. Their power was cosmic system state which was above star state. Star state was the strongest below the four divines.


One could imagine how strong Merlin was.

With such a powerful being teaching him, even Lu Ze felt very excited.

Merlin stood with his hands behind his back. He sensed Alice’s look of admiration and felt proud. As a father, he was indeed the idol of admiration for his daughter!

Hmph. Lu Ze was far from this!

He smiled with the temperament of a grandmaster and slowly said, “Ze, it’s only been a few days since the graduation trial, but there is spirit force circling the surface of your body. I believe you’ve broken through to spirit martial state. Therefore, your power should be about abstruse martial state level three or level four, right?”

Lu Ze heard this and scratched his head awkwardly.

According to his own estimates, his power should be beyond that.

After all, his martial arts seemed to be jumping a bit fast. Other people went step by step, but currently, he seemed to have reached mortal evolution state?

Plus, even at mortal evolution state, there seemed to be a gradual expansion of spirit force from aperture opening state to change the mortal body into a spirit body. It seemed that he was already a spirit body…

What should he do?

Looking at how Merlin’s face was full of confidence, Lu Ze wondered if he should say this.

If he said it and embarra.s.sed Merlin, would he get beaten up?

Merlin saw that Lu Ze didn’t speak and thought that Lu Ze was embarra.s.sed about being seen through. Thus, he continued to speak with confidence, “Ze, since you have already been on the martial arts website, I believe you know something about spirit martial state cultivation.”

Merlin then paused and said pridefully, “But, that’s the spirit martial state of ordinary people. The spirit martial state of prodigies must be stronger! You must have a solid foundation for every step of martial arts. The more the foundation, the more important it is. You did the first step very well. Your body refinements have all reached perfection, and you’ve even developed the martial body. You can’t fall behind the next step, which is spirit martial state!”

Lu Ze: “…”

He felt that what Merlin said was completely useless to him…

What should he do? Should he say it?

Seeing how invested Merlin was, Lu Ze felt embarra.s.sed to interrupt him….

“Ze, I don’t know if you’ve learned about the states after spirit martial state. Spirit martial state is drawing chi into the body and storing the spirit chi in the dan tian. The higher level your body refinement, the purer you can refine spirit chi.”

“Abstruse martial state is turning spirit chi into liquid. Be like water, abstruse and mysterious. Usually, if martial artists want to awaken G.o.d art, they have the greatest chance when they first breakthrough to abstruse martial state.”

“Core martial state is turning spirit liquid into spirit core. You would have the potential to keep breaking through, but this is only if you have a good foundation from before and a s.h.i.+ny spirit core like a star.”

Then, Merlin glanced at Lu Ze, who was immersed, as well as Lu Li and Alice, who were listening intently and smiled. “Aperture opening state is completely different from the previous ones! This is the most crucial representation of the importance of body refinement foundation! The higher the level of your body refinement, the more apertures you can open! Thus, the more spirit cores you can cultivate in these apertures.”

“The human body has 810 apertures. If you open less than 360, then you have no hopes of reaching mortal evolution state.”

“But! That’s the most ordinary mortal evolution state. For young duke level prodigies, they wouldn’t choose to breakthrough if they had less than 800 apertures. They can only attain near-perfection spirit body if they have more than 800 apertures, and only that would allow them to pursue star state, cosmic system state, and even stronger states.”

Merlin praised, “In the current generation of young dukes, only one person opened all the apertures, and that’s Nangong Jing.”

Merlin looked at the three. ” Since you have the support of Ze’s energy, my requirement for all of you is to achieve perfect apertures!”

Merlin smiled at them and said. “What? Do you have confidence?”

At this moment, Lu Ze felt he had to speak. He was a bit worried.

Oh my!

Apertures were that complex?

Would he be over?

He didn’t even know how many apertures he opened…

What if it was less than 360?

He scratched his head and said, “Um, Uncle, I seem to have some problem.”

Merlin smiled slightly. “What’s the problem?”

What sort of students did teachers like best?

Of course, students who asked questions!

Only then would they feel they weren’t teaching air.

Lu Li and Alice also looked at Lu Ze, wondering what question he would ask.

Lu Ze smiled awkwardly and answered, “Um, I seem to be a spirit body already.”

Merlin: “???”

Lu Li: “???”

Alice: “???”

The atmosphere fell silent as the three widened their eyes while looking at Lu Ze.

Moments later, Merlin asked, “What did you say? I didn’t seem to hear it properly.”

He definitely felt he heard wrong. What did this b.a.s.t.a.r.d just say?

Spirit body?

Is it a simplification of spirit martial state body?

He suddenly felt the name spirit body was problematic. Should he tell the education department to change the textbooks?

Lu Ze’s mouth spasmed. Seeing how dazed Merlin was, he said with embarra.s.sment, “Uncle, I seem to have spirit force all over my body now. It is not stored in my dan tian or aperture.”

The atmosphere fell silent again.

Merlin’s mouth twitched as he looked at Lu Ze silently.


So, this guy was listening so intently before. What was he listening to?

Lu Ze spoke awkwardly, “Uncle, I’m very worried. I don’t know how many apertures I had when I broke through. Would I have broken through without opening any apertures?”

He asked carefully, “Can I still be saved?”

Merlin looked at Lu Ze and suddenly covered his chest. He didn’t want to talk.

He felt a pain in his chest…

Lu Li and Alice were also nervous hearing this.

Alice pulled Merlin worriedly and said, “Father, what’s the condition of Senior schoolmate? Would he be okay?”

For some reason, looking at how worried his daughter was, his heart ached even more.

This wasn’t too good…

He clenched his teeth and resisted the urge to beat Lu Ze up and said, “He opened all the apertures!”