Pocket Hunting Dimension - Chapter 1067 - Gratitude Of The Black Obsidian Race

Chapter 1067 - Gratitude Of The Black Obsidian Race

Chapter 1067: Grat.i.tude Of The Black Obsidian Race


Dragon Boat Translation


Dragon Boat Translation

Despite their previous reaction, Fred and Mirium were aware that if they didn’t use their trump cards back then, they wouldn’t be able to withstand the explosion easily.

The two looked at the cultivator from the Black Obsidian Race and the ice ape.

At this moment, the ape regained its 3-meter-tall height, but its arm remained injured.

The black obsidian cultivator was riddled with wounds. Even his life force was declining.

Lu Ze raised the corners of his mouth. “I’ll heal them. If I don’t, their life might end up in danger.”

Fred, Mirium, Yi Lei, and Cagel were taken aback as they looked at Lu Ze strangely.

Yi Lei probed, “Brother Lu Ze, can you heal?”

Lu Ze smiled and nodded. “Yes, but only a bit.”


This guy’s G.o.d arts and divine arts were already insanely formidable. And now, he was also versed in healing too?!

Lu Ze approached the injured cultivators. Naturally, his girls followed along.


The two injured beings struggle to get up, but their wounds cracked instead.

Lu Ze waved his hand. “You two are heavily injured. Don’t move, I’ll treat you guys.”

Mirium nodded. “Yes, listen to Brother Lu Ze’s words.”

A green light emerged from Lu Ze’s right hand and entered their bodies.

This time, Lu Ze didn’t use light G.o.d art because its level was a bit too low. He acquired the wood G.o.d art from the oasis in the fifth map. As a result, its level was rather high.

With this, their injuries slowly started to recover.

Seeing this, Fred and the others were dazed.

This recovery speed… was much faster than they had imagined.

These were two level-3 cosmic cloud state beings.

They looked at Lu Ze and the calm-faced girls.

They didn’t even know who the peak cosmic cloud state civilization prodigies were.

The two injured beings felt this the most. They thought they would need to be recovering for a long time because of their plight.

However, this master had such powerful wood G.o.d art!


This master’s race seemed unfamiliar…

They didn’t dare to ask.

A while later, the two had pretty much recovered. Even the ice ape’s arm had healed.

Their faces were still pale since they used up some essence power while fighting. This wasn’t something Lu Ze could fix.

The two got up as they bowed to Lu Ze. “Thank you, Lord!”

The two also bowed to Fred and the others. “Thank you, Lord Fred and Mirium. If it weren’t for you guys, we would probably die, and our races wouldn’t be spared.”

Their civilization might not be as strong as the Golden Spear or Crystal Race, but they had naturally seen their super prodigies.

Fred waved his hand. “No need to be so polite. Those insectoids were our mission targets anyways.”

The cultivator from the Black Obsidian Race spoke. “If you guys don’t mind, you can come and have a rest at my race. I would like to repay you dearly.”

Fred and the others were just about to reject, but Lu Ze’s eyes lit up. “In that case, thank you.”

Fred and the others looked at him strangely.

Yi Lei asked telepathically, “Brother Lu Ze, their strongest is only a level-3 cosmic cloud state, what good stuff can they have?”

Lu Ze’s mouth twitched. These rich folks said such words.

Were they still human?

The Human Race was only below average among cosmic system state civilizations before.

A cosmic cloud state civilization was a big boss for them.

But since Lu Ze already agreed, they would not damage his face.

The Black Obsidian Race and ice ape were even more shocked.

Peak cosmic cloud state civilization prodigies would listen to this guy?

This guy was only a cosmic system state, and yet, he could heal them that fast!

This was terrifying.

The soldier from the Black Obsidian Race smiled. “In that case, please come with me.”

They returned to the battlefield. The battlefield was cleaned up by Lu Li and Alice.

Then, they came to a planet. This was their ancestral planet according to the Black Obsidian Race.

In order to thank Lu Ze and the girls, they let them choose treasures.

Fred and the others weren’t interested in this.

What thing in their race wasn’t better?

They didn’t find anything very useful, so they chose something they were interested in.

Fred and Mirium didn’t even get back the trump card’s worth.

However, Lu Ze and the girls were very excited to see their options.

They didn’t need anything, but the Human Race did.

Lu Ze asked for some data related to technology. It was the same caliber as that technology heritage crystal.

Lu Ze and the girls also asked for some spirit fruit seeds.

These were all cosmic system state spirit fruits.

It was rather precious for the Black Obsidian Race.

Lu Ze wouldn’t have enough red orbs for all the prodigies, but with these fruits, the resources would be settled for now.

The Black Obsidian Race gave it to Lu Ze and the girls without hesitation. They even felt it was too little and gave some ripe fruits and materials to them.

Some were even cosmic cloud state level.

Lu Ze and the girls didn’t reject them.

Then, they were treated to a feast.

Lu Ze got to taste different good foods although their food was mixed with rocks.

Even Ying Ying stole some to eat.

A day later.

They were in s.p.a.ce.

The Black Obsidian Race smiled and handed a storage ring to Lu Ze. “Lord Lu Ze, we have some special food here. You can eat it on the way back.”

The Black Obsidian Race could tell at the feast that this Lord Lu Ze seemed to love good food.

He was truly shocked when he learned that Lu Ze and the girls were prodigies from a cosmic system state civilization.

They thought they were joking.

How could a cosmic system state civilization have a prodigy like him?

But they had no choice but to believe it.

The cultivator from the Black Obsidian Race also made up his mind to bring his people to the Human Race and establish relations.

How terrifying were Lu Ze and the girls’ talents? Even the Golden Spear Race and Crystal Race prodigies cared about their opinions.

Lu Ze and the girls smiled. Even they felt the rocks were tasty.

Lu Ze patted the black obsidian being’s shoulder. “Thank you, Uncle Heilin.”

Heilin smiled. “If Lord Lu Ze wants more in the future, you can come to our race at any time.”

Lu Ze nodded.

Fred smiled. “Lu Ze, let’s go.”

Lu Ze nodded once more.

They returned to their s.h.i.+ps and went into the warp dimension.