Pocket Hunting Dimension - Chapter 1068 - Really Magnanimous

Chapter 1068 - Really Magnanimous

Chapter 1068: Really Magnanimous

Three days later, trade planet.

s.p.a.ce rippled outside the planet and two s.p.a.ces.h.i.+ps flew over.

Lu Ze and them had discussed to go back to the trade planet first.

One was to hand in the mission and the other reason was that the insectoids seemed to know about the Crisp Green Blade.

They decided to come back and see the situation first.

They stopped at the s.p.a.ce station. The people looked over.

“These two s.h.i.+ps belong to the crystal race, golden spear race and those few human prodigies?”

“They’re back alive? I wonder if they were injured?”

“What’s going on these few days? Many Crisp Green Blade prodigies are returning and some are quite injured.”

“I heard that the insectoids are targeting the Crisp Green Blade prodigies.”

“I heard so too. Gurista of the Guka race even died.”

Everyone gasped.

“For real? That’s a cosmic cloud state level 4 prodigy! The Guka race would be going mad?”

Those who could join the Crisp Green Blade would be high cosmic cloud state or even cosmic cloud state peak in the future.

Gurista was clearly the type to reach cosmic cloud state peak.

Such a prodigy could have his way in the entire eastern region.

However, he died before maturing?

This was pitiful.

“Are the insectoids really that scary?”

“I don’t know. It’s said that the entire east region’s cosmic cloud state insectoids seem to be increasing in numbers.”

Everyone gasped. That would be a disaster for the east region.

“Did we find the source of these insectoids?”

“I don’t know. That’s not something we can manage.”

Someone sighed “It’s best not to leave the trade planet during this time.”


The trade planet was probably one of the safest places in the east region now.

Some people were still worried as they had to go back to their race.

If they encountered insectoids on the way back, it would be tragic.

“They’re coming out.” Someone said.

Lu Ze and them flew out.

“… They’re not injured?”

“Did the not encounter powerful insectoids?”

The group flew towards the city.

At this moment, Lu Ze and them suddenly paused and looked into the distant sky.

At this moment, the s.p.a.ce distorted and a worm hole opened up.

A grey skinned figure flew out.

Fred and them frowned. Lu Ze and them were surprised too.

They didn’t expect to see Isiah here.

Isiah clearly didn’t expect to see Lu Ze and them here too.

When he saw Lu Ze and them, his body s.h.i.+vered. He recounted that terrifying pressure. He had only just recovered.

He just came back to a get a mission from Crisp Green Blade.

He dazed on the spot.

Fred “Isiah, what? Why are you stopping before us?”

Isiah shook and he quickly said “Who said I was stopping you guys.”

He looked at Lu Ze and them and smiled “Brother Lu Ze, what a coincidence!”

Fred: ???

Lu Ze and them: …

The atmosphere became silent for a while. The scene was a bit awkward.

Fred and them looked at Isiah and wondered if he was possessed?

Why did his personality change?

He wasn’t like this last time at the Crisp Green Blade.

Lu Ze and them didn’t expect Isiah to wave to them after being taught a lesson.

How thick was his skin?

Isiah laughed awkwardly “You guys are going to hand in a mission? Perfect, I’m going over too. Want to go together?”

Fred and them took a deep look at Isiah.

They weren’t dumb. Based on Isiah’s att.i.tude, he probably learned of some terrifying secret.

This secret was enough to make an extremely produ prodigy completely change his att.i.tude and even become sycophantic.

It was probably related to Lu Ze and them.

They looked at Lu Ze’s group.

Lu Ze smiled “Sure, let’s go together.”

Isiah rejoiced.

He thought Lu Ze would hate him for what happened before.

A prodigy like Lu Ze was really magnanimous!

Isiah was quite touched.

He quickly nodded “Sure.”

Fred and them didn’t smile at all on the inside.

The more Isiah acted like this, the more terrifying the thing he saw was.

“Okay let’s go.”

After the group left, the crowd gasped “That was the prodigy of the grey stone race right?”

“He’s that polite to that human prodigy??”

“What did that human prodigy do?”

Soon, they were at the Crisp Green Blade branch department.

When they entered the foyer, a lot of people looked over.

Most of the people were confused.

Some of them learned about the terrifying being behind the human race and were ordered to connect well with Lu Ze and them.

When they saw Isiah with Lu Ze and them, they cursed.

This b.a.s.t.a.r.d was really quick!

The confused people thought that Isiah weren’t on good terms with Fred and them. What was going on now?

Lu Ze and them glanced across the foyer.

Most of the people here were injured. Some of them were quite serious.

One voice sounded “Isiah, you’re here.”

Four people walked over. One was another grey stone race like Isiah. The other three had four long arms and one thick tail.

The four of them were also injured especially that grey stone race. He had a hideous mark on his face that almost cut his face in half.

Isiah gasped “Shawn, what happened to your face?”

Shawn smiled bitterly “I was ambushed by insectoids.”

One of the four armed race said “Isiah, good thing you didn’t go. We faced a cosmic cloud state level 5 insectoid this time. If we didn’t run fast, you wouldn’t even be able to see us anymore.