Pocket Hunting Dimension - Chapter 1066 - Insolent Low-Level Races

Chapter 1066 - Insolent Low-Level Races

Chapter 1066: Insolent Low-Level Races


Dragon Boat Translation


Dragon Boat Translation

Lu Ze and the group moved to the distant battlefield and saw the intense battle.

It can be said that only one side had a tragic fate.

The 30-meter tall white ape’s left arm was already fractured, but it still fought a level-3 cosmic cloud state pale insectoid.

Clearly, the pale insectoid was much stronger as it only received light injuries.

Meanwhile, the white ape’s chi was rapidly plummeting.

On the other side, two level-3 cosmic cloud state pale insectoids were a.s.saulting a humanoid inlaid with black obsidian.

Observing closely, the humanoid appeared to be extremely powerful.

But then again, the other two insectoids surpa.s.sed his power a bit. The numbers of the foes didn’t help either.

He was covered in wounds.

Fred and Mirium frowned. “Let’s go!”

The two charged towards the battlefield.

The three insectoids paused and retreated together.

The leading cosmic cloud state insectoids glared at the group.

“Cosmic cloud state?”

Its voice was br.i.m.m.i.n.g with cold killing intent.

“You guys are the so-called Crisp Green Blade?”

Quite a few cosmic cloud state insectoids lost their life in the hands of the Crisp Green Blade.

Right before dying, the insectoids routinely sent back the information they gathered through the mental connection.

Fred remarked, “Since you know about it, then be prepared to die!”

If it were just them facing the three level-3 cosmic cloud state insectoids, it would be tough, but they had two more helpers now.

Despite being heavily injured, he and Mirium could rapidly kill an insectoid if they could just stall one of them.

At this juncture, the head of the insectoid flashed with a purple rune.


The rune lit up and cracked thereafter, fully transforming into spirit light.

Seeing this, Lu Ze and the others were stunned.

‘What is he doing?’

The pale insectoids smirked. “Insolent low-level races…”

In the next second, its chi suddenly skyrocketed and reached level-4 cosmic cloud state from level-3 cosmic cloud state. It even reached the peak of level-4 cosmic cloud state.

Fred and Mirium gasped.

Mirium pointed, “You were a level-4 cosmic cloud state?! Someone sealed your cultivation level!”

Hearing the words, the insectoid grinned. “It’s too late to realize it now! I have been waiting for your group for a long time!”

How could the higher-ranking insectoids ignore the Crisp Green Blade after they had received the update?

Although it was only a high-level cosmic realm state insectoid that was deployed, their intelligence was not low at all.

The insectoid charged at Fred and Mirium.

Fred lit up like a high-voltage lamp. He was glowing blindingly bright.

Mirium then brandished a golden sword.

The two used their trump cards without qualms.

The insectoid opened its mouth and a piece of its flesh was sc.r.a.ped off. It ate the piece.

Following such, its spirit force experienced a surge once more.

Fred and Mirium shouted, “Run!”

Yi Lei and Cagel realized how they should act now. They would be dragging the others behind if they remained.

Yi Lei quickly said, “Brother Lu Ze, run!”

Lu Ze’s mouth twitched. Even the insectoids knew how to use tactics.

He ordered, “Ying Ying, do it.”


The insectoid which devoured its flesh essence was suddenly taken aback. Its spirit force soared in a frenzied manner.

“What… is going on…”

Its eyes contained traces of terror.


An explosion reverberated on the spot. Simultaneously, the insectoid blew up.

Fred and Mirium roared as they attempted to block the petrifying energy wave.


They shot a white energy ball and a golden sword ray, which then clashed with the sea of blood.

The s.p.a.ce was shattered. Even some of the nearby planets were pulverized to pieces on the spot.

The other two insectoids ended up taken aback. They were pushed back due to the shockwave. The incident fractured their st.u.r.dy sh.e.l.ls.

The ice ape and black obsidian being fell back.

Blood gushed out without signs of stopping.

Lu Ze and the girls were unscathed since they were standing behind Fred and Mirium.

Moments later, Fred seemed to have short-circuited. The light emitted by his body dimmed down as his chi became weaker.

Mirium’s sword crumbled.

At this moment, both of them were dazed.

‘Oh s.h.i.+t?’

‘What is going on?’

‘There is another backlash?’

This time, it blew up on the spot?!

As it turned out, the insectoid which was showing off its flesh essence must have been trolling them…

‘100% chance of backlas.h.!.+?’

They pitied the insectoids.

The other two level-3 cosmic cloud state insectoids were confused.

They were geared up to watch an entertaining show.

‘Why did this happen instead?’

Why would it explode after eating the blood essence given by their master?

Moments later, Mirium and Fred looked at each other and then at the other two insectoids.


The two insectoids just realized their predicament.

However, it was already too late.

They were badly injured. Moreover, they couldn’t focus properly.

Fred and Mirium closed in on them.

Fred pushed down his one hand onto the head of the insectoid. A violent power surged, crus.h.i.+ng the head of his foe.

Mirium took out her sword and cut the other insectoid in half.

Two insectoids just died like that.

Everyone felt relieved.

The three insectoids were eliminated.

Lu Ze and the girls smiled at each other.

Mirium said, “I didn’t expect to see another backlash.”

“Hahaha…” Lu Ze and his girls laughed it off.

Fred and Mirium looked at each other. Both eyes seemed aggrieved.

That was one of their grandest trump cards!