Pocket Hunting Dimension - Chapter 1065 - This Is Intolerable!

Chapter 1065 - This Is Intolerable!

Chapter 1065: This Is Intolerable!


Dragon Boat Translation


Dragon Boat Translation

After breaking through to the peak cosmic system state, Lu Ze’s combat power underwent a huge increase and reached level-3 cosmic cloud state.

After entering the Pocket Hunting Dimension, they could easily kill the grey long worm. Even the super worm was no match for their combined strength.

As for the dark green super scorpion, they could kill it easily.

Therefore, they have been acquiring quite a lot of loot every time they entered the Pocket Hunting Dimension. They had a stock of peak cosmic system state super red and purple liquids.

They gathered enough little poison ball divine art rune and three super rapid regeneration divine art runes. Soon, everyone would have these three divine art runes.

As for Lu Ze, although he had a spirit fruit that could connect with the source of the universe, he didn’t plan to use it for now. He planned to wait until he got the strongest divine arts on the map after killing the overlord beasts before using them.

In the warp dimension, Lu Ze and the girls were eating.

After throwing all those prodigies away, no one disturbed them again.

Lu Ze and the girls felt a.s.sured now.

Suddenly, Lu Ze’s Crisp Green Blade badge sounded.

Everyone looked over.

Immediately, Fred’s projection appeared.

He smiled. “Brother Lu Ze, we’ve just received a mission. It’s at the east border. It’s not far from us now.”

Hearing this, Lu Ze and the girls rejoiced. “Let’s head off then?”

Fred smiled and said, “Okay.”

The group headed towards the eastern border.

This was the third mission they had accepted.

After the mission at Iron Bone Galaxy was done, they found an empty place to rest and took two days to accept the second mission.

It’s been many days after the second mission, and they still haven’t accepted a new mission.

They were originally planning to go back to the trade planet to rest, but on their way back, they accepted another mission.

This surprised them.

Missions were rare, and there were too many people out there for them.

Now, Lu Ze felt that it was hard to say whether they can even piece together 5000 points.

This was a very difficult bearing, but regardless, they could do the missions first.

Even if there were no missions, they could still cultivate.

With their current resources, there was no major difference in where they cultivated.

On the other side of the east border was the Advanced Demon Realm.

Elven warriors were guarding the border naturally. However, their target wasn’t the border. It was just rather close to the border.

The distance wasn’t too far. In just a day, they arrived at their location.

Void s.p.a.ce.

The allied army of a few races was fighting the dense cl.u.s.ter of insectoids.

One of them was covered in long white fur with a blue horn. He had icy blue eyes.

His built was very robust. He held a spear with both hands. As he waved, streaks of cold stream froze the surrounding s.p.a.ce.

The other alien had completely white skin. He had black obsidian stone on his joints. Those stones were flas.h.i.+ng with dark light.

He fought empty-handed.

Both cosmic cloud states were extremely powerful. However, their bodies were covered in wounds.

Their opponent was stronger than them.

There were three pale white insectoids. Their forelimbs were like sharp swords, and their hind linds were also extremely sharp. Their hard armor had hideous spikes.

All the three insectoids were level-3 cosmic cloud states.


After another clash, the two cosmic cloud states fell back.

The black obsidian-being spat out some blood.

“d.a.m.ned insectoids!”

The long-haired being froze the blood that splashed out.

“Heh… you guys still want to resist? Low-level races like yours are feeble in the wake of the insectoids.”

The leading cosmic cloud state insectoids sneered, and then looked at the long-furred cosmic cloud state, saying, “I didn’t expect there would be an ice ape, cosmic beast here to help you. I miscalculated. We should’ve brought some more reinforcements.”

The ice ape answered, “It has nothing to do with you?!”

After some silence, the pale insectoids roared, and the three of them surged with power. blood spirit force spread like a sea of blood.

Seeing this, the black obsidian being looked at the ice ape. “Ah Bing, go. No need to die with us here.”

The ice ape grinned. “You’ve saved my life. I have to repay that. Worst comes to worst, I die.”


The ice ape’s three-meter tall figure suddenly rose to 30 meters and so did his power.

The wounds sealed by ice were torn apart again. Blood gushed out, but he didn’t notice it at all.

Seeing this, the black obsidian being gritted his teeth. A sliver of white appeared in his black spirit light. His chi also suddenly soared.

“Fighting with your life? Just with you guys?”

The insectoid’s cold voice sounded. The blood spirit light grew denser.

In the distance, there was a race similar to the black obsidian being.


They didn’t expect that even their ancestors had to fight with their life.

The insectoid tide charged up again.


The two sides clashed together again.

At this moment, s.p.a.ce rippled and two s.h.i.+ps flew out.

As soon as the New Dawn came out of warp dimension, it was swept by the shockwave, activating New Dawn’s defense barrier immediately.


“Warning! Warning! The s.h.i.+p suffered an intense energy attack!”

Lu Ze’s mouth twitched. “Hurry and go out.”

New Dawn’s defense wasn’t good. It just reached the cosmic system state. If it was damaged, his s.h.i.+p would be gone.

The group came into s.p.a.ce.

At this moment, a blood sword ray sliced at them.

Lu Ze looked at it, and the sword ray crumbled.

Lu Ze immediately put the New Dawn into this storage ring.

The cosmic system state insectoid looked at them and was dazed.

Then, it roared and charged over.

Lu Ze made a slapping motion with his hand.

“What are you roaring at?”

How dare this b.a.s.t.a.r.d try to destroy his New Dawn!


A huge spirit flame palm slapped, and the insectoid turned to dust and was blown away.

The nearby people looked over.

So strong!

Cosmic cloud state!

They could still be saved?

Fred and the others also came out.

Nangong Jing frowned. “The battle has already begun.”


At this moment, distant clashes sounded.

Lu Ze and the girls looked over.

Fred said, “Three level-3 cosmic cloud state insectoids. One is nearly level-4 cosmic cloud state.”

Mirium nodded. “But I didn’t expect there to be two level-3 cosmic cloud states here?”

Lu Ze murmured, “Let’s go and help.”

Everyone nodded.

Lu Ze glanced at the battlefield and said, “Li, Alice, help clean the mess here.”