Pocket Hunting Dimension - Chapter 1064 - That Chi Four Years Ago

Chapter 1064 - That Chi Four Years Ago

Chapter 1064: That Chi Four Years Ago

Soon enough, the meal was prepared. The group then began to eat.

However, during this time, few individuals from the other races chose to investigate the situation in the Human Race. Most of them were prodigies from the Crisp Green Blade Department last time.

Their plan was practically along the lines of what Isiah had in mind.

Unfortunately, as soon as they set foot in the Milky Way, they were immediately flung out to various places by Ying Ying. It left them panic-stricken.

Watching Ying Ying casually eat a drumstick while scaring those prodigies, Lu Ze and the girls wanted to laugh.

Trade Planet, Crisp Green Blade Branch Department, Top Level.

Anton was sitting behind an office desk. Right then, his door was knocked, causing him to look up. He wasn’t expecting it. “Come in.”

The female elf walked inside.

Anton questioned, “Louisa, didn’t you stop by the territory of the humans? Why are you back so quickly?”

Louisa smiled bitterly. “Lord Anton, I’ve been to the territory of the humans and returned just now.”

Anton asked, “You came back right away?”

He asked with antic.i.p.ation, “How is it? Did you find anything?”

Louisa responded, “Lu Ze does have a powerful being backing him up.”

Anton raised a brow. He wasn’t surprised. “Is there a specific intel?”

Louisa recounted her experience. When she said that she was instantly teleported to the trade planet from the Milky Way, Anton stood up in shock. “How is that possible?!”

Louisa said bitterly, “Lord Anton, I found it unbelievable too, but that is indeed what happened.”

The atmosphere fell silent.

Anton fell into contemplation.

Louisa hesitated and said, “Lord Anton, I have sensed that the pressure emitted by that being seems to be… stronger than the queen’s.”

Anton’s hands trembled again.

He looked seriously at Louisa. “Are you certain?”

Louisa smiled bitterly. “I hoped I sensed it incorrectly too.”

Moments later, Anton waved his hand. “Thank you. Go get some rest first.”

Louisa could finally breathe easily now. After being subjected to immense pressure, she felt exhausted.

She bowed to Anton. “I will be leaving then.”

Thereafter, she closed the door.

Anton took a deep breath as his mind wandered off. He soon scratched his head and sighed.

He took out his communicator device. He had to contact the race again.

Elf Cosmic Realm, Top of World Tree, Elf Divine Palace.

The Elf Queen who was cultivating suddenly opened her eyes.

A green light flew into the palace and morphed into a figure.

The queen looked at the glamorously armored woman and asked, “What is it?”

The woman took out a communicator. “Your Majesty, there’s a special situation in the East Region. The person in charge, Anton, has encountered an emergency requiring your attention.”

The Elf Queen repeated, “East Region?”

“Yes, Your Majesty.”

“Contact Anton then.”


Soon, Anton’s projection appeared in the palace. He knelt on one knee and said piously, “Greetings, Your Majesty.”

The Elf Queen said indifferently, “Get up, Anton. What emergency is it?”

Anton replied, “Your Majesty. I have found a suspected cosmic realm state or even higher in the East Region.”

The Elf Queen’s immaculate face showed a subtle shocked expression. Her crisp green eyes widened and looked at Anton.

Even though he was just a projection, Anton still felt great pressure under the gaze of the queen.

She said, “Anton, what did you say?”

Anton responded, “We suspect a cosmic realm state or a higher being exists in the East Region.”

“Impossible!” the elf woman exclaimed.

The queen waved her hand. “Be precise.”

Anton said, “Yes! This is what happened…”

He relayed how Lu Ze and his girls stopped by the Crisp Green Blade and revealed their excellent talent and combat power.

The woman gasped and wanted to speak, but the queen looked at her, and she shrugged.

The two kept listening to Anton talking.

When Anton said that Louisa was transported from the Milky Way to the trade planet in an instant, the queen’s chi fluctuated.

The female elf couldn’t hold it. “Anton, you’re saying that an unknown being didn’t even show his face, but he managed to transfer a cosmic cloud state prodigy of our race from the Milky Way to the trade planet? Crossing a distance of 20 million light-years speedily?!”

‘This is a joke, right?’

Anton smiled bitterly. “Yes.”

He didn’t want to admit it either, but it was the fact.

He believed Louisa wouldn’t lie about this.

The queen said, “Annie, don’t get excited.”

She looked at Anton. “Anton, is Louisa injured?”

Anton nodded. “Yes, seemingly, that being didn’t intend to hurt Louisa. She was just warned not to interfere anymore. However, there was also a gray stone prodigy who went in earlier. He was heavily injured by the pressure but not killed.”

The queen frowned. “In that case, this being probably has no ill intentions.”


It was still difficult to bear having such a powerful being appear in the Elf Cosmic Realm.

This was their territory after all.

Based on Louisa’s description, that being was probably stronger than her, and it was not just by a bit.

The being was either a cosmic monarch state or the very peak of the cosmic realm state.

‘Just what is that being doing?’

‘Why is he supporting the human race?’

‘For those prodigies?’

‘Are those prodigies really powerful and talented?’

The queen had several thoughts.

The insectoids were invading now. All the cosmic realm states in the cosmic realm had gone to the front line. She had to guard the Divine Realm. She couldn’t leave under normal circ.u.mstances.

Anton and Annie watched the queen ponder.

This was too tough to handle. It would probably be another disaster for the Elf Cosmic Realm if it was mishandled.

During this point, the queen suddenly opened her eyes and looked at Anton. “Are you saying that the powerful being is at the Milky Way?”

Anton nodded. “Yes.”

The Elf Queen thought of something.

Four years ago, she felt an extremely powerful wave in that direction.

Four years ago…

It was the same time as when that prodigy, Lu Ze, displayed his talent.

‘Is it that chi?!’

She thought it was just a pa.s.serby. However, he settled in the Milky Way?!

He didn’t do anything for four years, but the Human Race got a few exceptional prodigies.

The queen exhaled. “Anton, pa.s.s my order. Forbid cosmic cloud state civilizations from investigating the Human Race. As for those prodigies, don’t interfere with them. If there’s an opportunity, try to establish good relations with them. As for the news regarding that being, you can try to get it from them.”

Anton nodded. “Yes!”

The queen waved her hand in dismissal. “You may go.”

Anton knelt down again “Yes, Your Majesty.”

The projection disappeared.

Only Annie and the queen were left.

Annie asked, “Your Majesty, what do we do about that being?”

The queen replied, “We don’t need to do anything for now. Handle the insectoids first.”

That being didn’t do anything for four years probably because of the prodigies.

If the insectoids weren’t invading, she wanted to go over personally, but now, she decided to leave it be.