Pocket Hunting Dimension - Chapter 1063 - Terrifying Boss!

Chapter 1063 - Terrifying Boss!

Chapter 1063: Terrifying Boss!


Dragon Boat Translation


Dragon Boat Translation

Aboard the New Dawn, Lu Ze and the girls looked at the female from the Elf Race who surrendered immediately. Their faces looked strange, especially Lu Ze.

He thought the Elf Race would be condescending.

However, this was all due to Ying Ying’s terrifying power.

Nangong Jing looked at Lu Ze and asked, “Ze, what do we do?”

Lu Ze lifted the corners of his lips. “Just scare them away.”

Even if it was Isiah, Lu Ze didn’t really plan to kill him, let alone someone from the Elf Race.

After all, the Elf Race was a cosmic realm state civilization. They had helped the Human Race at the very least.

If the Elf Race didn’t help the twelve saints reach the cosmic system state, then who knew what the Human Race would be like right now?

He rubbed Ying Ying’s little head and said, “Ying Ying, throw them into a panic. Give that Isiah a lesson, but don’t hurt that being from the Elf Race. Prevent them from investigating the Human Race again.”

Ying Ying nodded.

Starlight spun in her eyes. In the next second, the female elf and Isiah disappeared instantly.

In the process, those two only felt as though their vision blurred. Somehow, they had left the premises of the Milky Way, but they were clueless as to where they were heading.

Their hearts were even more scared stiff.

‘What sort of an omnipotent being is this?’

They were played around like mere ragdolls.

The female elf’s heart grew cold.

‘Oh no, I’m only 2000 years old. Am I going to die this young? I haven’t even experienced the sweet taste of love yet! I’m so disappointed.’

Just when she felt despair, the power suppressing her suddenly loosened!

The elf was taken aback.

‘Is she free now?’

The moment she had such a thought, Isiah suddenly screamed.

The female elf looked around and saw Isiah squirming. There were cracks forming in his body as gray-colored blood gushed out.

After witnessing the gruesome scene, the female elf’s heart rate quickened again.

‘So that powerful being is actually planning to kill them one by one?!’


Or accept fate?

Isiah felt his body getting crushed. A painful sensation overwhelmed his entire senses.

In the following moment, the immense pressure was lifted.

He ended up blinking.

He didn’t… die?

Right then, a clear voice echoed in their heads.

“I’ll let you off this time. You are not allowed to go to the Milky Way and disturb the Human Race. If you failed to do so, I won’t go easy on you.”

The two were frozen on the spot.

That voice clearly didn’t release any chi, but they still couldn’t move at all.

This suppression was emitted by a higher life form.

It was definitely an extremely powerful being!

Even so, the two ended up rejoicing.

Such a powerful being let them go?!

The female elf immediately said, “Thank you, Master! I will inform my race not to disturb your peace.”

Isiah spoke shakily. “Thank you, Master, for sparing me!”

After the pressure was gone, the s.p.a.ce became tranquil.

The two were still stuck in the same place, not daring to move for the fear that the master hadn’t left yet.

After a few minutes of silence, the female elf probed, “Master, are you still there?”

There was no response.

Only then did she relax.

Thereafter, she thought of something and looked coldly at the heavily injured Isiah.

Isiah felt relieved, but after seeing the cold gaze of the elf, he revealed an awkward expression. “Master, what orders do you have?”

The elf responded coldly, “Speak, how did you offend that master?”

Isiah almost burst out in tears. He answered, “I just wanted to investigate Lu Ze. I didn’t do anything, but I was… monitored.”

The elf was shaken.

“You didn’t do anything?”

Isiah confirmed with a nod. “I just asked about Lu Ze in one of the cities. I was very well-behaved.”

He was also fearful he would offend some formidable being if he overdid it. Unfortunately, he didn’t expect this being to be more extraordinary than he had imagined.

The elf breathed easy. She was delighted. After all, she had the same intention.

This meant that Isiah saved her the trouble.

If it were not for him, she would be the one heavily injured, right?

However… he just wanted to investigate Lu Ze but got warned in the end. From the incident earlier, it seemed as though that being was pretty much the master behind Lu Ze…

Was that being Lu Ze’s master?

It was most likely the fact.

But… why did that being’s voice sound like a kid?

‘Haha, how is that possible?’

How could a child be this strong?

Perhaps that master only wanted to act like someone who was young?

Which powerful being didn’t have some unique fetish these days?

The elf quickly stopped thinking. She didn’t want her mind to be read.

That master was probably stronger than the queen! Yet such a being appeared in the Human Race.

This was not an ordinary occurrence.

Luckily, that master didn’t have ill intentions towards her. She had to quickly report to Lord Anton first!

The elf warned, “You must not offend that master. Otherwise, you would have to appease his anger by yourself!”

Isiah’s mouth twitched. “Of course, I don’t dare to.”

The elf nodded and looked at her star map. When she saw her location, she was dumbfounded. “How is this possible?!”

Isiah tensed up. “What’s wrong, Master?”

The elf said, “Have a look at the star map yourself.”

Isiah took out his star map. When he saw his current location, he was stunned as well. “We are actually back at the trade planet?”

His skin crawled.

There were tens of millions of light-years between this place and the Milky Way galaxy!

In that short instant, they were transported here?!

That being didn’t even reveal his face?!

This was terrifying?

How could one be this powerful?

The elf took a deep breath and said nothing more. She tore the s.p.a.ce open and departed.

Isiah went to a nearby barren planet to start recovering from his wounds.

It would be dangerous for him to enter the warp dimension now.

Back on the New Dawn, Lu Ze and the girls smiled.

Lu Ze said, “With that lesson, they wouldn’t dare to scheme against the Human Race, right?”

If that didn’t work, he would ask Ying Ying to annihilate those races.

On the side, the girls were hugging and rubbing against Ying Ying.

“Hehe, Ying Ying is so amazing!”

“Let me hug you, mua~~”

Ying Ying waved her two little hands helplessly.

Isiah and that elf would never expect that a powerful being would end up like this.

After a while, Lu Ze couldn’t handle it anymore.

“Calm down, you five!”

Alice smiled at Ying Ying. “As a reward for this big help, let’s go cook then.”

Lu Li and Lin Ling got up too.

Ying Ying’s eyes immediately lit up.