Pocket Hunting Dimension - Chapter 1062 - I'm Not With This Guy!

Chapter 1062 - I'm Not With This Guy!

Chapter 1062: I’m Not With This Guy!


Dragon Boat Translation


Dragon Boat Translation


Isiah’s body stiffened. His eyes widened, and his mind blanked out.

The atmosphere fell silent.

The other cultivator was a little worried. He patted Isiah’s shoulder and asked nervously, “Brother? Are you alright? You’re not scared to death, are you?”

He regretted saying the words.

‘Is he required to pay compensation now?’

At this moment, Isiah grabbed his shoulder and stared at the cultivator. “Are you absolutely certain this person is only 22 years old?”

Once confirming Isiah recovered, the other party rejoiced. “Brother, you’re fine? I thought you were scared to death!”

Isiah: “???”

His mouth twitched. He suddenly had the urge to choke the other cultivator to death.

He took a deep breath and forced out a smile. “I’m fine.”

In the next moment, he didn’t give the other party a chance to speak and quickly asked, “Is this Monarch of the New Dawn truly 22 years old only?”

The cultivator grew unhappy. “Of course, Brother, why would I lie to you?”


Isiah took a deep breath. Disbelief filled his eyes.

’22 years old…’

Lu Ze was merely 22 years old, but he had a cosmic system state cultivation level and a cosmic cloud state combat power.

He already surpa.s.sed the Elf Princess.

‘How could he be strong?’

He questioned, “But isn’t the Human Race a cosmic system state civilization only? Why would they suddenly gain the ability to produce a prodigy like him?”

The other party grinned. “I don’t know too well. Rumor has it that the Monarch of the New Dawn awakened his talent a few years ago. They say that a formidable yet mysterious being took him as a disciple. They speculate that this being has reached the beyond of the cosmic realm state. It is the primary reason why Monarch of the New Dawn is unparalleled.”

“Beyond the cosmic realm state?!”

Isiah drew a cold breath.

The entire cosmic realm state didn’t have such a powerful master…

The other cultivator grinned. “These are all hearsays. Others even claimed that the Monarch of the New Dawn is actually the son of the universe. I don’t even know who to believe.”

“Um, Brother, can you release my shoulder? You got a lot of power. What is your cultivation level? Is it at the abstruse martial state or at the core martial state?”

Isiah: “…”

He laughed it off. “I’m an abstruse martial state.”

He soon loosened his hold.

The cultivator smiled. “Amazing! I’m about to break through to the abstruse martial state too!” he rejoiced.

Isiah nodded expressionlessly. “Oh, good luck.”

He turned around and said, “I’m busy. I’ll be going then.”

He already got what he could. This idiot probably wouldn’t know much about that super boss.

The other party scratched his head.

“Brother, the Human Race believes that meeting is determined by fate. Since we are destined, why don’t we spar with each other? I’ll treat you to a meal after!”

Isiah responded, “No… need, no need. My family is still waiting for me.”

The cultivator said regretfully, “Family is more important indeed.”

Isiah left.

Lu Ze had gotten embarra.s.sed to hear the praises.

Lin Ling remarked, “Even foreign cultivators think that Ze is strong.”

Lu Ze reb.u.t.ted, “I’m not just strong! I’m a monster!”

Nangong Jing and the rest of his lovers rolled their eyes.

Quickly, Lu Ze changed the topic. “Um, let’s keep watching.”

Isiah extended his stay in the city. Throughout this period, he learned more about Lu Ze.

He had gained a basic understanding of the other person.

The more he heard, the more shocked he felt.

It only took Lu Ze five years to raise his popularity. In such a time, he also managed to break through to the cosmic system state.

Isiah couldn’t accept the absurdity of the situation.

‘Is Lu Ze even a real human?’

‘Could there be a G.o.d-like organization behind him?’

‘If not, then how can he become peerless without much struggle?’

His interest was piqued. He wanted to conduct an investigation.

However, the more he learned about him, the more mortified he became.

If a G.o.d-like organization really supported Lu Ze, then prying into his origins and background might just throw him deep into the abyss.

There was a high chance he would lead his race to destruction as well.

Isiah’s heart froze over. Albeit reluctant, he settled on withdrawing his curiosity.

Outside the city, Isiah looked back at the well-known metropolis. His eyes flashed.

Isiah gritted his teeth and left. He decided to find another planet and city.

He really wasn’t satisfied to leave like this.

Just as Isiah was about to enter the warp dimension, Lu Ze asked, “Ying Ying, pressure him a bit. Try scaring him.”

The other girls revealed a malicious smile.

Ying Ying obeyed as starlight flashed in her eyes.

Just when Isiah was about to enter the warp dimension, the s.p.a.ce he tore open closed abruptly.

Isiah was taken aback.

‘What is going on?’

‘Did the opening he created close right away?’

Suddenly, an extremely terrifying pressure descended on his body.


Isiah’s body bent over. He had fractured his bones all over. The resulting pain made him break into a cold sweat.

Isiah could feel his body freezing over.

It is a powerful being!

An extremely powerful being!!

His skin crawled as his eyes overflowed with terror.

Someone caught him!

After all, if it were a cosmic realm state, how could a cosmic cloud state hide from such a being?!

Isiah regretted his actions.

‘I’m really stupid…’

I shouldn’t have come here. If I wasn’t so nosy, I wouldn’t be discovered. Perhaps I would still be able to do some missions by then.

He struggled to speak. “Master! Master, please forgive me! I didn’t do anything that wronged the Human Race! Please forgive me!”

Watching Isiah beg, Qiuyue Hesha felt satisfied. “Little Brother Lu Ze, how are we going to deal with him?”

Lu Ze pondered about it.

If he were to murder the man, the Gray Stone Race might retaliate. It was a peak cosmic cloud state civilization. They are incapable of taking them on for now.

The Human Race wasn’t strong enough. All they could rely on was Ying Ying.

More importantly, Ying Ying should be sleeping soon as they are about to break through to a new state.

The Gray Stone Race had a significant role in the cosmic realm. It was the race tasked to stop the insectoid tide.

If something were to happen, the Elf Race might not tolerate it.

‘Teach him a lesson!’ Lu Ze thought.

At this juncture, Ying Ying suddenly said, “Someone is coming over here.”

As soon as she delivered the message, a wormhole appeared and brought out a pretty figure.

It was a powerful being from the Elf Race.

As soon as she exited, she encountered the terrified Isiah. The scene caught her off-guard.

When she stepped foot in the Milky Way, she sensed Isiah’s chi. It was the reason she came over.

She didn’t expect to see such a scene.

‘What is wrong with this man?’

‘Why does it seem like someone was pressuring him?’

The female elf failed to sense the presence of another chi though.

Isiah immediately rejoiced when he saw her arrive. “Lord, Lord, save me!”

Hearing his pleas, the elf frowned.

Just when she was about to speak, an immensely powerful pressure also fell upon her.

Her enchanting face immediately became pale.

‘A super powerful being is here!’

The pressure directed at her surpa.s.sed even the queen’s power!

Luckily, she had experienced being pressured by the queen once. In comparison, she could tell that the pressure she was receiving right now was far superior.

‘Why would a powerful being stay in the Human Race?’

‘How did Isiah, this d.a.m.ned idiot, offend a powerful being?!’

‘Is he a complete and utter idiot?!’

The elf glared at Isiah and quickly said, “Master, I’m not with this guy! I’m a good person!”