Pocket Hunting Dimension - Chapter 104 - Lu Wen Has an Idea

Chapter 104 - Lu Wen Has an Idea

Chapter 104: Lu Wen Has an Idea


Dragon Boat Translation


Dragon Boat Translation

Lu Ze began cultivation again after Lu Li and Alice left.

After one night of revision, fusing G.o.d art was much easier. There were many times that he was on the border of success.

However, even that border still meant failure.

In one morning of cultivation, Lu Ze had acc.u.mulated quite some experience of failure. He casually had some breakfast and then went back to his room to keep practicing.

After more than two hours, the cultivation finished. Lu Ze used the wind crystal ball from the huge green wolf he killed last night to keep learning wind G.o.d art.

Then, he began to use faint red orbs to cultivate his body and spirit force.

Time pa.s.sed rapidly during cultivation and gradually, it was already night time.

Lu Ze felt the crystal color in his body as well as the surging spirit force and smiled.

He was improving every day. He loved this sort of life.

It was very good.

He got down from the bed and stretched his back before looking outside.

The golden sunlight was nearly devoured by the darkness of night.

Lu Ze scratched his head. He seemed to have cultivated too much today. Did they have dinner already?

He really wanted to eat Alice’s dishes!

He got out and went downstairs. Lu Ze found in surprise that Merlin was chatting with Lu Wen on the couch.

“Brother Merlin, let me tell you, Li has been sensible from a young age. Her grades are really good. I never really worried about her!”

“Brother Lu Wen, let me tell you, my Alice is very considerate of me. She learned all my cooking wholeheartedly. She’s so nice that I’m embarra.s.sed~”


“Haha, Alice is so pretty. As a dad, I’m always worried too many people would like her.”

“Haha, Alice is so cute, there seems to be a lot of people liking her at school already.”

Lu Ze watched as these two kept complimenting their daughters…


He even wanted to laugh.

How old were they? Can’t they be more mature??

They were comparing daughters!

But he didn’t expect Alice’s dad would get along with his dad so well. They were both daughter control freaks.

He looked at the direction of the kitchen. The door was closed. It seemed Mum and Alice were inside. He wondered if Alice was there.

He glanced at the two on the couch, and his mouth spasmed. He rejected sitting next to them. He was cringing to death from how they were complimenting their daughters.

At this moment, Merlin looked at Lu Ze and said with a smile, “Ze, you finished cultivation?”

Merlin looked quite favorably on Lu Ze. His talent and character were great. He was also hardworking.

Of course, there was no negotiation regarding Alice!

Lu Wen didn’t notice Lu Ze at first. He turned around and smiled. “Come, Ze, sit over.”

He didn’t expect his son to be this familiar with a star level being. This made him quite proud.

Seeing the two call him, Lu Ze could only walk over.

He smiled at Merlin. “Uncle, thank you for using such effort.”

With Merlin next door, he felt completely safe about the safety of his family.

Merlin smiled. “It’s nothing. You don’t need to worry about your home now and can focus on cultivation. The human race needs young prodigies like you.”

At this moment, Lu Wen looked at Lu Ze and then Merlin. His eyes flashed. He had a great idea.

He applauded. “Brother Merlin, Alice is a really nice kid. She’s understanding, good looking, and a good cook.”

Merlin’s eyes immediately lit up as he glanced at Lu Wen with satisfaction.

Oh ho

You finally know how good my daughter is?

You have some eyes~

Merlin felt great and proud.

However, just at this moment, Lu Wen said, “Brother Merlin, my Ze is pretty good too right? I’m not bluffing. He’s talented, handsome, and hardworking. He has no bad habits and has huge potential. Although I can’t compare with you, Brother Merlin, don’t you reckon he can try being with Alice?”

He could rest a.s.sured if Lu Ze was with Alice. He quite liked Alice too.

He was a prodigy indeed!

Lu Ze: “???”

He didn’t dare to believe this. His dad went to such extremes to find him a girlfriend??

Merlin: “!!!”

Oh s.h.i.+t!

No wonder Lu Wen suddenly changed. There was a plot!!

He was originally planning to eat at home tonight, but Alice said she wanted to cook for Lu Ze, this kid. That’s why he came!

How could he agree to such things?

Is he dreaming!

He smiled and said, “Brother Lu Wen, Alice is still too young. Wait a hundred years before talking about such things.”

Then, he said comfortingly, “Brother Lu Wen, Ze’s talent is outstanding. You don’t need to worry about him finding a girlfriend.”

Lu Wen’s mouth spasmed. Who was worried about him not finding a girlfriend?!

He just felt if this continued, his baby girl would be robbed away!

But since Merlin had no such intention, he couldn’t force it. Although Merlin was much more amicable than imagined, the difference between them was still there.

He needed to plot this slowly!

The three chatted casually and soon, the kitchen doors opened. An intense aroma wafted in the air. It made Lu Ze’s eyes light up.

Fu Shuya, Lu Li, and Alice came out bringing s.h.i.+ning food.

Fu Shuya glanced at the three on the couch and called, “Come eat.”

After dinner, Merlin looked at Lu Ze. “Ze, come with me to the training ground. There’s one month before you go to the battlefield. During this one month, I will come morning and night to teach you. That way you can protect yourself.”

After all, Lu Ze is connected to Alice’s safety.

Then, he glanced at Alice and Lu Li. “You two come too. Since Alice’s G.o.d art backlash is resolved, you can begin cultivation. Li has Ze’s supply of energy. All your potentials are huge. I will teach you cultivation.”

Alice heard this and her face blossomed with happiness. “I can finally cultivate!”

Due to the backlash of the source flame G.o.d art, her cultivation had stayed at martial warrior level one. Now, she could finally cultivate!

She was going to be stronger and pay back all those who sacrificed for her.

And, many spirit foods required a high cultivation level to cook. That way, she could cook even tastier food for Senior schoolmate!

Thinking about how greedy Lu Ze would be over her food, Alice smiled even more.

Lu Li’s eyes flashed with excitement. She was going to work hard with the guidance of a star level being.

That way, she wouldn’t be too far from her brother, right?