Pocket Hunting Dimension - Chapter 1061 - You're Joking Right, Brother?

Chapter 1061 - You're Joking Right, Brother?

Chapter 1061: You’re Joking Right, Brother?


Dragon Boat Translation


Dragon Boat Translation

Milky Way Galaxy.

Isiah flew out of the wormhole and looked around with contempt.

This little place was no different from his previous understanding.

One could see that the Human Race wasn’t some powerful race.

‘Why did they have those few prodigies?’

‘Are they even humans?’

He expanded his mental force.

Thereafter, he found a planet with life. Isiah tore open s.p.a.ce casually and entered the wormhole.

Gracious System.

A wormhole appeared, and Isiah came out.

He looked down at the planet and flew there.

Soon, he came to a high plain. It seemed to be cultivating a low-grade spirit herb.

Isiah felt contemptuous again.

Such low-grade spirit herbs were useless in his race.

Yet, the Human Race had to plant them. They were a low-grade civilization indeed.

He shook his head in disdain and flew to a city.

He wasn’t dumb. Lu Ze’s and the girl’s combat power were terrifying, but their cultivation level wasn’t high. This meant that their foundation was truly scary.

Just building such a strong foundation required too many resources.

‘How could the Human Race supply it?’

And, their G.o.d art and divine art had to be extremely strong.

‘How could a race like the Human Race possess high-level divine arts?’

There must be some beings behind this.

It might be that they found a rather abundant ruin.

‘If that was the case, then don’t blame him!’

Isiah’s eyes flashed with cold light.

Of course, there was also the possibility that Lu Ze’s and the girl’s talents were noticed by an extremely powerful being.

If that turned out to be the truth, he would leave immediately.

Such being wasn’t someone he nor his race could mess with.

He planned to go into the city and see the situation first.

New Dawn.

Lu Ze looked at the scene on the star screen after watching Isiah come to the wormhole.

“Isn’t this Xing Zhan Plains?”

Lin Ling nodded. “He came to Gracious.”

Lu Ze’s eyes flashed with excitement.

“They’re growing Xingzhan fruit trees again? There will be a lot of ripe fruits soon, right?”

Lu Ze gulped.

He hadn’t had Xingzhan fruit cake for a long time.

It was his fault that he wasn’t able to protect the trees from the void beast tide.

Lu Ze felt bad.

After eating the batch of Xingzhan fruit pancakes, which Lin Dongyu gave him, he hadn’t had any for a long time.

Qiuyue Hesha squinted her eyes and said, “Looking at Little Brother Lu Ze now, he really is deserving of his young duke t.i.tle.”

Lu Ze’s mouth twitched. He just remembered his young duke t.i.tle was Xingzhan Fruit Pancake.

But because everyone called him Monarch of the New Dawn, they forgot his young duke t.i.tle.

‘Mhm… he should beat up Lin Dongyu sometime.’

Isiah went into Xingzhan City.

The people in the city glanced at Isiah a little and didn’t pay any more attention.

There were few cultivators from the other race, but there were still some. Many races that have trading relations.h.i.+ps with the Human Race will come to the Human Race to trade on the planet.

Especially since the Human Race showed cosmic cloud state power, the nearby race came to suck up to them.

It wasn’t very special that there were a few other cultivators in the city.

Isiah casually went around the place. Soon, he arrived in a vast square.

There was a statue there. Isiah was stunned.

This statue was Lu Ze!

Lu Ze frowned.

‘This guy was indeed from the Human Race?’

It seems his status wasn’t low.

The group on the New Dawn saw the statue too.

Lu Ze looked at the statue. His mouth twitched, and his face was blank.

“I have a statue in Xingzhan City? Why don’t I know?”

Nangong Jing rolled her eyes. “We don’t know either.”

Lu Ze fell into contemplation, then he looked at the statue.

Seeing Lu Ze’s solemn expression, Lu Li asked curiously, “Lu Ze, what’s wrong?”

When Lu Ze heard the words, he touched his chin broadly and said calmly, “The problem is quite big.”

Lu Ze spoke further with dissatisfaction. “I feel this statue doesn’t portray my handsomeness enough. Should I be a model at the scene so that they can change it accordingly?”


The atmosphere turned awkward.

Lu Ze looked at them and asked, “Don’t you feel so?”

‘Don’t they want him to be more handsome in public? He was their man.’

Lin Ling roared and punched Lu Ze.

The other girls were ready to punch him too.

At this moment, the scene changed.

Lu Ze quickly said, “Stop! Look, there’s a situation!”

The girls looked at the scene. Isiah was indeed walking towards another cultivator.

They would let him go this time.

They went back to their seats to watch the scene.

Lu Ze felt relieved.

Isiah walked towards a white, sharp-headed being. He grinned. “Brother, who is this statue of?”

The cultivator studied Isiah and asked, “Is it your first time at the Human Race?”

Isiah nodded and smiled. “Yes, I’m a tourist. It’s my first time here.”

The other party nodded. “You came to see the night scene of Xingzhan Plains, right?”

He sighed. “Too bad, it’s not as good as before. A few years ago, before the void beasts came, the Xingzhan fruit trees were lush. That night scene… The ones now are newly planted. Who knows how long it would take to recover? Let me tell you…”

The cultivator shared a pile of useless information.

Isiah’s smile gradually became hideous.

‘Is this person asking to die?’

‘Who the h.e.l.l wants to know all of these?’

If he wasn’t worried about a being behind the Human Race, he would crush this planet.

Isiah took a deep breath. “Brother, you haven’t told me who this person is.”

The cultivator smiled and pointed at the statue. “Don’t be scared.”

Isiah raised a brow. “What do you mean?”

The other party came back to his senses. He smiled and pointed to the statue.

“It is the Monarch of the New Dawn. By the way, do you know about the prodigy t.i.tles of the Human Race? It’s like this…”

Isiah quickly said, “I know, I know, is this human prodigy really strong?”

“Strong?” the other cultivator sneered.

“You’re the first one I have heard calling the Monarch of the New Dawn ‘strong’.”

Isiah frowned. “Is he not strong?”

‘Or are there stronger ones in the Human Race?’

Just when Isiah was confused, the cultivator said, “A 22-year old cosmic system state with a cosmic cloud state combat power. Do you call a monster like this strong? You’re joking right, Brother?”