Pocket Hunting Dimension - Chapter 1060 - Someone In The Milky Way Galaxy

Chapter 1060 - Someone In The Milky Way Galaxy

Chapter 1060: Someone In The Milky Way Galaxy

Seeing the surprise of Lu Ze, Fred smiled and said, “Middle-grade dao enlightenment stones and spirit gathering stones are usually in the second region of the ruin. There would be some in the first region, but after all these years, there are few found in the first region.

Mirium nodded. “There is a barrier between the first and second region. Only those who reach cosmic realm state combat power can break through the barrier and enter the second level.”

Liu Zhiyun had told them before but not as clearly as Mirium.

After all, Liu Zhiyun went in when he was just a cosmic system state. His power was probably the weakest in that ruin.

Lu Ze continued asking, “Where can you enter that ruin?”

Fred and the others were dazed. “Brother Lu Ze, you’re planning to go in and see?”

Lu Ze nodded.

Fred smiled and said, “Our Elf Cosmic Realm has an entrance.”

Lu Ze and the girls rejoiced.

Lu Ze asked, “Where is it?”

Fred smiled and replied, “It’s in the Central Region of the Elf Cosmic Realm. It’s not far from the Elf Divine Realm.”

He took out the star map and marked the location.

Lu Ze remembered it and smiled. “Thank you, Brother Fred.”

Fred waved his hand and said, “It’s no secret in the Elf Cosmic Realm. Even if I don’t tell you, you can find out soon if you ask someone else.”

Fred was right.

Mirium smiled. “When does Brother Lu Ze plan on going?”

Lu Ze thought about it. “I still plan to trade some things in the Crisp Green Blade. It will probably take some time.”

Mirium nodded slightly. “I have been there once with an elder from my race. It is very dangerous. If Brother Lu Ze plans to go, best to be safe.”

Lu Ze nodded when he heard the words.

He was going to wait a while. One reason was to get enough points until he obtained the communication device. The second could be explained by his insufficient power.

There would be quite a lot of peak cosmic cloud states in the first level. He had to bring his cultivation level to cosmic cloud state first.

As for going to the ruin, he would get Liu Zhiyun to lead the way afterwards.

Lu Ze and the girls stayed in the Crystal Race.

Seeing this, everyone began to discuss their cultivation learning.

It was very beneficial to Lu Ze and the girls.

Fred and other companions also felt more shocked while conversing.

Lu Ze and the girl’s cultivation level were weaker, but their mastery of G.o.d art far surpa.s.sed theirs.

Moreover, Lu Ze and his team have realized more than just a few G.o.d arts.

They could preach about all sorts of G.o.d arts.

One word that made them feel awkward…


This made some of Fred’s hair stand on end.

What kind of horrible perception is this?!

The talents of the Human Race are terrible, right?!

All of a sudden, Fred and the others felt that Lu Ze was hiding a lot and therefore adopted an even humbler att.i.tude.

In the following time, in addition to exchanging martial arts knowledge, everyone looked at the missions in the badges from time to time, and if they found new missions suitable for them, they would continue to do them.

Ten days later, in the warp dimension, the s.h.i.+p of the Crystal Race and the New Dawn were flying across s.p.a.ce.

Lu Ze was sitting in his room. Endless spirit force was pulled into his cells, then the final star ring cracked.

Moments later, Lu Ze broke through. His cells were covered with stars. All the stars were perfected. Spirit force connected them.

He just needed to wait for the new planet to be perfected, and he could consider breaking through to the cosmic cloud state.

Peak cosmic system state!

Lu Ze exhaled slightly, clenched his fists in both hands, and felt that ferocious power in his body.

He grinned.

He was much stronger now.

He came out of the room.

Nangong Jing and the other girls were sitting with Ying Ying, watching cartoons.

At this moment, Lu Li looked at Lu Ze with wonder. “Lu Ze, you’re out.”

Lu Ze coughed and nodded.

Nangong Jing studied Lu Ze from head to toe. “Ze, you broke through to the peak cosmic system state?”

Qiuyue Hesha grinned. “Little Brother Lu Ze, I broke through earlier than you.”

Lu Ze: “…”

The fox demon and alcoholic always broke through a few days earlier than him. This was hard to bear.

Alice jumped up from the couch. “Since Senior broke through, then let’s cook some delicious food to celebrate?”

Ying Ying’s and Lu Ze’s eyes lit up.

Ying Ying’s clear voice sounded. “Sister Alice is the best!”

She looked at Alice with admiration.

Lu Li and Lin Ling were slightly annoyed. Lin Ling pinched Ying Ying’s face. “Ying Ying, your Sister Li and I have cooked a lot of good things for you. You’re only going to compliment Sister Alice?”

Ying Ying’s body stiffened.

She quickly said, “Sister Ling and Li are the best too!”

Lin Ling nodded happily and let go of Ying Ying.

The three went to the kitchen.

Lu Ze came to Ying Ying. “Quick, play the next episode.”

Ying Ying nodded.

After dinner, the group sat on the couch watching cartoons once more.

At this moment, Ying Ying said, “Someone went to the Milky Way to find grandfather and the other soldiers.”

Hearing this, Lu Ze and the girls stood up.

Lu Ze opened his mouth and asked, “Who is it?”

Lu Ze allowed Ying Ying to watch the situation in the Milky Way because he expected cultivators would go and investigate them for the power he revealed.

However, cultivators were already there now. This was faster than they had expected.

Ying Ying pointed in s.p.a.ce and a screen showed a scene.

A wormhole appeared and a person flew out.

Lu Ze and the girls raised their brows.

This person was gray-skinned, had no hair, and had a complex black rune on his head.

Alice exclaimed, “It’s him!”

Qiuyue Hesha frowned. “I remember. Isn’t he called Isiah?”

Lu Ze raised his eyebrows slightly. “I expected this.”

Nangong Jing grinned and said, “He’s probably not the only one here, right?”

Lu Ze nodded. “At least the Elf Race would definitely go.”

“Ignore the other races first. Let’s see what this guy plans to do.”