Pocket Hunting Dimension - Chapter 1059 - Still Fallen

Chapter 1059 - Still Fallen

Chapter 1059: Still Fallen


Dragon Boat Translation


Dragon Boat Translation

At this moment, the two insectoids were covered in hideous wounds. Goo kept spilling out. That level-2 cosmic cloud state insectoid lost a segment of its body.

“d.a.m.n it, what is going on?!” the level-3 insectoid roared in disappointment.

They were already about to run away, but s.p.a.ce suddenly exploded!

This didn’t make sense!

That s.p.a.ce rune was made by a powerful being of the Insectoid Race.

How could this happen?!

Fred and the other cultivators all thought that the insectoids were escaping, but a dramatic scene of defeat happened.

This was great!

Fred and Mirium charged up again.

The two insectoids knew they had nowhere to go. They hissed and charged back.


Consecutive clashes sounded in the air.

Although the two insectoids were much weaker, they still unleashed extremely strong power in their desperation.


Moments later, a golden sword ray sliced across the level-2 cosmic cloud state insectoids, cutting another segment off its body.

This insectoid howled pitifully. Its life force became a candle in the wind that was about to be snuffed out at any time.

Mirium didn’t stop there. She raised her long sword, then more golden sword rays shot into the air. They turned into light and sliced past the level-2 insectoid.

The insectoid stiffened.

A moment later, a shockwave swept past, and its body turned to pieces.

The level-3 insectoid howled again.

But since its combat power was much weaker, it could barely stop Fred’s attacks, much less counterattack.

With Mirium’s partic.i.p.ation, the level-3 insectoid was severed into many pieces in a few short seconds.


The two returned to Lu Ze and the girls. Yi Lei and Cager smiled excitedly.

“I thought they were going to escape.”

“Haha, the mission is finished. Brother Fred and Sister Mirium are amazing!”

They could get the mission rewards now.

Lu Ze and the girls smiled.

The cultivators on the side also felt relieved. Their race was near this region. If these cosmic cloud state insectoids weren’t dealt with, their race would be in danger too.


At this moment, the distant insectoid swarm felt the death of their bosses.

Fred opened his mouth and said, “Let’s handle this insectoid tide too.”

This wasn’t included in the mission parameter, but since they already saw them, it was better to handle it.

Otherwise, who knows how many solar systems they would destroy?

Without the cosmic cloud state insectoids, the insectoid swarm was easily wiped away.

Thereafter, Yi Lei and Cager took the materials from the cosmic cloud state insectoid body and recorded them before leaving.

The other cultivators felt relieved.

“I thought our race would be destroyed too.”

“I was thinking about going back and fleeing with my race members.”

“They’re truly the prodigies of the Crystal Race and Golden Spear Race. That combat power should be middle to high level among cosmic cloud states?”

“Really strong.” Everyone nodded.

One person said, “But I wonder who that cosmic system state was?”

Everyone stopped breathing.

Those few cosmic system states were too scary. They didn’t dare to believe it.

“Especially that man. His combat power was around level-3 to level-4 cosmic system state, right?”


“Soon, their names would be notorious.”

In the near future, the entire Elf Cosmic Realm would know their names.

After a while, someone shook his head. “This doesn’t concern us. I’m going back to the race to spread the news.”

“I’m going back too.”


Everyone left.

In the s.h.i.+p of the Crystal Race, everyone was sitting and resting.

Yi Lei smiled and said, “I didn’t expect we would be this lucky.”

Cager laughed. “Yeah, that insectoid was too unfortunate. Backlash and s.p.a.ce transmission explosion.”

Lu Ze and the girls smiled.

At this moment, Yi Lei looked at Lu Ze. “But I didn’t expect Brother Lu Ze’s combat power to be this threatening. Having a level-3 cosmic cloud state combat power at level-8 cosmic system state.”

Cager nodded. “Brother Lu Ze is stronger than us, but we’re cosmic cloud states.”

Fred and Mirium recalled what happened in the battle. They guessed that Lu Ze’s combat power would be extremely strong. They thought it would be about level-2 cosmic cloud state.

However, he was a level-3.

The difference between every level in the cosmic cloud state was extremely huge.

Lu Ze grinned. “It’s only so-so.”

He only could barely kill people slightly stronger than him now. He had fallen.

Lu Ze saw the surprised gazes of the four cultivators and grinned. “By the way, Brother Fred, do you know where to locate other middle-grade spirit gathering stones and dao enlightenment stones?”

Fred was taken aback, and Mirium said, “Brother Lu Ze, do you want a middle-grade spirit gathering stone and dao enlightenment stone?”

Lu Ze smiled. “Of course, if there is a higher grade, I wouldn’t mind.”

Fred’s mouth twitched. Even middle-grade was hard to get, let alone a higher one.

Mirium laughed it off. “Brother Lu Ze is really funny. Even the Elf Race doesn’t have top-grade spirit gathering and dao enlightenment stones.”

Lu Ze was dazed. “Even the Elf Race doesn’t have them?”

Fred nodded. “Yes, although they are a cosmic realm state civilization, top-grade stones are too precious. Cosmic realm states can’t get them. You have to be at least a cosmic monarch state or cosmic lord state to get it. Only those powerful races and organizations can get it.”

Lu Ze raised a brow. He didn’t expect it to be that hard to get.

He said, “Where did they get their medium-grade stones then?”

Fred and the others looked at each other. They felt more confused about Lu Ze.

Lu Ze’s combat power amazed them.

Such a prodigy should have a powerful being supporting him, right?

Didn’t that boss tell him about this?

Fred didn’t think much about it anymore. He smiled and said, “Elf Race got theirs from the second level of the Sivir Ancient Battle Ruin.”

Lu Ze and the girls were surprised.

‘Isn’t this the place that Liu Zhiyun told them last time?’