Pocket Hunting Dimension - Chapter 1058 - How Can We Be That Unlucky?!

Chapter 1058 - How Can We Be That Unlucky?!

Chapter 1058: How Can We Be That Unlucky?!


Dragon Boat Translation


Dragon Boat Translation

After a brief moment of silence, Fred and Mirium started fighting against the two insectoids again.


Spirit force waves swept the surrounding s.p.a.ce. Planets popped like bubbles.

In the farther region, the powerful waves still made quite some cultivators s.h.i.+ver. They looked in the direction of the battlefield in shock.

Lu Ze frowned.

‘So strong!’

His combat power was barely level-3 cosmic cloud state, but the difference between him, Fred, and Mirium was ma.s.sive.

He couldn’t even see their movements clearly. If they were the ones fighting, he wouldn’t last long.

Fred and Mirium were only the top prodigies of a cosmic cloud state civilization.

Who knew how many prodigies like them were there in the universe?

Above them, there were cosmic realm state prodigies and even higher.

His current power was nothing.

The girls thought the same as Lu Ze.

They still needed to be stronger to survive in the universe and lead the Human Race to a stronger future.


The battle lasted a few minutes. With a bang, the level-2 cosmic cloud state insectoid overturned. Blood gushed out as it howled pitifully.

The level-2 cosmic cloud state was no match to Fred and Mirium, but the level-3 insectoid was slightly stronger.

Only now did their advantages became significant.

“Cornelius!” the level-3 insectoid roared.

Before he could see the situation, Fred and Mirium came up to attack him.

The level-3 insectoid immediately went on the pa.s.sive side. It was even struck by attacks quite a few times.

However, its defenses were extremely strong. Even though it was struck a few times, it was able to block them. There were just a few cracks on its gray sh.e.l.l. Dark green liquid oozed.

“d.a.m.n ants!”

The level-3 insectoid was burning with killing intent.

Fred and Mirium charged up again.

The insectoid slashed in the air, and s.p.a.ce was torn open. A strange blood-colored lump came out from it.

The lump flew out!

This lump floated in s.p.a.ce and moved a little like it was alive. With every movement, blood spirit force surged.

Shocking murderous chi permeated.

Seeing this, Fred and Mirium suddenly had a dangerous premonition.

Golden runes flowed in Mirium’s eyes then her long sword blossomed with an extremely blinding golden ray.


She slashed and an extremely sharp golden sword ray surged tearing the void towards that blood lump.

The insectoid waved its front claw and stopped before the golden sword ray. At the same time, it opened its hideous mouth and ate that lump.


The insectoid tumbled.

Mirium flashed with golden light and wanted to chase after it.

Fred formed a white orb in his palm. Terrifying power surged.

At this moment, the blood spirit force around the insectoid suddenly surged. An intense b.l.o.o.d.y smell shot out, filling the s.p.a.ce.

At the same time, the insectoid’s chi kept rising.

Mirium was dazed. The orb in Fred’s hand dissipated too.

“No way!”

Lu Ze glanced at Yi Lei and Cager, and he was a bit puzzled. “What did the insectoid eat?”

He was quite shocked to see the huge increase in power.

Yi Lei opened his mouth and said, “That’s the blood essence of a high-level insectoid. It contains knowledge regarding Slaughter G.o.d Art. After eating it, this insectoid’s power would greatly increase. I didn’t expect this insectoid to have something like that.”

Fred and Mirium retreated to Lu Ze’s and the girls’ side.

Mirium looked solemn and said decisively, “Give up these two insectoids! We need to run.”

They couldn’t handle this insectoid at all now.

“Quick! Otherwise, we won’t get away!”

They took out their runes, ready to run.

The other cultivators were stunned. “What did that insectoid eat? Its chi rose that much?”

“If only we can eat one too.”

“Is it now the time to be thinking about that? Don’t you see that the prodigies from the Crystal Race and Golden Spear Race are planning to run?”

“Yes! We should run too. Don’t die here.”

Lu Ze and the girls were shocked.

‘Are they going to give up just like that?’

They only killed level-1 cosmic cloud state insectoids though.

Lu Ze raised a brow as he spoke telepathically. “Ying Ying? Is that insectoid digesting the blood essence? Can you cause a backlash?”

“I can.”

The level-3 cosmic cloud state insectoid glared at Lu Ze and the girls, then it smiled cruelly.

At this juncture, the power it got from the blood essence suddenly moved.

It instantly exploded!

It could feel the essence starting to attack its own body.



‘How could that be?’

It had used the essence before, but this was its first time feeling a backlash.

It was used to consuming the essence.

‘Why is there a backlash then?’

It tried to suppress the spirit force waves, but no matter what, the spirit force boiled up even more until it couldn’t suppress it anymore.

Cracks appeared on its body.

Its powerful chi went back to what it was and even became weaker.


Fred and the group looked at the insectoid in confusion.


‘Why is it so unlucky?’

Fred and the group knew that insectoids had all sorts of trump cards. But it was their first time hearing and seeing someone receiving a backlash right after using a trump card.

Lu Ze’s mouth twitched. The insectoid’s chi was backlas.h.i.+ng, and these two were still petrified.

He coughed. “Brother Fred, Sister Mirium, can you beat it now?”

The two were bewildered and stared at the insectoid.

The insectoid took out a gray rune and wrapped himself and the injured level-2 cosmic cloud state insectoid in a defensive s.h.i.+eld.

s.p.a.ce around them rippled.

Fred yelled, “No, they’re going to escape!”

They used all their power.

A white energy ball and golden sword ray sliced on the gray s.h.i.+eld.


The s.h.i.+eld didn’t even crack. It was about to fuse into s.p.a.ce.

The insectoid snarled. “You think you can stop me?”

Lu Ze smiled and spoke again. “Ying Ying, interrupt their teleportation.”


Immediately, the s.p.a.ce around that gray s.h.i.+eld boiled like water.


The insectoids were confused.

‘What is going on?’


The silver light of s.p.a.ce exploded.

The powerful gray s.h.i.+eld was torn apart.

When the light was gone, the two insectoids were revealed.


Fred and the group were stunned again.