Pocket Hunting Dimension - Chapter 1057 - We're Not Dreaming, Are We?

Chapter 1057 - We're Not Dreaming, Are We?

Chapter 1057: We’re Not Dreaming, Are We?


Dragon Boat Translation


Dragon Boat Translation

As soon as they came out of the wormhole, Lu Ze and the girls saw a swarm of insectoids.

Fred glanced at a few people and then looked at the three gray insectoids headed by them. “It’s them, alright. Let’s go.”

Mirium nodded. She looked at Lu Ze and the girls. “Brother Lu Ze, Fred, and I will deal with the level-2 and level-3 cosmic cloud state insectoids. You guys, Cager, and Yi Lei can take on the level-1 cosmic cloud state insectoid. Is that alright?”

Lu Ze was taken aback. ‘He only needed to handle the level-1 cosmic cloud state insectoid?’

He was fine with things being so easy. He nodded.

Mirium released a golden long sword and charged up with Fred.

The three cosmic cloud state insectoids stopped and roared.

“Ants! How dare you stop the insectoid swarm?!”

The three insectoids were very powerful. Their chi surpa.s.sed their cultivation level especially that level-3 cosmic cloud state.

Feeling this powerful wave, Fred and Mirium’s expressions didn’t change at all. They charged up.

Mirium waved her long sword gently, and golden sword rays formed around her. Thereafter, she swung her sword lightly and exclaimed, “Sever!”

Golden sword rays seemed to have ignored s.p.a.ce and instantly appeared before the three cosmic cloud state insectoids.


The roar came, and a blood-colored barrier formed before the three insectoids. The golden sword ray clashed with the barrier.


At the same time, the other two cosmic cloud state insectoids opened their mouths, forming red orbs.

The two red orbs charged towards Mirium.

At this moment, Fred took a step forward and reached out his hands. He glowed with white color, then suddenly, the white crystal s.h.i.+eld was formed before them.


The two blood energy b.a.l.l.s struck the s.h.i.+eld. A shocking sound rang through the world.

The crystal s.h.i.+eld only vibrated. There was no sign of breaking.

However, the shockwave shot in all directions. The cultivators escaping felt the terrifying power and instinctively retreated for some distance.

They looked at the battle in shock. “No wonder they are deemed prodigies of the Crystal Race and Golden Spear Race. They are too strong beyond words!”

The strongest among them was a level-1 cosmic cloud state. Despite this, he was still shocked.

They didn’t even dare to fight these three insectoids, although these two prodigies could fight with them and vaguely have an advantage.


After a wave of test attacks, the three cosmic cloud state insectoids charged up.

Lu Ze and the girls did so as well.

The remaining level-1 cosmic cloud state insectoids charged towards them.

Yi Lei and Cager tensed up.

Yi Lei lost his usual smile and said, “Careful! Its combat power is probably at level-2 cosmic cloud state!”

Cager nodded. “Yes! Its chi is very strong!”

He could sense that this level-1 cosmic cloud state insectoid’s chi is stronger than his.

The insectoid hissed. “Two ants, you’re asking to be squashed!!”

The alien from the Insectoid Race was powerful. At the same cultivation level, he didn’t think the two could beat him.

As for the few cosmic system states, he completely ignored them.

Lu Ze was surprised. ‘Is it that strong?’

Cager and Yi Lei were preparing for an attack.

At this moment, a yellow rune flashed in Lu Ze’s eyes. Terrifying power emerged from him.

Sensing this, Yi Lei and Cager stiffened. They gasped and looked at Lu Ze, who was burning with spirit flames.


Lu Ze’s power was much stronger than theirs!

‘This was a level-3 cosmic cloud state combat power, right?!’

A level-8 cosmic system state had a level-3 cosmic cloud state combat power?!

‘What sort of monster is this?!’

The gray insectoid was also bewildered. “Impossible!”

This cosmic system state being was stronger than him?!


Lu Ze grabbed with his hand. Endless sand appeared in s.p.a.ce and wrapped around the insectoid.

The insectoid sensed a lethal threat. If he didn’t dodge it, he would die!


It used all of its spirit force trying to escape the sand.

At this moment, the spirit force in its body paused and became chaotic. Its body was also immobilized.

He looked at the cosmic system states on the side.

Clearly, they were interfering with his actions.

The insectoid roared. “d.a.m.n it!”

It burned its spirit force trying to escape.

Lu Ze grinned. If he let this insectoid escape like that, he didn’t need to live. He used all his spirit force, and the sand instantly wrapped the insectoid.

The sand formed a huge ball and started to compress.

‘Dong! Dong! Dong!’

Blood spirit force seeped out of the ball as it shrunk.

Feeling the powerful resistance, Lu Ze burned his spirit force and used Sand One Divine Art to the max.

Time flew by. The resistance gradually weakened until it completely stopped.

The gray insectoid’s life force was gone.

Lu Ze let go of his hand, and the sand scattered around, revealing the scene inside.

One couldn’t see the insectoid’s original form. It turned into a gray-green ball with goo seeping out.

The girls rolled their eyes.

Nangong Jing complained, “Every time this divine art kills someone, it looks like this. We can’t even eat anymore.”

Lu Ze looked at them innocently. ‘It’s not like he wanted this!’

Yi Lei and Cager were dumbfounded.

‘This was too terrifying!’

They had already looked highly of Lu Ze’s talent, but who knew it could reach this level?!

The fleeing cultivators witnessed this too, and the atmosphere turned eerily silent.

Moments later, someone said shakily, “Hey… did you see that?”

It was a black-scaled bulky humanoid.

He punched himself in the chest.


“It’s not a dream.”

“What sort of race is this?! Someone with a cosmic system state cultivation level has a level-3 cosmic cloud state combat power?!”

“This was stronger than the prodigy of the Elf Race, right?”

Fred’s battlefield was also very intense.

They were slightly stronger than the insectoids.

At this moment, all of them suddenly looked in Lu Ze’s direction.

The two insectoids were shocked. “Golf died?! No way!”

Golf wasn’t weak. Even if he faced a prodigy of a cosmic realm state civilization, he wouldn’t die that quickly, right?!

Meanwhile, Fred and Mirium looked at each other. They immediately looked at the calm-faced Lu Ze.

It’s him!