Pocket Hunting Dimension - Chapter 1056 - Why Are We So Unlucky?!

Chapter 1056 - Why Are We So Unlucky?!

Chapter 1056: Why Are We So Unlucky?!


Dragon Boat Translation


Dragon Boat Translation

Two days later, in the territory of the Steel Bone Race, a small solar system with a metallic black planet spinning around the sun existed at the center. The atmosphere appeared tranquil.

Metallic structures that were architecturally designed with pointed edges were erected. The corners were furnished with piercing spikes.

Currently, strange black-skinned humanoid lifeforms were entering and leaving.

A ma.s.sive wormhole suddenly emerged outside the planet. Blood spirit force seeped out from it. The tremendous power tied to the force made the entire solar system quake.

The capable cultivators of the Steel Bone Race charged out. They looked up at the wormhole and gawked.

“What is this chi?!

“How terrifying?!”

“This killing intent… Didn’t it belong to the Insectoid Race?!

Everyone looked in the direction of the largest building. Inside it, a towering figure sat on the throne. The commotion caused him to stand abruptly. He was a level-1 cosmic cloud state.

In the next second, he frowned at the wormhole.

“Another insectoid tide!”

A few cultivators of the Steel Bone Race rushed over worriedly.

“King, the insectoid tide is here. What do we do?!”

“Yes, it has been difficult to eliminate the previous swarm. And yet, they are invading again. What should we do?”

The king sneered. “What are you worried about? Since they are here, then we have to stop them!”

Right at this juncture, a hideous figure made its way out of the wormhole. Three gray ten-legged insectoids soon revealed themselves. The powerful chi they owned disturbed the s.p.a.ce.

The king exclaimed in disbelief, “Impossible! How could powerful insectoids like them show up in our territory?!”

Based on his senses, the chi of three insectoids surpa.s.sed his, particularly the other two by a great deal. He was incapable of stopping them.

The rest of the cultivators from the Steel Bone Race stiffened on the spot. They didn’t even have the courage to move. Simultaneously, the residents of the planet froze up.

“Cosmic cloud state! Cosmic cloud state insectoids!”

“What should we do, King?!”

“Can our king prevent these insectoids from wreaking havoc?”

Everyone waited for their king to manage the situation.

Back in the palace, the king shouted, “Run! Tell everyone to pack their things and run!”

The moment he finished the words, he disappeared from the spot and charged to their treasure depot.

His race wouldn’t be able to subjugate the incoming insectoids. Rather than defending their territory in vain, they might as well leave with the resources. Naturally, they had to take away some of the resources before they could fully flee.

The rest of the const.i.tuents was taken aback. “King?!”

“If we flee, then what would happen to our ancestral planet? What about the rest of the Steel Bone Race?”

The king’s voice boomed from outside the palace. “There is a level-3 cosmic cloud state insectoid! We do not have any means to defeat it. If we do not escape now, not even a seed can be preserved!”

Hearing this, everyone gritted their teeth. Accordingly, one of them transmitted, “Attention, everyone. Abandon the ancestral planet. Take everything and run for your lives!”

His words reverberated throughout the planet. The rest of the cultivators were stunned.

‘Run for your lives?’

‘They aren’t going to defend the planet, are they?’

Shortly, all the cultivators returned to their respective rooms and brought some of their valuable items. They made use of the s.p.a.ce runes to save themselves thereafter.

Of course, some weren’t able to keep s.p.a.ce transmission runes at hand. They could only cry there and then.

“Take us with you!”

“Don’t leave, bring us along!”

All at once, the scene turned chaotic.

The three insectoids glanced across the planet. The level-3 cosmic cloud state said, “What a pity… They only owned low-grade teleporting devices. They could only escape to nearby locations then. Cornelius and Golf, lead the swarm and chase after them! Don’t let any resources slip away!”


The other two cosmic cloud state insectoids opened up a wormhole and took a portion of the swarm.

Meanwhile, the level-3 cosmic cloud state looked in the direction of the planet. It had a scornful expression on its face. “How dare you flee? Hiss!!”

Blood spirit force surged and wrapped the entire planet.

The leading insectoid communicated with the swarm. In the next second, a sea of insectoids dashed to the planet.

Half a day later, a few white lights flashed outside the ancestral planet of the Steel Bone Race and revealed two s.h.i.+ps.

Aboard the New Dawn, Lu Ze and the girls watched the scene outside the window.

Nangong Jing furrowed her brows. “These insectoids are horrible.”

The galaxy was riddled with rubbles and s.p.a.ce storms. You wouldn’t even spot a ma.s.sive planet around because all of them were obliterated.

When they scanned with their mental force, the group failed to detect traces of life force within 10,000 light-years. The scene resembled doomsday.

Qiuyue Hesha frowned. “It is a good thing we defeated the insectoids that appeared in our territory.”

If not, they wouldn’t fare much better than the Steel Bone Race.

Lu Ze nodded. “Let’s observe and check the situation first.”

They alighted together with Fred’s group. Their expressions were rather calm in the face of destruction.

Fred remarked, “It looks like the cultivators of the Steel Bone Race failed to escape.”

Mirium nodded. “According to the reports, their king has only reached the cosmic cloud state recently. They are unfortunate.”

Yi Lei asked, “How should we deal with this?”

Fred answered, “The insectoids shouldn’t be far away. Let’s look for them.”

Lu Ze and his girls were confused. ‘What?! Do they have to look for them? Wouldn’t that be difficult?’

At least, they brought a ‘small radar’ with them.

Lu Ze communicated telepathically. “Ying Ying, do you know where the insectoids in this place are?”

Ying Ying’s voice provided, “They are 210,000 light-years in the West. “It is near.”

Lu Ze grinned. “Ying Ying is awesome! I’ll give you a candy later!”

He didn’t actually have sweets with him. What he was referring to was the red liquid.

‘That can be counted as candy too!’

Ying Ying almost rushed over. Luckily, she remembered not to appear in front of others.

Lu Ze felt delighted. “No need to search carefully. They are 210,000 light-years in the West. We will encounter them if we leave now.”


Fred and his companions were taken aback.

‘How can he tell? It is a far away area though…’

Despite the doubts, the group kept the question to themselves.

Mirium said, “Since Brother Lu Ze knows the way, let’s go now.”

Fed agreed with a nod. “I will take you over.”

Accordingly, he created an opening in s.p.a.ce and entered the wormhole.

Lu Ze and his girls took their s.h.i.+p and followed suit.

A swarm of insectoids occupied the area.

All the planets along the way were torn to pieces.

Blood spirit force surged like insurmountable tides in the ocean.

In front of the swarm, a group of cultivators was sprinting.

“F*ck, why are we so unlucky?! There are insectoids here!”

“Much worse, they are cosmic cloud state insectoids! Isn’t this the territory of the Steel Bone Race?!”

“They have no chances of surviving this!”

Everyone fell silent.

The fate of the Steel Bone Race was just too obvious at this point.

“Well, we will not survive this too!”

Right then, the leading three insectoids suddenly stopped in their tracks.

The cultivators who were being chased looked back with curiosity, only to see a wormhole where a few beings charged out.

The desperate cultivators rejoiced.

“Crystal Race? Golden Spear Race? They are members of the Crisp Green Blade! We are saved!”