Pocket Hunting Dimension - Chapter 1055 - It's Them!

Chapter 1055 - It's Them!

Chapter 1055: It’s Them!

In response to Lu Ze’s question, Fred said, “There is a possibility you can trade the rewards you got from the Crisp Green Blade for a medium-grade spirit gathering stone. However, you will surely need many points.”

Mirium added, “The rewards you received this time should be abundant. You can check if you want to trade them for something.”

Lu Ze said, “I got it. I might check later.”

Mirium led Lu Ze and the girls to their room.

Lu Ze and his girls decided to stay together as usual. They couldn’t wait to use the badge.

A screen soon appeared in front of them.

Nangong Jing said, “Let’s see the list of available resources for trade.”

Lu Ze agreed.

The tabs were separated into ‘Missions Tab’ and ‘Exchange Tab’.

Then, the ‘Exchange Tab’ was further divided into various categories. The group could see ‘Technology’, ‘Cultivation’, ‘One-Time Use’, ‘Items’, and ‘Permanent Items’.

Lu Ze quickly searched for a spirit gathering stone.

Shortly, two rows of information appeared.

The first provided details about the medium-grade stone. It required 100,000 points, but that would only give them one stone.

The second row was dedicated to low-grade spirit gathering stones. They only cost 1000 points. Moreover, they could be purchased in bulk.

Lu Ze and the girls were at a loss for words.

Lin Ling complained, “So expensive!”

Even though they already accomplished two missions, they only received 900 points in total.

When will they even get to reach 100,000 points?

‘No one knows!’

Lu Li looked at Ying Ying and suggested, “What about finis.h.i.+ng some high-earning missions and doing some additional? There should be nothing wrong with it, right?”

Of course, without external help, they wouldn’t make it on their own.

But currently, they have Ying Ying to help them.

Lu Ze said, “Let’s peruse the available missions first.”

Meanwhile, in an office within the Crisp Green Blade Department, Lord Anton stood in front of a window. He was watching the scenery outside. A female elf approached him from behind.

She asked, “Lord Anton, what do you need me for?”

Anton turned around and smiled gently.

“Did Vivian inform you about the test?”

The woman confirmed it with a nod. “Yes. Did you want me to conduct a thorough check on them?”

Anton nodded. “You are correct. Even if the insectoid tides are gradually stabilizing, we can’t be too complacent. We need to be extremely wary of the Insectoid Race. They are considered a top-tier race in the universe even if we are not fighting against the entire race.”

He continued, “Based on the history of the Human Race, they shouldn’t be capable of producing superior prodigies. Something is amiss. You should check the connection between this and the insectoids.”

The woman nodded. “I understand.”

She was in the midst of leaving. Unexpectedly, Anton stopped her.


Accordingly, the woman turned around. “What other requests does Lord Anton have?”

Anton carefully reminded, “Do this secretly. There might be a powerful being backing up the Human Race.”

Even though Anton was reluctant to admit it, the Elf Race didn’t actually have the ability to produce prodigies like Lu Ze and his team.

Although their princess was exceptionally talented, she would still lose against the female humans.

It just goes to show that the male human could only be stronger.

After all these years, the Elf Princess was the sole top-tier prodigy of the Elf Race.

But the Human Race managed to top that.

They had more than one powerful prodigy!

Surely, someone had to be secretly helping the Human Race.

Right now, Anton couldn’t confirm whether the mysterious person was a friend or a foe. Hence, they could only conduct the investigation in secret.

They had to proceed with the investigation because the Human Race was practically a subordinate of the Elf Race.

If the being backing them up had no ill intentions, then no conflict would arise.

By then, they could also form a connection with that person. Perhaps they could even ask him to deal with the insectoid tide.

At the very least, they still had to confirm the stance of that mysterious being towards the Elf Cosmic Realm.

The woman nodded. “I understand.”

She proceeded to leave.

Anton rubbed his temple and sighed. “This is really a troublesome period.”

A grandiose device appeared in his hand. He inserted his spirit force and established a connection.

He needed to report the matter to the higher authorities.

Back in the hotel, Lu Ze and the girls had lifeless expressions after going through the missions.

The highest-grade mission involved killing peak cosmic cloud state insectoids.

It could give them 10,000 points. They could just finish ten of them.

But, how could there be peak cosmic cloud states inside the Elf Cosmic Realm?

Most likely, these kinds of insectoids were drawn over by peak cosmic cloud state civilizations.

The missions gathered by the Crisp Green Blade mostly focused on eliminating wandering insectoids. It didn’t include those already being held up.

It would be unlikely for a level-7 or level-8 cosmic cloud state insectoids to veer from their current battlefield.

Most of the missions only had low-level cosmic cloud state insectoids as the main target.

It was a bit rare to see missions involving medium-level cosmic cloud state insectoids.

The number of members doing the missions had to be considered as well. Countless prodigies were watching diligently.

Nangong Jing asked, “How long do we need to wait until we earn a hundred thousand points?”

Lu Ze said, “We should just use the points… for something else. A communication device isn’t that bad.”

Qiuyue Hesha nodded. “If our race could replicate one that could cover the entire East Region, it would be greatly beneficial.”

Lin Ling chimed in, “I agree! Our prodigies are increasing. A lot of them will be leaving the Milky Way to explore.”

Alice added, “Yes, although it still requires 5,000 points, it is at least cheaper than the spirit gathering stone.”

Lu Ze said, “In that case, let’s settle on getting the communication device first.”

Nangong Jing and the rest of the girls nodded. She said, “As for the spirit gathering stones… we can ask Mirium if we can get them elsewhere.”

Lin Ling added, “Let’s ask about the dao enlightenment stones too.”

The exchange list didn’t include it. Maybe it was much more precious than the spirit gathering stones.

Even the Elf Race didn’t want to hand them out as rewards.”

Following such, they went back to their usual cultivation routine.

Four hours later, someone knocked on their doors.

Ying Ying, who was watching cartoons on the bed, vanished.

Lu Ze opened the door and saw Cager standing outside.

Cager smiled at him. “Brother Lu Ze, we just got a mission. The targets are three cosmic cloud state insectoids. One is a level-1 cosmic cloud state. The other two are level-2 and level-3 respectively. Big Sister Mirium asked me to inform you.”

Lu Ze and the girls returned the smile. “Let’s go.”

Cager led them to the foyer of the hotel.

The others were already waiting there.

Mirium expounded, “The target is moving towards the territory of the Steel Bone Race. It should arrive within two days. It would take us three days to travel from the trade planet. We should leave now.”

Lu Ze and the girls agreed.