Pocket Hunting Dimension - Chapter 1054 - Medium Grade Spirit Gathering Stone

Chapter 1054 - Medium Grade Spirit Gathering Stone

Chapter 1054: Medium Grade Spirit Gathering Stone

Lu Ze and the girls followed the female elf. They naturally left the room. Likewise, the rest of the crowd followed suit.

The registration site was located in a side room in the foyer.

After completing the registration process, the female elf handed out a metal device to each person.

It was green in color, along with some gold and red runes on it.

The female elf explained, “This is a badge that proves you are a member of the Crisp Green Blade. You can use it in searching for and accepting missions. It can also serve as a communicator. You will be able to receive signals within the entire Elf Cosmic Realm.”

Lu Ze was shocked. It was truly an advanced technology that could only be created by the Elf Race. It was capable of detecting signals across a realm.

That was equivalent to nearly 200 million light-years in diameter.

Lu Ze smiled. “Okay, thank you.”

The female elf replied, “No need to be so polite.”

These humans were too strong. She had experienced it on the stage firsthand.

Although she was a cultivator from the Elf Race, she could only be considered an elite in her own race.

The elf continued, “You are now members of the Crisp Green Blade. You can accept missions at any time. If you’re done with the mission, you can return to the branch, and there will be personnel that will verify it.”

Lu Ze and the girls expressed their understanding through a nod.

“We’ll be going first then.”

Outside the foyer, Fred and his companions were waiting patiently.

They rushed over when they noticed the group. Fred said, “Congratulations, Brother Lu Ze! You guys are now members of the Crisp Green Blade formally”

Lu Ze smiled and nodded. “Thank you.”

Fred looked at the girls and said, “I didn’t expect your lovers to be superbly talented as well.”

Lu Ze grinned. He was delighted to have his harem recognized.

Qiuyue Hesha said, “Thank you, but you should also know that our power is far lacking compared to Ze.”

Mirium responded, “Sisters, you are too humble. You have a cosmic cloud state combat power while your cultivation level remains at level-7 cosmic system state.”

If these humans actually reached the cosmic cloud state, then their combat power could only grow more absurd.

A few of the races who were close to the Golden Spear Race and Crystal Race came over.

“Fred, aren’t you going to introduce us?”

“Yes, it’s our first time to witness prodigies like them.”


Lu Ze and the girls gave a warm response to everyone. After all, only those races who were top-tier cosmic cloud state civilizations, if not peak, could build relations with the two prominent races.

Establis.h.i.+ng a connection with them would surely benefit the Human Race.

Isiah looked at Lu Ze and the girls. He sneered before departing.

After leaving the premises of the department, his eyes flashed.

‘How could the Human Race nurture a powerful prodigy?’

He had to investigate this matter!

Isiah smirked.

Back in the foyer, the other prodigies went off to deal with their own businesses after expressing their goodwill.

Lu Ze and the girls could finally breathe with ease.

Mirium smiled. “Brother Lu Ze, what your group revealed earlier scared them.”

Yi Lei joined the conversation. “Indeed. Although they appear hospitable right now, they are usually prideful cultivators. They would never talk to someone on their own initiative.”

Lu Ze rolled his eyes. He was used to being treated like this anyway.

He then said, “Alright then, let’s hand in the mission first.”

Fred said, “Follow me, Brother Lu Ze.”

They arrived at the region where the mission verification was conducted.

The place was vast. Countless members were having their missions verified.

A few of them were in the foyer before.

Fred brought Lu Ze and the girls to a station where a female cosmic system state elf was in charge.

Fred reported the mission details and took out the recorded scene. He verified the report for Lu Ze and the girls.

After the entire process was finished, Lu Ze received the corresponding points.

He got 500 reward points for the first and 400 reward points for the second.

Following such, they left the department.

Fred said, “Brother Lu Ze, we are planning to look for a suitable mission before heading off. What do you guys think?”

Lu Ze responded, “Let’s do that.”

Right now, Lu Ze could barely release a level-3 cosmic cloud state combat power.

In truth, he was only slightly stronger than Yi Lei and Cager. But a significant gap existed between him and the likes of Fred and Mirium.

Even so, they had nothing to fear because they had Ying Ying around.

Mirium said, “In that case, let’s visit the hotel in the Central Region. That’s a property of the Golden Spear Race.”

Lu Ze recalled how expensive the charge was at the hotel previously.

Back then, that was also the outermost hotel.

The hotel owned by the race of this girl was built in the Central Region! She must be a top-tier wealthy lady.

Yi Lei’s eyes lit up. He said, “Brother Lu Ze has more bearing. If it were just Fred and I, Big Sister Mirium wouldn’t definitely make the offer…”

Before he could finish the sentence, he felt Mirium’s cold glance directed at him.

Mirium showed a smile. “Okay, let’s go.”

They soon arrived at the Central Region Hotel.

This hotel was so much better than the one they stayed at last time.

An enormous area that was completely golden was provided. The group could feel an intense spirit force originating from the inside.

If they cultivated here, their cultivation speed would match their speed at the spirit gathering room.

Seeing how shocked Lu Ze and the girls were, Mirium explained, “The spirit gathering formation in our hotel is extremely powerful. It uses medium-grade spirit gathering stones. Those are considered very rare resources, even in our race. The density of the spirit force had no choice but to increase inside the rooms.”

Lu Ze went to confirm, “A spirit gathering stone is divided into several grades?”

Fred and his companions looked at each other.

Mirium asked, “Brother Lu Ze, you didn’t know?”

They a.s.sumed Lu Ze had a powerful organization behind him.

‘How could he not know about the grades of the spirit gathering stones?’

If his group didn’t rely on the stones, then how else did they cultivate swiftly?

Lu Ze scratched his head. “We usually just use the spirit gathering stone in our race. It’s not that effective now.”

Cager’s mouth twitched. “If that’s the case, then it’s likely that your race uses low-grade stones.”

Lu Ze smiled. “Where can you get medium-grade spirit gathering stones then?”