Pocket Hunting Dimension - Chapter 1053 - Necessary To Investigate

Chapter 1053 - Necessary To Investigate

Chapter 1053: Necessary To Investigate


Dragon Boat Translation


Dragon Boat Translation


Below the stage, the audience grew silent. Everyone was at a loss for words.

‘What just happened? Did the Elven soldier lose just like that?

They couldn’t accept the reality yet.

Right then, Alice’s flame sword disappeared as she retreated. Before returning, she politely said, “Thank you for going easy on me.”

When she reached Lu Ze’s side, she smiled. “Senior, Senior, I won!”

Lu Ze patted her head. “Alice is really amazing.”

The Elven soldier walked off the stage absent-mindedly.

The other Eleven warriors showed stern expressions.

The defeated elf reminded, “Be careful, those humans aren’t simple at all.”

One green-haired female elf proceeded to the stage and asked, “Who is next?”

Lu Li responded, “I’ll go.”

As Alice did, she appeared in front of the female elf in just a blink.

Once more, the prodigies who were watching the fight were dumbfounded because of the incredible speed.

Sure enough, the second human girl proved to be a force to be reckoned with.

‘Did all human prodigies reach this level?’

Lord Anton looked at Lu Ze and the rest of the girls intently before allowing them to continue. “Begin.”

The female elf yelled as she stomped on the ground. Vines began to make their way towards Lu Li.

A green long sword appeared in her hand thereafter. Immediately, she used the full extent of her power!

She didn’t dare to underestimate Lu Li at all after witnessing Alice’s performance.

Lu Li was unfazed as she let out a grin. Dark runes flowed in her eyes as the Eternal Darkness Mist expanded to plunge the entire stage into the dark.

“What? This mist can block my vision and interfere with my mental force. How did this happen?”

“My senses have been restrained too…”


True enough, it was excruciating to look through the mist. If you weren’t strong enough, you wouldn’t even see a single thing on the stage.

Yi Lei and Cager exchanged glances. They failed to see through it.

Fred and Mirium had to struggle a bit before they could continue watching.

As for the female elf, she was forced to look around vigilantly. After all, her limited vision only allowed her to monitor a radius of a hundred meters.

There and then, a fearsome power approached from her behind. She didn’t have enough time to turn properly.

In the end, she could only scream and form a green barrier.

Lu Li’s fist came into contact with the newly formed barrier.


The resulting collision created a shockwave that spread across all directions. But it soon disintegrated after reaching the borders of the stage.


The green barrier revealed signs of fracturing.

The female elf couldn’t quite believe it. “What? How is this possible?!”

A single punch caused her barrier to break?!

Before she could have more time to counter, Lu Li adjusted her fist into a palm and pressed it against the barrier.

Dark flames were ignited and moved to trapped the female elf.

Lu Li’s opponent was forced into a corner. She gulped and finally said, “I lost.”

Upon witnessing it, the other prodigies exclaimed, “That girl is unbelievably powerful too!”

“Are all human prodigies actually this strong?!”


Given the current members of the Crisp Green Blade, the power exhibited by the Human Race this time was actually weaker than most of the cultivators present. After all, the majority of the prodigies were all cosmic cloud states.

Nevertheless, it had to be considered that the group of humans before them were only cosmic system states. If the field had to be evened and they were reverted to the same state, they wouldn’t be as strong as the humans.

Everyone turned their heads at Isiah, who then sensed the change in the mood of the room. His mouth twitched.

Everything didn’t match his thoughts. There must be a problem.

Isiah’s eyes flashed while Lord Anton raised a brow.

‘Human Race…’

He scanned through his memories and soon retrieved something about the race.

Two thousand years ago, a few youths of the Human Race had crossed paths with the Elf Race. They pleaded to be brought to the Divine Tree in order to forcefully turn them into cosmic system states.

This kind of incident rarely occurred in the recent ten thousand years. Naturally, it left some kind of impression on him.

‘How could a new race produce an overwhelmingly powerful prodigy?’

Not only were their foundations extremely solid, but their talent was also something to be wary of. Their mastery of G.o.d art and divine art truly astounded him. Perhaps the Human Race was guarding a grave secret.

‘The Insectoid Race went on a rampage…’

‘The Human Race deviated from its weak nature…’

As it turned out, an extensive investigation should be conducted soon.

Both Lu Li and the female elf got off the platform.

When Lu Li had gone back to Lu Ze, she asked, “How did I do?”

She resembled a kitten waiting to be complimented.

Lu Ze rubbed her head. “Extremely amazing.”

Without break, the match continued. This time around, Lin Ling volunteered with a smile. “I’ll go.”

Lin Ling was a peak level-7 cosmic system state. The group had nothing to worry about.

As they had predicted, the moment Lin Ling entered the platform, she adeptly avoided the attacks of her enemy. Her green spear shortly breached the defenses of the male elf and forced him to admit defeat without much struggle.

Without any changes, Nangong Jing and Qiuyue Hesha had done the same. They were level-8 cosmic system states with level-2 cosmic cloud state combat power. Hence, they won over without exerting too much effort.

In fact, they didn’t need to launch full-powered attacks.

They only revealed a power equivalent to what Lu Li and Alice showed.

At this point, everyone grew numb after accepting how capable the humans were. Lu Ze was the last human left untested.

Lu Ze looked at the crowd and scratched his head.

‘Who should he be fighting then?’

In the end, the answer didn’t matter.

Everyone looked at Lu Ze curiously. His status among his peers seemed to be the highest.

‘Logically, he should be the strongest, right?’

However, the five Elven warriors were probably insufficient in forcing Lu Ze to go all out.

Just when Lu Ze was keen to try, Lord Anton already stood up and smiled. “The test ends here. I approve of your members.h.i.+p in the Crisp Green Blade. Congratulations, you’re all members now.”

Lu Ze scratched his head. “Lord Anton, I haven’t been tested yet.”

Anton gave him a smile. “We don’t need to. You’re clearly stronger than your comrades. My soldiers aren’t a match for you.”

The other prodigies were dumbfounded.

True enough, the male human seemed to be formidable.

They looked at him curiously. The desire to learn his actual strength arose.

Anton remarked, “I didn’t expect the Human Race to produce prodigies like your group. Alright, go and sign up.”

He left afterwards.

At this time, one female elf approached the group and said, “I’ll lead you to the registration.”