Pocket Hunting Dimension - Chapter 1052 - Terrifying Fire Control

Chapter 1052 - Terrifying Fire Control

Chapter 1052: Terrifying Fire Control


Dragon Boat Translation


Dragon Boat Translation

Isiah and the rest of the cultivators in the room were bewildered.

‘Oh, they are actually serious about being tested?!’

Those who were cosmic system states clearly weren’t dull-witted. Since they dared to be tested, it could only mean that they had confidence in their ability.

As it turned out, that bunch of humans really possessed a cosmic cloud state combat power?!

The other prodigies in the crowd only managed to have a cosmic cloud state combat power when they became peak cosmic system states.

But what about these humans? They weren’t even peak cosmic system states yet. Even so, they had a cosmic cloud state combat power?

Could they still be called humans?

Anton nodded. “Follow me then.”

He walked towards a pa.s.sage. Accordingly, Lu Ze and his girls followed suit, including Fred and his companions.

The rest of the cultivators looked at each other. “Let’s watch it!”

They couldn’t resist their curiosity and followed behind.

Anton soon reached a room and walked in.

On the outside, the room didn’t appear to be s.p.a.cious. Upon entering it, the inside actually had over a hundred kilometers area.

A platform that was tens of kilometers wide was installed at the center. There were rows of seats on the side. Within those rows, five Elven soldiers from the Elf Race were seated.

They appeared to be cultivating.

Anton led the group to the border of the stage.

The Elven soldiers opened their eyes. Two of them were males while three were females. All of them were peak cosmic system states.

One had to admit that the Elf Race looked ethereal. The men were lethally attractive while the women were breathtakingly beautiful beyond words.

Lu Ze couldn’t resist sparing another glance. He knew he had to stop when the murderous chi from his behind intensified.

The Elven warriors were also studying them.

After realizing Lu Ze and the girls were merely level-8 cosmic system states, the soldiers were puzzled. They look at Anton for clarification.

Anton challenged, “If you manage to beat an Elven warrior whose combat power just stepped into the cosmic cloud state on the stage, you will become a member of the Crisp Green Blade. Understood?”

Based on his remark, a peak cosmic system state Elven warrior had a cosmic cloud state combat power.

Even the leader of the Barbarian Race only attained a cosmic cloud state combat power after becoming a peak cosmic system state. It took him tens of thousands of years. More crucially, it was only him who managed to do so.

In comparison, the Elven soldiers were obviously younger, but they already owned cosmic cloud state combat power. And there were five of them all at once.

On the other hand, the Elven warriors were more befuddled right now.

‘Did those humans really possess a cosmic cloud state combat power?’

‘They had weaker cultivation levels though!’

‘Why were they looking at them with bewilderment?’

They belonged to the Elf Race.

‘What is so surprising about having a cosmic cloud state combat power?’

The leading female elf who looked alluring nodded. “Sure, Lord Anton.”

Lu Ze nodded as well. “Understood.”

Anton said, “Begin then.”

He withdrew and sat down to watch Lu Ze and the girls.

Everyone waited for the battle to begin.

A green-haired elf flew onto the stage.

He revealed a graceful smile. “Which one of you wants to come first?”

Alice offered, “Senior, I’ll go.”

Lu Ze didn’t stop her. “Okay, be careful.”

Alice giggled. “I know.”

In the next second, she suddenly appeared on the stage.

The other on-lookers narrowed their eyes.

“Such speed!”

“This human girl is only a level-7 cosmic system state. How is she so fast?”

At this juncture, they noticed the wind around Alice.

“That is… Wind Divine Art?”

A level-7 cosmic system state is capable of achieving an unimaginable speed just by relying on the Wind Divine Art?

‘What joke is this?’

Even Fred and his companions were pleasantly surprised. They a.s.sumed only Lu Ze was talented. They didn’t expect the obedient-looking girl following him to be this threatening?!

A trace of change can even be noted in Lord Anton’s face.

With her speed alone, it would be difficult for enemies to deal with her.

Alice just reached level-7 cosmic system state. When Lu Ze was in the same state, he already had a level-2 cosmic cloud state combat power.

The gap between her and Lu Ze wasn’t that significant. She at least had a level-1 cosmic cloud state combat power now.

Alice observed the Elven soldier.

Dark light circulated her hands. Thereafter, a small black statue emerged.

Lu Ze: “…”

The smile on Lu Ze’s face gradually disappeared.


‘He forgot about this!’

Everyone: “???”

They looked strangely at Lu Ze.

‘Isn’t that statue… molded out of the human guy?’

‘What is this?’

‘Did she use the statue of her lover as a weapon?’

Fred’s mouth twitched.

Yi Lei hesitated, but he bolstered up his courage and discreetly asked, “Brother Lu Ze, this statue…”

“Don’t bother asking!” Lu Ze responded before the question was completed.

Yi Lei didn’t dare to probe anymore.

Anton coughed to clear the strange atmosphere. “Alright, let’s begin.”

The Elven soldier nodded at Alice. “Please!”

Alice nodded in return.

The Elven soldier took a deep breath. He would surely show this girl something astounding.

At this point, the temperature suddenly rose.

The Elven warrior’s eyes widened.

Black demonic flames burned around Alice. From these scorching flames, a fire clone emerged.

The elf said in shock, “A fire clone that just reached the cosmic cloud state?!”

That female human alone gave him enough pressure already. Unexpectedly, she created a fire clone.

A human who could form a cosmic cloud state fire clone while being a level-7 cosmic system state…

‘Isn’t she terrifying?’

The fire clone soon charged towards the soldier.

The Elven soldier flashed with green light. Accordingly, a long sword appeared on his right hand.

He let out a battle cry. Energy flowed from the sword and extended to cut through the fire clone.

‘Oh no!’

He became too focused on the fire clone that he forgot about the human girl.

He quickly turned around, only to be confronted by a black flame sword pointed at him.

The black flame sword caused some distortion in the surroundings. Even so, not a trace of flame seeped out.

What a terrifying control on her flame power!

He could only sigh. “I lost.”