Pocket Hunting Dimension - Chapter 103 - The Joy of Wealthy People

Chapter 103 - The Joy of Wealthy People

Chapter 103: The Joy of Wealthy People


Dragon Boat Translation


Dragon Boat Translation

The doors to the training ground were opened, the vibrant blue-haired young girl walked in.

The instant she saw Lu Ze and Lu Li, her eyes lit up, and then, she charged over at Lu Li and hugged her.

“Li, I came to find you to go to school together~”

Then, she looked at Lu Ze and waved her hand. “Good morning Senior schoolmate, Junior schoolmate reporting here~”

Lu Ze glanced at the two, and his mouth spasmed.

He knew they were close, but they didn’t need to hug like that in front of him?

Lu Li sighed helplessly and broke free from Alice’s arm. “Alice, how come you came here?”

Alice giggled and raised her flat chest saying, “Because I’ve moved next to you!”

Lu Ze: “???”

Lu Li: “!!!”

The two looked dazedly at Alice.

What was this??

Moved next to their house?

Wasn’t it last night??

Seeing their expressions, Alice smiled. “Father paid ten times the price to buy the house here.”

Lu Ze: “!!!”

Lu Li: “!!!”

Oh my!

Ten times?!

That was inhuman!!

What wealth was this? How could they spend money like that?

Seeing Alice smile, Lu Ze’s mouth spasmed.

Was this the joy of wealthy people??

But thinking about it, Merlin was a star level being. He was no ordinary person for sure. It was understandable that he was wealthy?

Alice looked at Lu Ze. “Didn’t Senior schoolmate have an agreement with Father? I’m thinking that I can stay with Li too, so I persuaded Father to move here.”

Lu Li heard this and her eyes flashed. She showed a gentle smile as she looked at Lu Ze. “Brother, what agreement is it?”

She didn’t think her brother would have some ties to a star level being. The only connection would be Alice.

This would make her care.

Lu Ze smiled and said, “I just asked Uncle to help protect father, mother, and you.”

Lu Li heard the words and hesitated slightly. She didn’t expect the agreement was like that.

She frowned. How could a star level being agree to be a bodyguard?

Alice smiled and explained, “It’s due to me, Li.”

Then, Alice told her about how Lu Ze saved her.

After all, she didn’t tell Lu Li before because she didn’t want Lu Li to worry.

She let loose her feelings due to playing with Lu Ze for a whole day and let out what she had kept inside of her for so long to Lu Ze. She completely didn’t expect that Lu Ze had a way to resolve it.

Perhaps this was fate?

Thinking about this, Alice glanced at Lu Ze.

Senior schoolmate was her savior.

Now, her state would only get better and better. She no longer needed to keep it from Lu Li.

Lu Li listened quietly with complicated eyes.

Lu Li thought that Alice was just an ordinary girl. When Alice revealed that her dad was a star level being, she had her conjectures, but she didn’t expect things were like this.

She started dealing with that pressure since five. It must’ve been very tough.

Seeing Alice’s bright smile, Lu Li felt like she definitely wouldn’t be able to do it. She wouldn’t be able to constantly maintain a smile like that.

She nodded. “So that’s it, Brother saved you…”

What else could she say?

Alice was her only close friend. Lu Ze saved Alice. Of course, she was happy.

But, this script didn’t seem to be going right?!

Alice already had a good impression of her brother. Now looking at this guy’s eyes, Lu Li felt things weren’t good.

How should she deal with this?

Why did this happen?

For the first time, there was someone she liked. For the first time, she had a close friend. Shouldn’t the two combined result in more happiness?

Why did things become like this?

So annoying!

It’s all Lu Ze’s fault!!

Lu Li was very annoyed and glanced at Lu Ze.

Lu Ze was a little dumbfounded. What was this look?

What did he do?

Hearing this, Alice smiled. “Yeah, Senior schoolmate saved me. It was like a dream!”

Then, she hugged Lu Li again. “Hehe~ Li and Senior schoolmate are indeed siblings. Li went into my heart, and Senior schoolmate saved my life. It’s so fortunate that I met you guys.”

Lu Li’s eyes flashed as she smiled and said, “Alice, we’re actually not blood siblings.”


Hearing this, Alice couldn’t react in time. “Hmm?”

Then, she opened her eyes and mouth wide open while looking at the two in shock. “Li, you guys aren’t blood siblings?!”

She looked at Lu Ze. “Is that really so Senior schoolmate?”

Lu Ze smiled and nodded. He pointed at himself. “Really, I was the one adopted.”

Since Lu Li didn’t plan to hide it, neither did he.

Lu Li ignored Alice’s reaction and continued, “By the way, this guy looked at me with a strange look when I left the shower this morning. What a psycho brother.”


Lu Ze felt Alice’s glance became strange. His mouth spasmed as he protested, “I think my glance was very innocent!”

It was clearly the fault of the rabbit pajamas.

Was it really appropriate to say this about him in front of Alice?

Lu Ze felt his image completely collapse in Alice’s eyes.

Alice looked at the awkward Lu Ze and then at Lu Li, who had glimmering eyes.

The two looked at each other and noticed something different.

At this moment, Alice said, “Li, let’s go first. We’re going to be late for school.”

Lu Li smiled and flicked her long hair while nodding, “Mhm.”

Then, Alice waved her hand to Lu Ze. “Senior schoolmate, I’ll cook for you tonight, bye!”

Lu Li’s body froze as she smiled even more gently at Lu Ze.

Then, the two left.

Glancing at the two, Lu Ze felt that for some reason there wasn’t something right. Was it a misperception?

Lu Ze didn’t ponder on it more. He was antic.i.p.ating the dinner tonight.

Alice was really nice!

She just said last night she would cook for him, and now, here she is today.