Pocket Hunting Dimension - Chapter 1051 - Live Elf Race

Chapter 1051 - Live Elf Race

Chapter 1051: Live Elf Race


Dragon Boat Translation


Dragon Boat Translation

The highest degree they can achieve was familiar mastery. However, they paled in comparison to Lu Ze. It was ridiculous to still praise themselves.

Meanwhile, Lu Ze scratched his head. ‘Did he say something wrong? Sure enough, divine art was much difficult for others to comprehend.’

He quickly changed the subject. “Um, let’s go to the Crisp Green Blade.”

Yi Lei avoided the awkwardness with a laugh. “Yes, let’s move.”

Right then, Fred provided, “You should note that in order to become a member of the Crisp Green Blade, you need to possess a cosmic cloud state combat power. They might conduct some test later.”

Fred, fearing Lu Ze would be annoyed, looked at the latter carefully. The more he got to know the human prodigy, the more he found the other person unpredictable. By now, he absolutely believed Lu Ze was not a simple man.

‘If Lu Ze got angry…’

The hairs on his skin stood on ends just by thinking about it.

Lu Ze was a bit surprised, but he soon gave a nod. “That is not a problem.”

Anyway, all of them possessed a cosmic cloud state combat power already.

Quickly, the group picked up the pace. Along the way, the powerful beings they encountered increased. Some would purchase resources while others wandered around.

The looming threat posed by the insectoid tide rendered the trade planet the safest place. Hence, the number of those races wandering the streets grew. Most of them had fled their territory and sought shelter within the area to avoid the insectoid.

This scene made Lu Ze think about the plight of the Blade Demon Race. He wondered whether they escaped or not.

Shortly, the entire group reached the central area. The measly population stood out. Among this crowd, the weakest were cosmic system states. Most of the cultivators were even cosmic cloud states.

In a couple of seconds, they were in front of a grandiose structure that was tens of meters tall. A large area was occupied by it. Upon looking closely, beautiful runes adorned the door.

Those who made use of the ingress and egress were usually younger beings. Despite their age, their chis were already threatening. All of them were cosmic cloud states!

Fred mentioned, “This is the Crisp Green Blade Branch Department. Let’s enter.”

Lu Ze followed suit. He was a bit surprised. The youths he observed were very strong. A handful of them had surpa.s.sed his power. It made him aware of how lacking his current strength was.

The group pushed open the door. Inside, various races were present in the living room.

As soon as entered, the crowd noticed Fred and nodded at him.

“Fred, you guys are back?”

“Mirium, how did the mission go?”


The two only responded with smiling expressions.

At this juncture, someone asked, “Fred, who are these people?”

Everyone looked over. They didn’t expect Fred to bring company. The person he brought didn’t even belong to a well-known powerful race of the East Region…

At this moment, one hairless gray-skinned being sneered. “Human Race? Isn’t this a puny race that doesn’t even have a cosmic cloud state? This bunch of brats isn’t cosmic cloud states yet. Fred, what are you guys doing? You brought a weak race to our branch. Do you want us to be ridiculed?”

Everyone was taken aback. The Human Race wasn’t particularly powerful, neither did it have a stable foundation.

Fred furrowed his brows as Mirium glanced at the gray-rune cultivator. “Isiah, your Gray Stone Race let two cosmic cloud state insectoids flee before. It led to the destruction of several civilizations. You should learn to mind your business first.”

Isiah’s face fell. Just when he was about to defend himself, a clear voice interrupted the scene. “What are you guys arguing about?”

The expressions of everyone changed. The previously clamorous living room lost its liveliness. Everyone acted like obedient children.

At this moment, a figure came out of the room on the side. It was a skinny man who was over 2 meters tall. He wore an exquisite green-flower-runed armor. He had green hair, pointed ears. Overall, he had an extremely handsome appearance.

Everyone greeted, “Lord Anton.”

Anton smiled elegantly and nodded.

Lu Ze widened his eyes. ‘Is this a being from the Elf Race?’

A live, breathing elf in person!

This was his first time to encounter one. Well, he can at least admit that Lord Anton was quite the charmer. He was truly handsome than Lu Ze was, but not that much.

The girls also looked at Lord Anton curiously. It became Lu Ze’s turn to be jealous.

He coughed to prevent them from ogling. “What are you girls looking at? Isn’t the most handsome person already in front of you?”

The girls rolled their eyes.

Lu Li asked, “Are you jealous?”

The other girls found it amusing.

Lu Ze’s mouth twitched. Suddenly, he didn’t want to talk anymore. But in the end, he countered, “Jealous? Am I the type to get jealous?”

After witnessing the witless bunch treat the entire room like air, Fred and his companions broke out in a cold sweat.

These ignorant humans didn’t mind their manners even though they were in the presence of the Elf Race.

They must truly possess something that gave them a lot of courage. Even Isiah was confused.

‘Since when did the Human Race become this bold?’

Their blunder proved how weak races remained inferior races. They couldn’t even understand the prestige of the Elf Race.

Even if the Gray Stone Race was merely a peak cosmic cloud state race, they still weren’t stupid enough to act impolitely in front of the Elf Race.

Anton looked at Lu Ze and the girls for a longer time. He discovered a hint of complexity in them. Although their cultivation level remained at the cosmic system state, his instincts told him they shouldn’t be underestimated. But regardless, they were mere humans.

Anton said, “The Crisp Green Blade is a place dedicated to dealing with the disaster brought upon by the insectoids. It’s not established so that you can air your conflicts. If you really have to argue, then leave this room.”

Everyone answered, “Yes, Lord Anton!”

Anton nodded. When he was about to leave, Fred said, “Lord Anton, please wait a moment!”

Anton turned around and said impatiently, “What else is it?”

Fred explained, “My friends here wish to join the Crisp Green Blade. Please test their combat power, Lord Anton.”

The atmosphere in the room turned frigid.

Isiah and the rest looked at Fred in a daze.

‘These humans… Did they actually dare to join the Crisp Green Blade?’

‘Did that mean they have a cosmic cloud state combat power?’

The pathetic Human Race could produce a prodigy with a cosmic cloud state combat power while being a cosmic state?

‘What absurdity are they spewing?;

Anton raised a brow, but he wasn’t too surprised either. He already sensed something odd about them.

He smiled and looked at Lu Ze. “You guys want to be tested?”

Lu Ze nodded. “Yes, Lord Anton.”