Pocket Hunting Dimension - Chapter 1048 - For Convenience Sake

Chapter 1048 - For Convenience Sake

Chapter 1048: For Convenience Sake


Dragon Boat Translation


Dragon Boat Translation

Lu Ze smiled. “Is there a problem?”

During this time, his cultivation rate simply increased twofold after mooching off the grand battle in the Pocket Hunting Dimension.

But to outsiders, the incredibly faster rate was absurd.

Fred and Yi Lei shook their heads stiffly.

Fred responded awkwardly, “No, there is nothing.”

This human bypa.s.sed five levels within the cosmic system state in just five months. He even owned a terrifying pet.

Fred has now become certain of his hunch. Surely, a supreme being is supporting Lu Ze. Perhaps this expert recognized something special in the latter.

Lu Ze might be extraordinarily talented. There was no other logical explanation for his abrupt progress. Even an endless supply of cultivation resources wouldn’t cut it.

Regardless, it was a private matter they shouldn’t pry into.

Lu Ze was purely a prodigy that belonged to the universal level. Even the Elf Princess couldn’t compare with the peerless human.

Mirium smiled. “Fred, who are they? Why don’t you introduce them to us?”

Fred returned the smile. “This is a prodigy from the Human Race, Lu Ze. His talent is unparalleled. When I met him five months ago, he was just a level-2 cosmic system state.”

Fred didn’t intend to hide anything from his close acquaintances.

In the near future, Lu Ze’s exceptional talent and unmatched power will be known by the entire Elf Cosmic Realm. Every race will be able to recognize his alarming apt.i.tude.


‘Skipping five levels within a prominent state in just five months…’

‘This refers to the cosmic system state though…’

Immediately, the other two cultivators looked at Lu Ze in a different light.

This could explain Fred’s unusual att.i.tude upon learning the human had become a level-8 cosmic system state.

‘So that turned out to be the reason!’

‘How could someone possess an unrivaled talent?’

Wait a minute, something else wasn’t right…

‘Why can the Human Race produce a G.o.d-like prodigy? Who else is supporting Lu Ze?’

‘What else could explain the leap in his progress? Is it really just the unlimited supply of resources and his inherent talent?’

Mirium and Cager immediately made conjectures that caused their skins to crawl.

Mirium telepathically said, “Fred, who is backing up this human?”

Fred answered, “I don’t know either. I am not naive enough to question him. When I encountered him before, he owned a level-1 cosmic cloud state pet with a level-6 or level-7 combat power. His pet knows s.p.a.ce G.o.d Art.”

Mirium: “…”

‘Oh my! Did they meet a maniac?’

“Is he… a prince from an eminent empire or a well-connected organization then?”

‘What is his actual family background?’

Fred was puzzled. “I don’t know anything. It is plausible though.”

After a period of silence, Mirium smiled at Lu Ze. “I didn’t expect Brother Lu Ze to be a divine prodigy. Please excuse my rudeness. I am Mirium, a prodigy from the Golden Spear Race. This is a younger fellow from my race, Cager.”

Lu Ze amicably returned the greeting. “h.e.l.lo.”

The features of the Golden Spear Race were closer to the Human Race. Aesthetically speaking from the perspective of a human, Mirium was a rare, breathtaking G.o.ddess of beauty.

Except for the metallic l.u.s.trous skin, she could even pa.s.s off as a human.

Nangong Jing and the rest of Lu Ze’s girls instantly narrowed their eyes. Even if they belonged to distinct races, others might confuse their origins if it weren’t for the difference in skin color. The girls couldn’t stand Lu Ze glancing at Mirium.

When Lu Ze sensed the animosity, he quickly introduced, “These are my lovers…”

This time, his girls revealed a triumphant smirk.

Fred then said, “It is only right for Brother Lu Ze to claim the reward points for the two missions. There should be a lot. Aren’t you going to collect them?”

Only then did Lu Ze realize that he practically accomplished two missions already.

‘Should he take a look then?’

He thought about it and asked the girls telepathically. “What do you girls think? Should we go?”

Qiuyue Hesha replied, “I think we should. The Elf Race will surely offer valuable items.”

Nangong Jing agreed. “We really should. If we return now, the old man is going to pester us again.”

All of them instinctively stiffened. This was a crucial matter.

Lu Ze nodded.

“Alright, let’s have a look,” Lu Ze replied to Fred.

The eyes of the four prodigies lit up. It was in their best interest to form a connection with Lu Ze as early as possible.

Yi Lei said, “In that case, let’s go together, Brother Lu Ze. We have to finish missions right now too.”

Lu Ze gave the other party a nod. They didn’t know their way through the Elf Cosmic Realm. It would be much easier to navigate the place with the help of these two cosmic cloud state prodigies.

He looked at Man Kun and his companions. He then asked, “Will you be able to wait a while until things are settled here?”

Lu Ze was a bit reluctant to leave since he wanted to watch over the Barbarian Race in the meantime. After all, he had to honor the alliance, and Man Kun was personally his friend.

After hearing the response of the other party, Fred and his group hesitated. They, however, gave a nod in the end.

Mirium said, “In that case, we’ll wait with Brother Lu Ze.”

They were pressed for time. Even so, the rewards tied with completing a mission from the Crisp Green Blade weren’t important as building a good relations.h.i.+p with Lu Ze.

Man Kun and the rest were dumbfounded. They didn’t expect that top-tier prodigies were willing to waste their time for Lu Ze.

‘Didn’t this mean that Lu Ze’s talent was unsurpa.s.sable?’

Simultaneously, they felt thrilled by the developments.

After all, their races had close relations. For convenience sake, you might as well count Lu Ze as a barbarian.

Man Yong quickly offered, “Then, I’ll arrange a place to stay for you.”

The leader of the Barbarian Race and the elders took a day to pay respect to the souls of their ancestors. Thereafter, they also planned to hold a banquet to welcome the prodigies.

Fred and the rest expressed their desire to form tactical cooperation with the allies of the Human Race. They would suggest the idea to the heads of the Crystal Race and the Golden Spear Race once they return.

It was the wisest plan for them.

The Barbarian Race was much more elated by the prospect. They just lost their strongest trump card with the pa.s.sing of the ancestral souls. It would be best if they could work with the Crystal Race and the Golden Spear Race. This bridge was only made possible by Lu Ze.

As a result, the high-level officials of the Barbarian Race both respected and felt grateful towards Lu Ze.

On the other hand, Lu Ze was quite embarra.s.sed.

Life still had to go forward amidst the pain.

During the third day, Lu Ze and his girls finally boarded the New Dawn and left the planet with Fred and his team.