Pocket Hunting Dimension - Chapter 1047 - Things Don't Seem Right

Chapter 1047 - Things Don't Seem Right

Chapter 1047: Things Don’t Seem Right

The crystal s.h.i.+p soon made its way into the Barbarian G.o.d Planet.

At this moment, two cosmic system state barbarians stopped in front of the s.h.i.+p. They looked imposing as they wore cold expressions.

One of the barbarians probed, “Who are you?”

The Barbarian Race had turned vigilant at this time. It was a necessity since the leader of the race and the rest of the cultivators were currently paying their respects to the ancestral souls. The sacred period couldn’t be interrupted.

The occupants of the s.h.i.+p frowned. Since time immemorial, they were revered as the top-notch prodigies of a prominent cosmic cloud state civilization. Hence, no cosmic system state civilization had treated them like this. It greatly irked them.

When Fred scanned the place outside the window, he saw the dense cl.u.s.ter of corpses. He was taken aback.

“Look at the surface of the planet.”

Cager said, “As expected, the insectoid tide plagued this planet.”

Mirium frowned. “This shouldn’t be right. Those three cosmic cloud state insectoids might not stand a chance against us, but that shouldn’t be the case for the Barbarian Race. How could they defeat them?!”

Fred agreed with a nod. “Let’s ask them.”

Outside the s.h.i.+p, four figures appeared.

The barbarians felt stunned by their arrival. “As it turned out, the masters of the Crystal Race and the Golden Spear Race have graced us. I apologize for the rudeness.”

The Golden Spear Race and the Crystal Race were deemed the strongest cosmic cloud state races in the whole Elf Cosmic Realm. Even before the decline of the Barbarian Race, they still couldn’t compare with the two races.

Since they were rather easy-going, the barbarians didn’t need to needlessly worry.

One of the barbarians said, “Our leader is wors.h.i.+pping the souls of our ancestors. He is unable to greet you. Please forgive us.”

“Souls of your ancestors?”

Mirium raised a brow. “Are you referring to the souls of your ancestors from ten thousand years ago?”

Mirium also heard about them before.

The barbarian confirmed. “Yes, Master from the Golden Spear Race.”

Yi Lei communicated telepathically. “Did something happen to the soul of their ancestors?”

Mirium replied, “Is it because of the insectoid tide? Let’s confirm it.”

Cager smiled and waved his hand. “No need to be formal. We were led here due to an emergency. I want to ask a few questions.”

One of the barbarians asked, “Masters, are you going to inquire about the insectoid tide?”

Yi Lei said, “It must be true then. Your race recently faced an insectoid tide. Then, forgive my straightforwardness, I don’t think your race can subjugate those cosmic cloud state insectoids…”

Before he could finish, his face suddenly turned to the side where a few figures made themselves known.

It was Lu Ze and his girls!

Yi Lei and Fred were taken back.

Yi Lei exclaimed, “It is you?!”

As fate would have it, the human prodigy was here.

Fred smiled. “It turned out to be Brother Lu Ze. I have been wondering how the cosmic cloud state insectoids are eradicated swiftly. I now know the answer after seeing you.”

Mirium: “???”

Cager: “???”

The other two were confused. Yi Lei often overreacted, so they didn’t find his response reliable. But for Fred to actually smile…

Mirium knew Fred was a prideful cultivator. ‘How could he be smiling right now?’

She began to doubt whether she was actually awake. When she turned to observe Lu Ze, she discovered he was merely a level-8 cosmic system state human.

‘What is special about him then?’

‘Why would Fred and Yi Lei behave oddly?’

Lu Ze grinned. “It turned out to be Brother Fred and Brother Yi Lei. What a coincidence that we meet again!”

Fred pointed out, “You are the one who helped the Barbarian Race to deal with the insectoid tide, aren’t you, Brother Lu Ze? I have a feeling you have closer ties to the Barbarian Race. Do you?”

During their encounter at the blade demon territory, a few barbarians were also present.

Lu Ze curled the corners of his lips and nodded, “Yes, the Human Race has established an alliance with the Barbarian Race a few thousand years ago. They have taken care of us in the past.”

Man Yong and his fellow barbarians looked at Lu Ze gratefully. They also witnessed the events in the blade demon territory. Naturally, they recognize the two cultivators from the Crystal Race back then.

Lu Ze’s remark was enough to urge the Crystal Race to value the Barbarian Race more. As expected, both Yi Lei and Fred spared another glance at the latter. Even Mirium and Cager did so too.

Fred smiled. “Ah, that should explain it. It is not a surprise you would lend a hand. The Barbarian Race has a deep foundation. Ten thousand years ago, they used to be a cosmic cloud state civilization. Speaking of which, there seems to be a connection between us too.”

Man Kun and the others: “…”

‘What connection?!’

If they were truly connected, then how come they hadn’t set foot on the Barbarian Race Planet for so many years?

Lu Ze then said, “Did you come here to complete a mission? I accidentally eliminated your mission target again.”

Mirium’s and Cager’s eyes narrowed.


‘Did this level-8 cosmic system state human poach Fred’s mission before?’

It gradually dawned on them that the human before them did finish Fred’s previous mission in the blade demon territory.

‘How is it possible?!’

‘But he is merely a level-8 cosmic system state though?’

‘Where did he get the skill to steal a mission from a level-3 cosmic cloud state like Fred?’

‘What universal joke is this?!’

More shocking than the previous points were the warm treatment of Fred and Yi Lei. They humbled themselves before a human?!

Cager looked strangely at Yi Lei and Fred.

‘Are they bewitched or something?’

Yi Lei waved his hand to dismiss it and smiled. “What are you talking about, Brother Lu Ze? We’re just too slow this time.”

Fred followed up with a nod. “Don’t mind such trivial things. It has been five months since… Oh s.h.i.+t?! Level-8 cosmic system state!”

Earlier, Fred was so shocked to see Lu Ze again that he failed to sense Lu Ze’s current cultivation level.

Yi Lei: “!!!”

‘How long has it been?!’

‘Only five months, right?’

When they met Lu Ze before, he was just a level-2 cosmic system state. In these five months, did he just become a level-8 cosmic system state already?!

But that would imply that he advanced more than one level a month?!

‘What kind of monster did they meet?!’

Mirium and Cager were stunned for different reasons. They were familiar with the nonchalant and proud Fred.

‘Why is suddenly swearing now? Where did the Fred they know go?’

‘What is so shocking about a mere level-8 cosmic system state? It doesn’t make sense.’

Mirium communicated telepathically. “Cager, stay vigilant. There might be something strange here. Perhaps a powerful being is lurking.”

‘Did something happen to Fred and Yi Lei without them knowing?’

Cager nodded seriously. “There is clearly a problem here.”