Pocket Hunting Dimension - Chapter 1049 - Promise Me, Don't Be A Sucker, Okay?

Chapter 1049 - Promise Me, Don't Be A Sucker, Okay?

Chapter 1049: Promise Me, Don’t Be A Sucker, Okay?

A day later, back in the center of the East Region, a fluctuation in s.p.a.ce occurred.

From it, the New Dawn and the s.h.i.+p of the Crystal Race emerged.

Lu Ze and his girls just finished their breakfast. Currently, they were resting on the couch.

Lu Ze curled up the corners of his lips. “We are back on the trade planet again.”

It feels as though they had visited the place a long time ago.

They once encountered the Purple Scale Race in this area. Lu Ze began to wonder whether they were annihilated by the insectoids.

Lu Ze missed them.

Lu Li said, “This cosmic system state s.h.i.+p earned its name accurately. It took us very long to reach this place last time. With our current s.h.i.+p, we only needed a week to reach the place.”

Nangong Jing and the other girls nodded.

Previously, it felt as though they went through ordeals just to reach the planet. But this time, they merely closed their eyes and cultivated for a bit. In the next second, they had already arrived.

Lin Ling said, “It never entered my mind that the Crisp Green Blade will establish a branch in the East Region. I thought we needed to visit the Elf Race.”

The Crisp Green Blade founded departments across the four cardinal directions. The one constructed for the East Region was located at the trade planet.

Fred and his group had already agreed that they would report the completion of the mission first with Lu Ze.

Alice nodded. “I had the same thoughts. Originally, I wanted to visit the Elf Race as well.”

Lu Ze cracked up a smile. “We still have the opportunity to do so in the future.”

In their minds, as long as they had sufficient power, they could just directly visit the place.

Lu Ze himself was quite curious too.

Soon, the two s.h.i.+ps docked at the s.p.a.ce station of the trade planet.

There were much fewer s.h.i.+ps than when they visited last time.

As soon as the s.h.i.+p of the Crystal Race stopped by, a lot of attention was drawn.

“That s.h.i.+p belongs to the… Crystal Race? That is a prodigy from the Cyrstal Race, right?”

“The pa.s.sengers must be members of Crisp Green Blade. Perhaps they returned after finis.h.i.+ng a mission.”

“I’m really envious… You need to possess a cosmic cloud state combat power at the very least in order to join.”

“There is no point in coveting the same thing. They are prodigies of the Crystal Race. Never in our life will we be able to match them.”

“What about the s.h.i.+p following them closely? How come I can’t recall seeing it in the past?”

“I don’t know… Maybe cultivators of the Golden Spear Race are aboard?”

“Probably not. Think about it though. They should be at least a peak cosmic cloud state race before they can join the prodigies of the Crystal Race. Isn’t that more reasonable?”

“They are coming out!”

The crowd watched the doors of the New Dawn intently.

After they saw Lu Ze and his girls alight, they felt confused.

“Which race did they come from?”

“I don’t think I have seen them before. Maybe they are not a cosmic cloud state race?”

Everyone was taken aback. Those who lived in the East Region had a good understanding of all the cosmic cloud state races in the Elf Cosmic Realm.

Without such knowledge, they might inadvertently offend someone they couldn’t handle.

“That group… Don’t they belong to the Human Race?”

Everyone was shocked by the possibility of it.

“Human Race?”

As soon as someone realized which race they belonged to, the entire crowd was befuddled.

‘Isn’t it just a puny cosmic system state race that only entered the galactic era for 2000 years?!’

‘Why would an inferior race follow a prodigy from the Crystal Race?’

‘Did the group agree to become a lackey?’

Well, that was the only possible explanation for the a.s.sociation. Even though they perceived it incorrectly, some of the cultivators were envious.

Most likely, the humans following the prodigies of the Crystal Race should definitely be formidable.

At this moment, Fred and his team also stepped foot on the ground.

The audience gasped. “It’s Fred and Mirium!”

“It’s them! In the Elf Cosmic Realm, they can secure a place among the top 1000 cosmic cloud state prodigies.”

“Hey, the other two prodigies should be Yi Lei and Cager. They secured a prodigy ranking as well. They recently became cosmic cloud states.”

A restriction is imposed on the prodigy ranking. For a prodigy to be included in the ranking, he must have a cosmic cloud state cultivation. This requirement was insanely difficult.

For sure, they will be high-level cultivators of their own race.

To their surprise, Fred and his fellow prodigies smiled and dashed over to accompany Lu Ze and the girls.

Yi Lei pointed out, “Brother Lu Ze, I know I haven’t seen you for just a week. But why does it feel like you have gotten even stronger?”

Lu Ze looked strangely at Yi Lei. He guessed it right.

Even if Lu Ze didn’t complete a breakthrough, he still got stronger. Yi Lei shouldn’t be able to tell. Can he though?

Is it really good to compliment him shamelessly like that?

Lu Ze felt he should be humble. “It’s just negligible progress.”

Cager grinned. “Brother Lu Ze’s little progress wouldn’t be considered little to us.”

Lu Ze: “!!!”

He looked at Cager in disbelief. The guy had a glib tongue.

He didn’t feel bored getting along with them.

In the end, Lu Ze waved his hand in dismissal. “You compliment me too much, Brother Cager.”

“No, no, Brother Lu Ze is just too humble.”

The atmosphere quickly turned awkward.

Nangong Jing and the girls rolled their eyes.

‘How could they not know what Lu Ze is actually like?’

‘Keep acting!’

Fred and Mirium even blushed.

‘These guys must be idiots!’

The two top-tier prodigies couldn’t take it anymore. They shouldn’t let the foolish conversation go on longer.

Fred covered his intentions with a cough. “Brother Lu Ze, do you want to find a place to rest first? If not, do you want to visit the Crisp Green Blade Branch Department straight away?”

Lu Ze thought about it and smiled. “Let’s go to the Crisp Green Blade first then.”

He was interested in discovering the possible mission rewards.

Fred quickly nodded.

Mirium said, “We’ll lead the way then. Brother Lu Ze, you may proceed with the registration and report the completion of those two missions.”

She really didn’t want to be under public scrutiny like this anymore.

Lu Ze didn’t mind either.

The group soon left the s.p.a.ce station.

Everyone gasped. “Hey, did you see that?”

“I saw it…”

“That Yi Lei and Cager treated a human like that…?!”

‘That was outright embarra.s.sing!’

“Promise me, don’t be a sucker, okay?”

“More importantly, did you see Fred’s and Mirium’s att.i.tudes? They are behaving weirdly.”

The others nodded.

“Could it be… that’s not a human? Is it a race that simply resembles the Human Race?”

“But didn’t you hear it clearly? They were going to visit the Crisp Green Blade. Those questionable prodigies… Are they members too?”

“By the way, did you sense the cultivation level of those questionable prodigies?”

A small group of the crowd felt dazed.

‘Aren’t they only cosmic system states?!’