Pocket Hunting Dimension - Chapter 1044 - Pressed A Like For Himself

Chapter 1044 - Pressed A Like For Himself

Chapter 1044: Pressed A Like For Himself


Dragon Boat Translation


Dragon Boat Translation

A star state from the Barbarian Race was being ganged up on by the insectoids.

The battle had only begun for a few minutes, but numerous barbarians had lost their lives. Several more were injured

“d.a.m.ned insectoids!”



The remaining barbarians roared with reddened eyes.

A star state is usually a few hundred years old in terms of age. Even in a very powerful race like the Barbarian Race, the number of star states is scarce.

Throughout the years, most of them were acquainted with each other. They were either friends or closely related by blood.

It broke their heart to watch their comrades die in battle.

Just as when the situation reached the point of hopelessness, a deep black demonic chi suddenly encompa.s.sed the insectoids.

Demonic flames swallowed the star state insectoids inside its core.


A tortured howl reverberated through the area, but in just a brief instant, it stopped.

The demonic flames disappeared along with tens of thousands of insectoids.

The barbarians who witnessed the gruesome annihilation were taken aback.

‘Did all of those insectoids just die?’

As Lu Ze perused the surroundings, he realized how grave the casualty was. Everyone was riddled with wounds or knocking at death’s door.

Seeing it, he said, “Li, Alice, go and treat them. We’ll help the others.”

Lu Li obeyed.

Alice glanced across the battlefield and felt sympathetic. She gave Ze a nod. “Don’t worry, Senior, leave this to us.”

The two girls approached the battlefield and flashed with green light, which then began to surround the whole region.

All the barbarians immediately began to recover while those who were nearly dead were able to stabilize their condition and heal completely.

Following such, Lu Ze, Nangong Jing, Qiuyue Hesha, and Lin Ling went to the cosmic system state battlefield.

There were a few hundred cosmic system states on each side. The insectoids had more, but they couldn’t still gain an overwhelming advantage.

Unfortunately, a few of the cosmic system state barbarians met their untimely death. Those who were still standing sustained grave injuries.

Lu Ze frowned and opened his hand. Then, he clenched it tightly. Accordingly, a ball of sand surged in s.p.a.ce and went to wrap around the cosmic system state insectoids.

Having achieved perfect mastery of Sand One Divine Art with his current cultivation level, Lu Ze’s attack was inherently powerful. His strength was unparalleled.

Almost in an instant, the sand ball shrunk in size until it was only 1 meter.

Lu Ze opened his palm. In coordination, the sand ball also vanished. A ball-shaped pile consisting of cosmic system state carca.s.ses remained in its place.

The cosmic system states of the Barbarian Race: “…”

They were shaken to their core.

The battlefield suddenly became quiet. Everyone gasped.

At this point, another deafening sound interrupted the peace.

The figures of Lu Ze and the girls were finally revealed.

Those cosmic system states who grew closer to the Human Race during the conquest of the Blade Demon Race approached immediately.

Man Yi looked desperately at Lu Ze. “Ze, please help our leader and ancestral souls. They can’t last long!”

“Ze, please help them…”

Lu Ze saw a lot of familiar faces. Man Yong, who boarded the same s.h.i.+p last time, was present. He was covered with wounds and on the verge of withering.

Even so, he didn’t mind the pain. He dashed over just to plead his worries to Lu Ze.

Lu Ze said, “Don’t worry, Elders, we’ll head there now. You guys should recover first. Lin Ling, treat them.”

Lin Ling followed his instructions.

Hearing that Lu Ze agreed, some barbarians fainted on the spot. The remaining ones looked at Lu Ze gratefully.

Lu Ze then left with Nangong Jing and Qiuyue Hesha. Meanwhile, Lin Ling a.s.sured the rest with a smile. “Don’t worry, Ze will save your leader and ancestral soul. Get yourselves treated first.”

She glanced at the unconscious Man Yong as she inserted a green light from her hand into the latter.

Immediately, his life force stabilized while his injuries recovered rapidly.

In a short moment, Man Yong’s life force had returned to its previous state.

The barbarians gasped.

This ability was so terrifying.

Man Yong was a high-level cosmic system state. He was on the brink of death moments ago.

‘How come the human girl can easily revive him without much difficulty?’

It was an unimaginable power.

‘Is she perhaps a cosmic cloud state as well?’

In the distant s.p.a.ce considerably far away from the Barbarian G.o.d Planet, sounds of battles echoed incessantly.

Nothing had changed regarding the three cosmic cloud state insectoids. However, the five ancestral souls were already forced to burn their own souls to raise their combat power.

Despite their efforts, they could only barely stop the cosmic cloud state insectoids.

After a clash, the two sides parted their ways.

The five souls’ light dimmed down.

The leader of the Barbarian Race was riddled with wounds.

Meanwhile, the three insectoids were still perfectly fine.

The black cosmic cloud state sneered. “You burned your souls just to increase your combat power abruptly. After this battle, all your ancestral souls will disintegrate. Actually… it doesn’t matter. Even if you choose not to burn it, we will still rip it apart.”

The insectoids never left anyone alive. They didn’t even spare the souls.

“It seems you guys are at your limit. Let’s not waste time then.”

Just when it was about to attack, it suddenly turned around.

“Hmm? Cosmic cloud states joined again? One, two, three… six??”

“Allies of the Barbarian Race?”

“But their chi is a bit weak. The strongest is probably a level-2 cosmic cloud state. They are incapable of hindering us.”

The black insectoid agreed. “How dare they interfere with us? Let’s find their race and annihilate it too.”

Meanwhile, the leader of the Barbarian Race rejoiced.

‘They were finally here!’

Although Lu Ze’s power appeared insufficient, he knew everything would be taken care of because of the former’s formidable super master.

They had nothing to worry about now.

Luckily, he agreed to become allies with the Human Race. Otherwise, the Barbarian Race would probably end up becoming a wandering race this time.

The leader of the Barbarian Race gave himself a like.