Pocket Hunting Dimension - Chapter 1043 - Concrete Understanding

Chapter 1043 - Concrete Understanding

Chapter 1043: Concrete Understanding

The black cosmic cloud state insectoid led the charge towards the Barbarian Race.

The five ancestral souls roared as the bronze light around them flared up like the sun. Their chi grew even stronger.

Looking from afar, the five souls seemed to be burning.

Seeing this, the eyes of the Barbarian Race’s leader reddened. He gritted his teeth and roared. “Kill!”

His bulky figure glowed with bronze runes. His black hair instantly turned pale. Simultaneously, his chi suddenly shot up again.

A bronze figure appeared behind him and also roared. Eventually, the figure fused with his body. He stepped foot in s.p.a.ce and cause some fractures. His figure disappeared then and there.

The cosmic cloud state combat power couldn’t be detected on the spot anymore. At the same time, a battle erupted in a faraway place.

The universe was quaking. The resulting shockwave pulverized most of the nearby planets.

The cosmic system states of the Barbarian Race also clashed with the cosmic system states of the Insectoid Race.

Their battles also created terrifying storms.

With the Barbarian G.o.d Planet as the center, the surrounding thousands of light-years became a chaotic battlefield. The cosmos continued to quiver as countless planets were destroyed.

Various spirit lights crowded the galaxy.

Deafening sounds consisting of roars and shrieks echoed everywhere.

From time to time, either an insectoid was torn to pieces, or someone from the Barbarian Race was slain.

An ocean of blood drowned the entire region.


Man Yong, a cosmic system state, was being attacked by two cosmic system state insectoids. His body was pierced through by sharp insectoid limbs. Blood instantly poured out from his wound.

The cosmic system state barbarian on the side witnessed the exchange and roared. His left hand released blood mist as he clenched his right hand and attacked the insectoids that were about to cut off Man Yong’s head.


The insectoid fell back. Still, he didn’t stop in his tracks and swung his leg through the insectoid.

Man Yong took out a green rune and crushed it. A green light encompa.s.sed his wound. He looked at the broken arm of the barbarian earlier. His pale face snarled. “Kill!”

He didn’t rest at all. His bulky body withered as a puddle of blood formed around him.

The two kept attacking the other insectoids.

Man Kun, Man Xiu, and the other prodigies of the Barbarian Race were also defending against the insectoid tide.

The wave of insectoids consisted of planetary state insectoids.

“Defend until death! We must not let these insectoids breach our sacred ancestral planet!” Man Kun roared.

Tens of thousands of planetary state prodigies of the Barbarian Race burned their spirit force.




The two sides clashed, and the resulting explosion rang through the entire planet.

The powerful shockwave caused the entire place to shake. The scene was akin to doomsday.

The sky was permanently dyed red as countless bodies rained down. The intensity was overwhelming because of the sheer number of corpses.

Even though the exchange of blows was short, hundred of bodies already descended from the sky, further tainting the ground red.

Man Kun’s face grew hideous. Complicated runes glowed on his skin as he held his giant sword. With every cut, sharp sword rays hacked swarms of insectoids.

Even so, the sea of insectoids was endlessly sweeping past them without any decrease in number.

Man Xiu, who was next to Man Kun, killed the other insectoids he could.

The other prodigies near them formed a barrier in order to stop the planetary state insectoids from gaining access to the planet.

Some barbarians were stronger than Man Kun. They were nearing the star state. However, the others were merely mortal evolution states.

Despite the disadvantage, they didn’t show signs of wanting to retreat.

As time went on, the faces of the Barbarian Race’s prodigies lost their color. Their attacks were greatly weakened, but more and more insectoids were still inching closer.

Man Xiu’s eyes flashed with despair. “Kun, we won’t be able to stop this soon!”

The veins on Man Kun’s hands popped as he slashed a row of insectoids. He roared, “We have to try! We must hold on until Ze arrives!”

The other barbarians roared. “Kun, are you sure the Human Race will lend their hand? There are three cosmic cloud state insectoids here. Even our ancestral souls are no match for them.”

They could clearly sense the feeble chi of the ancestral souls and the leader of the race. Unfortunately, the chi of the three leading insectoids remained unaffected.

The disparity in strength was substantial.

‘Would the Human Race really risk their lives to help them?’

Man Kun shouted, “They definitely will! Hold on! They will surely come!”

The prodigies squeezed out the remaining bit of their power once more. Right now, they had no other option but to wait for reinforcements from the Human Race.

At this juncture, in the depths of the insectoid tide, a silver light flashed. Once it vanished, Lu Ze and his girls emerged.


The nearby planetary state insectoids were taken aback, but they still charged at the group.

Before Lu Ze and his team could even look around, they felt countless violent chi directed at them.

Qiuyue Hesha furrowed her brows. A pink light flashed and the surrounding planetary states were immobilized. Like a virus, each and every insectoid in the entire planet was paralyzed. All of them shrieked.

On the other hand, the faces of the prodigies from the Barbarian Race worsened.

It appeared as though the insectoids were launching their ultimate attack. All at once, the chi of the Insectoid Race turned chaotic. Their bodies even dropped down like flies and formed myriad layers around the planet.

This scene stunned the prodigies of the Barbarian Race. Their gazes s.h.i.+fted between the insectoids on the ground and the once infested clear skies.

Only those who had been to the blade demon territory had smiles on their faces.

Man Kun announced, “They are here! The Human Race is here! Our reinforcements are here! Lu Ze and the girls are here!”

The rest of the prodigies had heard enough of Lu Ze and his girls. All the cosmic system states who partic.i.p.ated in dealing with the Blade Demon Race constantly mentioned them.

The young cosmic cloud state prodigies were naturally curious.

But when they saw them personally, they had a more concrete understanding.

In an instant, that doomsday-like disaster had faded into nothingness.

They were truly and incredibly formidable.

Lu Ze frowned. “This situation is quite serious. Let’s go and help.”