Pocket Hunting Dimension - Chapter 1045 - Mourn Across The Entire Race

Chapter 1045 - Mourn Across The Entire Race

Chapter 1045: Mourn Across The Entire Race

At this moment, some movement in s.p.a.ce occurred. Lu Ze, Nangong Jing, and Qiuyue Hesha appeared thereafter.

As soon as they did, the three cosmic cloud state insectoids, the leader of the Barbarian Race, and five ancestral souls looked over.

The black insectoids said coldly, “No matter what species you belong to, you have successfully secured the annihilation of your race!”

High-level insectoids didn’t care about the death of low-level insectoids.

They were merely tools for high-level insectoids to discard.

The insectoids were just infuriated by the audacity of Lu Ze and his group to interfere with their plans.

This shouldn’t be tolerated.

Lu Ze looked at the three insectoids and raised a brow.

They appeared so ferocious.

He said telepathically, “Ying Ying?”

Ying Ying’s clear voice entered his head. “What’s wrong?”

“Look at these three insectoids, don’t they look appetizing?”

Ying Ying responded with a disgusted tone, “No, they don’t look appetizing.”

Lu Ze: “???”

‘Is he still talking to the real Ying Ying?’

‘Did she just refuse to eat?’

The insectoids saw Lu Ze gasp in shock and sneered. “Did you just recognize fear now? Too late though! Your race will be obliterated!”

Lu Ze ignored the insectoids and focused his attention on communicating telepathically.

“Just kill them then.”

Ying Ying said, “Oh.”

In the next second, the three cosmic cloud states suddenly vanished in thin air like they never existed.

Barbarian Race Leader: “???”

‘What happened?’

‘Where did they go?’

He couldn’t feel their chi anymore. Not even a trace was left.

Even Lu Ze and girls were dazed. They couldn’t also tell how it occurred.

Lu Ze was at a loss for words.

‘Sure enough, she was Boss Ying Ying!’

‘She was unmatched!’

‘Mhm… best to let her eat more.’

‘I’m a mature adult now. I won’t fight over food with little kids.’

The atmosphere fell silent for a moment.

At this juncture, the five ancestral souls experienced fluctuations. Their lights dimmed, finally revealing their appearance.

There were five 20-meter tall figures.

Their faces appeared relieved. Their souls grew more ethereal. They were the farthest thing from reality.

The eyes of the leader of the race reddened.

His wrinkled face quivered as he said, “Ancestors… you guys…”

He, wanting to grab the souls, reached out his hand, but the five ancestors simply nodded at him and looked at Lu Ze’s group. They smiled.

Then, the five figures disintegrated and fused with the universe.

Lu Ze and the girls had complicated emotions.

Meanwhile, the leader’s hand was hanging mid-air as his face was filled with disbelief.

Tears soon trickled down his face.

He opened his mouth. “Ancestors… no… no…”

Ever since the Barbarian Race had declined, the ancestors protected them for a long time.

But now, all of them have vanished.

Lu Ze sighed. If only it were possible, he could have helped them preserve the ancestral souls.

Unfortunately, the souls had already exhausted the last fragment of their power. He didn’t have the ability to properly safeguard their souls.

Lu Ze was torn to watch the leader of the Barbarian Race cry like a young boy.

Although it was his first time to meet the leader, the latter showed his vulnerable side. He seemed so helpless right now.

One could tell how important the ancestral souls were to the Barbarian Race.

In the distance, there were battlefields consisting of cosmic system states, star states, and planetary states.

When the chis of the three cosmic cloud state insectoids disappeared, all the barbarians were taken aback.

“What is going on?”

“Are they killed?”

“That quickly?”

When they confirmed that the mountain-like chi was gone for the second time, they all rejoiced.

“They… really disappeared!”

“Hahaha, this is great!”

Everyone was celebrating. But in the next second, their smiles stiffened.

Their eyes carried disbelief as they reddened. Tears began to burst out.

The entire cosmos fell silent.

After some time, Man Yi, feeling numb, asked, “How… is this possible?”

He disappeared from the spot and charged towards the battlefield.

Right after, all the other cosmic system states dashed towards the cosmic cloud state battlefield.

Even the star states and planetary states rushed over like crazy despite knowing it was pointless.

Lu Ze and the girls didn’t know what to say.

At this moment, several chis approached rapidly. This included Man Yi and peak cosmic system states.

They were followed by countless cosmic system states.

The crowd went to the leader of the race.

After seeing how pale and old he had become, everyone couldn’t accept the reality before them.

“Race… Leader?”

‘Is this truly their leader?’

Their leader looked up to meet their eyes.

When they noticed his overflowing tears, their hearts froze over.

Man Yi spoke with difficulty, “Race Leader, where are the ancestral souls…”

They, wanting to get an answer they liked, appeared hopeful.

However, the leader remained listless.

Seeing this, everyone’s hearts sank.

They cried and roared.



When the heartbroken wails erupted, those other barbarians on their way froze on the spot.

Several cultivators cried.

“No! Ancestors!”


“Arghhh! I don’t believe it!”

The grieving period went on for a long time until finally, their leader took a deep breath.

Then, his chi surged as his voice was transmitted to everyone.

“For a long time now, the ancestral souls have protected our race for 12,384 years. Today, the insectoids barged their way in and invaded us. Our ancestors used the last bit of their souls to preserve the lives of our race. With their sacrifice, we were given a chance to hang on and wait for the human reinforcements.”

He closed his eyes. “After this battle, the ancestral souls have departed. The entire race grieves.”