Pocket Hunting Dimension - Chapter 1042 - Battle To Death!

Chapter 1042 - Battle To Death!

Chapter 1042: Battle To Death!

Man Dazhuang gritted his teeth and dashed over to the underground base in the Barbarian G.o.d Palace.

He needs to reach the Human Race quickly!

If it were before, the Barbarian Race had no hopes of surviving the annihilation. However, things were different this time.

Man Dazhuang witnessed first-hand how Lu Ze summoned a powerful beast that instantly eliminated a formidable insectoid that was even superior to the ones attacking their race.

If he were to successfully notify the Human Race, their race would surely be saved!

Planet Jinyao

Elder Nangong criticized Lu Ze and his girls. For an hour, he had been lecturing them.

‘Why did he have to visit this place? If he would only get reproached, going back to cultivation was much better.’

Now, without a doubt, his girls would also blame this incident and vent their annoyance on him.

‘How come he is the only one who always gets hurt?’

‘This is too unfair!’

Out of nowhere, a wormhole appeared in front of the wooden shack. Elder Lin came out of the hole with unconcealed desperation written all over his face.

After seeing Elder Nangong together with Lu Ze’s group, he became dumbfounded.

‘What just happened?’

‘Why are these kids being scolded?’

After hearing Elder Nangong mention the rise of the Human Race, Elder Lin became puzzled.

He was about to question it, but he quickly realized what he came for.

Now wasn’t the right time to dawdle!

He said seriously, “Nangong, there is trouble!”

When Elder Nangong first noticed Elder Lin’s arrival, he didn’t mind it. The latter had enough free time since he monitored the void border with Saint Shenwu. Given their current power, it was unlikely for a problem to arise at the border.

At first, Elder Nangong thought Elder Lin only wanted to stroll somewhere and have a drink with him. Hence, he didn’t stop his lecture session.

Actually, he even wanted to drag Elder Lin into pressuring the kids.

However, he had to pause at this point. He could sense the urgency.

Lu Ze and his group revealed a grateful smile to Elder Lin. It appeared as though they had recovered their vitality.

All of their eyes fell upon Elder Lin. They were shocked by the seriousness of his expression.

Elder Nangong frowned. “Old Lin, what happened?”

He quickly racked his brains and quickly asked, “Did those little guys run into trouble in the void s.p.a.ce?”

In his mind, it was the only possibility that could make Elder Lin distressed.

Elder Lin shook his head. “It concerns the Barbarian Race.”

“Barbarian Race?” Elder Nangong and Lu Ze’s group didn’t expect this answer.

They were considered an indomitable race among cosmic system state civilizations.

‘What could threaten them?’

Elder Lin explained, “An insectoid tide just appeared there. Three cosmic cloud state insectoids led the horde of insectoids. One of them is almost as strong as the one we encountered at the blade demon territory.”

“What?!” Elder Nangong exclaimed.

“Such a powerful insectoid invaded the Barbarian Race?”

The cosmic cloud state insectoid they saw last time was a level-3 cosmic cloud state, but it possessed a level-5 cosmic cloud state combat power.

Without Lu Ze’s summoning crystal, it would have been much tougher to deal with the disaster.

Elder Lin nodded. “They are down to their last resort. By the looks of it, they won’t last any longer. I have already taken a few minutes to travel from Shenwu. We have to add the time in transmitting the distress call. Their situation should be dire right now.”

Elder Nangong furrowed his brows. “Is it exceptionally serious?”

Elder Lin answered, “They are on the brink of annihilation.”

Elder Nangong’s eyes narrowed. It was more critical than they had expected.

The Barbarian Race had been their ally, especially when the Human Race was still budding and weak. If they chose to ignore the humans back then, then the current generation would end up in a tougher predicament.

He looked at Ying Ying and took a deep breath. “It is our duty to help the Barbarian Race.”

Elder Lin agreed with a nod. “I thought so too. We shouldn’t be ungrateful.”

On the side, the eyes of Lu Ze and his girls recovered their l.u.s.ter.

‘What a perfect opportunity to escape!’

He broke out in a grin. “Elders, why don’t we bring Ying Ying along and go over right away?”

Elder Nangong agreed. “Alright, in that case, you guys should leave now.”

Elder Lin took out two silver runes. They bought them from the trade planet last time.

They were transport runes. It was meant to be used in a grave situation like now.

‘If one of the races in our alliance is in danger, we have to send reinforcements immediately.’

“Remember, one will take you to the Barbarian Race. The other one can help you return.”

Lu Ze took them and nodded. “I understand.”

He even considered remaining at the Barbarian Race for a few days in order to make the old man forget about what happened today.

They exchanged glances. A tacit agreement had been formed quickly.

Lu Ze patted Ying Ying’s little head.

Ying Ying questioned, “What’s wrong, Lu Ze?”

Lu Ze curled up the corners of his mouth. “Let’s go. We will treat you to a delicious meal.”

Ying Ying’s eyes lit up. “Really?”

Lu Ze replied, “Of course… Ouch!”

Nangong Jing punched Lu Ze’s head. Even his other girls sent a death stare at him.

‘This b.a.s.t.a.r.d is tricking Ying Ying into eating an insectoid!’

‘Aren’t there better things to eat?’

It is basically all his fault why Ying Ying cannot distinguish what should be eaten.

‘She now eats everything!’

Lue Xi retreated.

‘Ying Ying and the sisters had to leave, right?’

‘Did that mean she has to stay with the saint by herself?!’

‘She wants to go home right at this very moment!’

Qiuyue Hesha rubbed Lue Xi’s head. “Xiao Xi, just stay here and play.”

Elder Nangong a.s.sured her with a smile. “Xiao Xi, this place is really fun. I taught Jing Jing everything when she was young. Look at how good she has grown up.”

Lu Ze: “…”

In the next moment, Lu Ze crushed a rune.

Silver light wrapped around them, making them disappear instantly.

Barbarian G.o.d Planet.

The leader of the race asked, “Why would an insectoid with a level like yours intrude here?”

The black cosmic cloud state insectoid said, “Your Barbarian Race has more resources than we imagined. Sure enough, your race is truly a cosmic cloud state race in the past.”

The leader was going to retort, but the black cosmic cloud state insectoid shrieked.

“Kill all living things! Take the resources back to our master!”

The leader’s expression changed, and he roared.

“Barbarian Race! Fight to the death!”

Hopefully, the Human Race could arrive sooner!