Pocket Hunting Dimension - Chapter 102 - Li, I’ve Come to Go to School with You~

Chapter 102 - Li, I’ve Come to Go to School with You~

Chapter 102: Li, I’ve Come to Go to School with You~


Dragon Boat Translation


Dragon Boat Translation

Lu Ze breathed a sigh of relief. Practicing in the rabbit cave for two days was a bit tiring.

He rubbed his aching head.

It was time to take pills!

Then, a faint purple orb disappeared from his mental dimension as a clear sensation entered his head. At the same time, his mind became clear.

Lu Ze laid on the bed and wrapped the blanket around him.

Mhm, there was no longer the aroma of Alice.

Hmm, such a complicated feeling…

Lu Ze closed his eyes and reminisced every fusion he had.

He couldn’t use light orbs in the pocket hunting dimension, so as soon as he came out, he used the purple orb to recover.

Every fusion was replayed in his mind. There were thousands of failures, but each one of them is an experience.

Failure was the mother of success. This was right.

When he had made enough mistakes and remembered every type of mistake and promised not to make the same mistake again, it was hard to not succeed.

But as the smart Lu Ze, he was able to derive new mistakes based on old ones after using the purple orbs.

Time flowed slowly. He took an entire night to revise the few thousand experiments, and Lu Ze used six purple orbs. He used up all the purple orbs from the red lions and used up the light orbs from the two huge green wolves.

Lu Ze felt his mental force grew another level. There seemed to be some transformation brewing.

The day was getting brighter, and some strange bird was chirping. Carrying some humidity, the morning wind blew in from the window.

Lu Ze opened his eyes, which flashed with red and green.

After getting up from the bed, Lu Ze yawned, scratched his head, and stretched his back. He then slowly walked to the bathroom.

Just when he was about to open the door, the door opened from the inside, and Lu Li walked out.

She wore her loose rabbit pajamas. Clearly, she just finished a shower.

This was very normal during body refinement. Sometimes, Lu Ze would wash more than once just in the morning. He was almost used to it.

Thinking about this, Lu Ze suddenly wanted to have a shower.

He glanced at Lu Li’s rabbit pajamas, and his mouth spasmed. He couldn’t resist doing something when he saw rabbits.

When Lu Li saw Lu Ze at the door, she got for a moment, and her face went red. After sensing Lu Ze’s glance, her eyes flashed as she smiled. “Brother, do you realize that your current glance looks like you want to do something psychotic to your sister?”

Lu Ze heard this and his mouth spasmed. He said, “Bulls.h.i.+t, even if I die! Even if I’m eaten by a cosmic beast! I wouldn’t have any strange thoughts towards you!”

Lu Li narrowed her eyes. “Really? I seem to remember in the ancient past, such things happened.”

Lu Ze’s face changed, you know the stories of two thousand years back??

That’s crossing the line?!

Lu Li said with a smile, “Go in brother. You’re not allowed to do anything bad with Li’s underwear?”

Lu Ze’s mouth spasmed. “… Only a ghost would do that!!”

Did she really consider him a psychopath??

Lu Li looked at him. “Really? It seems brother knows what’s bad?”

Lu Ze: “…”

What a joke, how could the innocent him know?

He just wanted to instinctively argue against Lu Li’s words.

Seeing Lu Ze’s face stiff, Lu Li smiled as she walked past Lu Ze with an aroma.

Then, facing away from him, she felt the white ring and smiled.

Lu Ze walked in and glanced around. There was no underwear. His mouth spasmed; he was played by Lu Li.

He shook his head and cleansed himself before going downstairs. He found that Lu Li had started cultivation already.

Seeing Lu Ze come in, Lu Li stopped and smiled at Lu Ze. “Brother, did you try looking for Li’s underwear?”

Lu Ze: “…”

She was definitely the devil??

He didn’t want to talk.

Seeing this, Lu Li smiled and changed the topic. “Brother, can you give Li some pointers? I feel like my martial technique is about to have a breakthrough.”

Lu Ze heard this and got shocked. He looked at Lu Li with surprise and nodded, “Okay.”

It would be quite a boost to power if the foundational martial technique reached the perfect state. Lu Ze felt happy for Lu Li.

The two started sparring. Lu Li attacked and Lu Ze defended. Every time Lu Li showed an opening, he would casually point it out and tap there.

Gradually, Lu Li’s attacks become more and more fluent. She had great flow in her palm technique and movement technique.

Moments later, Lu Li suddenly stopped and just practiced her palm technique by herself.

A black chi surged on her palm. Gradually, more black mist appeared on the surface of her body. It enveloped Lu Li like she was some sort of witch shrouded in mysteriousness.

Lu Ze watched silently and smiled.

She broke through.

An hour later, Lu Li finally stopped practicing. There was some excitement in her eyes. She looked up at Lu Ze. “Brother, Li broke through!”

Now, was she a little closer to him?

Lu Ze nodded. “That’s right.”

Then he casually grinned. “Li, this is all due to me!!”

He had been practicing with her every morning for a month. That was very tiring.

He should get some benefits right??

Lu Li heard this, and her eyes flashed. She smiled at Lu Ze. “Then, how does Brother want Li to repay?”

Lu Ze looked down and thought.

Would it be possible to ask her to delete the recording now?

That was his dark history. It was too embarra.s.sing.

Just when Lu Ze decided to try again, the familiar jovial voice sounded from outside. “Li, Li, are you up? I’ve come to go to school with you~”

Lu Ze and Lu Li glanced at each other.

This voice belonged to Alice, right?

Why was she here??

At this moment, Fu Shuya’s voice sounded, “Alice? What are you doing here? Li is in the training ground, go find her.”

Then, Alice replied, “Thank you, Auntie. I’ll go find Li then!”