Pocket Hunting Dimension - Chapter 1041 - The Last Glamor Of Ancestral Soul

Chapter 1041 - The Last Glamor Of Ancestral Soul

Chapter 1041: The Last Glamor Of Ancestral Soul

Barbarian Race, Barbarian G.o.d Planet.

In the Barbarian G.o.d Palace, the leader of the Barbarian Race was sitting before the statue of the ancestors. His eyes were closed as he was performing some priestly duties.


At this moment, the statues lit up with bronze light, which then radiated throughout the palace.

The eyes of the leader of the race suddenly opened.

“The ancestral statues woke up on their own?! A catastrophic disaster might befall our race. What actually happened?!”

He stood up abruptly and released his chi. Although he was only a peak cosmic system state, he had a level-1 cosmic cloud state combat power.

He stared at the five statues.




The light released by the statues gradually intensified. It created stronger vibrations as well.

Moments later, the bronze light pierced the sky and extended to the cosmos.

Five chis surged, and bit by bit, they grew stronger.

Throughout the planet, the higher authorities and prodigies of the Barbarian Race felt the onset of the formidable phenomenon.

They all looked in the direction of the Barbarian G.o.d Palace.

“What is happening?”

“Five powerful chis are awakening… Th-this is…”

“It is the chi of the ancestors! The ancestral souls are awakening?! Five of them are waking up simultaneously?”

“Race Leader… Did he do something?!”

Everyone was shocked.

An ancestral statue is actually the soul of an ancestor of the Barbarian Race. Their ancestors have sealed their souls and battle will within the statues through a secret technique. It is primarily done for the protection of the Barbarian Race against all sorts of disasters.

It represents their strongest trump card!

Only cosmic cloud state barbarians could forge their ancestral soul and leave a last strand of life force to seal the soul of the cultivator.

Back when the Barbarian Race was still a cosmic cloud state race, all their cosmic cloud states would do their best to return to their planet each time they were at death’s door. It was their tradition to seal their souls if they were about to die.

The five statues were the last glamor left behind by their ancestors.

As predicted, the Barbarian Race did encounter disasters after the Barbarian Race declined.

Once they did, the leader of the race, who was also a great priest, would pray to and awaken their ancestral statues.

Up until now, they had successfully withstood all the ordeals.

Nevertheless, not all the ancestral souls would be awakened. Even the most disastrous calamity only required three ancestral souls.

The awakening of five ancestral souls was unprecedented.

Everyone immediately flew towards the Barbarian G.o.d Palace.

All of them a.s.sumed something major occurred.

Man Dazhuang, Man Dali, and the other cosmic system states guarding the palace immediately headed for the place where the ancestral statues were.

“Race Leader? Why did you awaken all of the ancestral souls?”

“What happened, Race Leader?”

The leader shook his head slowly as he looked at the light. “I didn’t wake them. All the ancestral souls did it on their own.”


Everyone’s heart froze over.

‘What could have happened to cause the sudden awakening?’

Everyone was dumbfounded.


At this moment, five ancient battle roars reverberated through the world.

Five ethereal figures emerged out of the statues and charged into the air.

“They… are truly awake!” the leader murmured.

The audience stood still and looked into the distance with a heavy heart.

Right then, a huge wormhole was created.

Strands of blood spirit light flashed. It brought along the expansion of a destructive chi.

Man Dali gasped. “The insectoids are invading?!”

“This chi… They are fearsome insectoids!”


They never expected the intrusion of the insectoids in their ancestral planet. The strength of these intruders was mortifying as well.

Those who partic.i.p.ated in dealing with the Blade Demon Race before shuddered.

Back then, they sensed a similar chi!

“It’s a cosmic cloud state insectoid!”

In comparison, the insectoid was inferior to the one they encountered on the blade demon territory. Even so, its power terrified them deeply.

Without giving them a chance to breathe, a horde of insectoids charged out of the wormhole.

Blood spirit light filled the entire s.p.a.ce.

The destructive chi dispersed and caused the surrounding 10,000 light-years of the area to quake.

All the barbarians in the affected region sensed the impending danger. All of them looked in the direction of the ancestral planet.

“What is this? There are multiple powerful chis!”

“This destructive chi… It belongs to the Insectoid Race?!”

“d.a.m.n it! What gives them the audacity to invade our ancestral planet?!”

“Go and protect the ancestral planet! Guard the Barbarian G.o.d Palace!”

Countless barbarians roared and boarded their s.h.i.+ps.


The Insectoid Race was headed by three insectoids. Two of them were armed with a blood-colored sh.e.l.l and owned three pairs of scythe-like forelimbs. They had tens of sharp tails on their behind.

Almost every body part functioned as a weapon.

The last insectoid was pitch-black in color. Unlike the other two, it only owned four hindlimbs and a pair of sharp, sword-like forelimbs.

The two blood insectoids were level-1 cosmic cloud states, but the black-colored one was already a level-2 cosmic cloud state.

But then, their chis surpa.s.sed their cultivation level by a great deal. Their actual combat power should be far stronger than what they let on.

Behind the three leading insectoids were a few hundred cosmic system states and tens of thousands star states.

Upon witnessing this scene, all the barbarians were taken aback.

At this juncture, the ancestral souls roared.

Bronze light pierced through and countered the blood spirit light in an attempt to block it.

“Roar! With the last bit of my soul, protect my race!”


Five chis ascended. The leading soul had a level-3 cosmic cloud state chi while the rest possessed level-2 cosmic cloud state chi.

The nearby region quaked even more. Those present in the area felt the tremors.

Tears flowed out of their eyes uncontrollably as they knelt in the same direction.

“It is the chi of our ancestors!”

“Please protect us, Ancestors!”

The face of the leader was no longer amicable. His eyes reddened as his chi soared.

“Barbarian Race, fight alongside our ancestors! Protect our race!”

Everyone roared and unleashed their chi.

The leader of the Barbarian Race looked at the three cosmic cloud state insectoids, especially the black one.

He then relayed, “Dazhuang, go and look for reinforcements. Ask the aid of the Human Race!”

That cosmic cloud state insectoid proved to be a formidable opponent. Even with the ancestral souls, they wouldn’t be able to win against it.

Man Dazhuang nodded. “Understood!”