Pocket Hunting Dimension - Chapter 1036 - Feel Embarrassed For It

Chapter 1036 - Feel Embarrassed For It

Chapter 1036: Feel Embarra.s.sed For It


Dragon Boat Translation


Dragon Boat Translation

Lu Ze and the girls moved to the scorched forest rapidly.

They were shocked. The forest in the oasis was boundless. They couldn’t see how big it was.

However, it was completely burned to coal now.

They entered the forest in amazement.

They carefully avoided the golden lightning sparks remaining on the tree trunks while going deeper.

Lin Ling looked around.

Lu Ze asked, “Is there remnant chi?”

Lin Ling frowned. “I don’t see any chi.”

Nangong Jing quietly looked at the forest and said, “Perhaps those beasts are all dead?”

Qiuyue Hesha and the others nodded.

The forest was clearly caught in a giant shockwave.

Lu Ze nodded. “Let’s go deeper.”

Even without the beasts, that crystal tree, where the golden and blew due were located, should still be there. That thing wasn’t destroyed during the last overlord battle. It shouldn’t be destroyed this time as well.

As they went further into the area, they saw different regions too. Some regions were a sea of golden lightning that they had to avoid.

They even pa.s.sed a dried-up crater. That crater should have been a giant lake, but now, there was no single drop of water.

Even the ground was cracked.

Soon, Lin Ling pointed ahead. “I sense a special wave in there. It should be the crystal tree we saw last time.”

The group rejoiced. They were close to that crystal tree.

They sped up and left the charred forest soon.

It was a vast plain after they came out. In the center, there was the huge golden crystal tree.

Nangong Jing looked at the dust on the ground. “It seems that those flowers were burnt to death too.”

This region should have been a sea of flowers.

Lu Ze smiled and said, “Good thing the crystal tree is fine. Let’s go over it.”

The group went before the crystal tree. There were quite some golden flowers blossoming.

Lu Ze was delighted and said, “Come, let’s harvest all the golden dew there.

There were 36 drops of golden dew in total.

Lu Ze’s eyes were glistening and said, “This is enough for us to cultivate for so long.”

The girls nodded. One golden dew could last two days. Six each was enough for 12 days.

This was enough for them to progress to a small state.

How could they not be happy?

The group continued to explore the forest.

Lin Ling used her Spirit Eye G.o.d Art at full power but couldn’t find anything.

The beasts here were either dead or escaped.

Therefore, the group left the oasis and kept searching elsewhere.

A few hours later, they killed quite some injured green scorpions and acquired level-7 cosmic system state’s super red and purple liquids, as well as poison ball divine art rune shards.

They also killed a few more super worms.

They also killed some other ordinary cosmic cloud state beasts. The strongest was still that golden lightning eagle, however.

There were a few of the level-3 cosmic system states, and the rest were level-2 or below.

That level-4 eagle was a disgrace to the cosmic cloud state beasts.

It should have around level-7 to 8 cosmic cloud state combat power.

Yet, it was still caught in the shockwave.

While the group was immersed in the joy of collecting resources, a violent chi suddenly rose one time in the desert again.

“Ree!” X3

Oh s.h.i.+t?

It hasn’t even been a day yet.

Are the three bosses fighting again?

No way!

However, before he could speak, a golden light beamed across the sky, and they knew nothing afterward.

The group woke up back in their bedroom. They desperately panted for air.

Just what conflicts did these overlords have? They didn’t even stop for a day and started fighting again.

The problem was that they weren’t even able to run away and were killed.

However, they did get a lot of loot this time.

Lu Ze smiled. “Although we still died, we have acquired more than the last time.”

The girls squeezed out smiles on their pale faces.

Lin Ling smiled. “Indeed, this time, we have acquired many regeneration divine art runes, right?”

That was something only a level-9 and a peak cosmic system state super beast would drop!

However, this time, the three overlords did scale up their battle a lot.

It was reasonable that they had such loot.

Lu Ze grinned and said, “Let’s go through them.”



After a while, the group sat up and looked keenly at Lu Ze.

Lu Ze smiled and took out the loot today.

They didn’t even count the loot of ordinary beasts below a cosmic cloud state. There were too many.

They killed a total of 35 golden sand beetles. Those were 175 of the level-5 cosmic system state beast’s super red and purple liquids each.

They acquired eight complete runes of Sand One Divine Art. They didn’t need it now, so it was kept in Lu Ze’s mental dimension. He would give them to the elders when he could.

They killed a total of 27 green scorpions. Those were 135 drops of level-7 cosmic system state beast’s super red and purple liquids.

They pieced together six poison ball divine art runes too.

They also got more one-time poison divine art runes, poison and sand G.o.d art orbs.

They just killed nine of the super worms. They got 45 drops of the peak cosmic system state beast’s super red and purple liquids.

They made two complete regeneration divine art runes. Lu Ze kept one for himself and gave Nangong Jing the other. This was the best for her as she fought close combat.

There were also eight one-time regeneration divine art runes.

Lu Ze and the girls kept one each and left two as souvenirs for Elder Nangong and Elder Lin.

They killed 82 of the level-1 cosmic cloud state beasts and acquired over 400 red and purple liquids of that level.

They killed 43 of the level-2 cosmic cloud state beasts and acquired over 200 red and purple liquids of that level.

They killed 18 of the level-3 cosmic cloud state beasts and one level-4 cosmic cloud state beast.

They had so many G.o.d art orbs they couldn’t even use.

They got 36 golden dews as well.

With those, they could use stronger red and purple liquids.

Lu Ze even wanted to test if he could use a level-1 cosmic cloud state beast’s red liquid.

If he could, that would be one level in half a month.

At this rate, he would reach a level-8 cosmic system state in half a month.